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Engine Management System PowerPoint Presentation
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Engine Management System

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Engine Management System
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Engine Management System

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  1. EngineManagementSystem Engine Management System

  2. Engine Management System • The latest engine management systems used in the vehicles provide better results than the earlier one. They provide efficiency, better mileage and no maintenance. • However, when seen for the first time it would be like a complex system that becomes easier with the proper understanding. • There are two major function performed by the EMS, that are - • 1.To provide a spark at the right time. • 2. To meter fuel to the engine in the right quantity. EngineManagementSystem

  3. What is Engine Management System? EngineManagementSystem Engine Management System or EMS is a self manipulative system that checks and regulates the proper functioning of all the operations carried out by the engine. It checks all the factors related to engine operations, i.e. engine speed, load, temperature, fuel consumption, etc. It also checks for the ignition spark and fuel transfer at the exact timings.

  4. Engine Management System EngineManagementSystem In the earlier times, the Digifant Engine management system was developed and used in the cars of brands like Volkswagen and Audi which was a ECU (Electronic Control unit).

  5. Electronic Control System EngineManagementSystem • The main use of electronic control system is to detect air temperature, engine temperature, throttle valve opening angle, amount of air entering air induction system, etc. • The whole system controls the correct quantity of fuel to be injected and the proper time at which the fuel will be injected at any speed and load condition. • The Engine Control System is also known as the ECU or the Engine Control Unit or PCM (Powertrain Control module).

  6. Electronic Control System EngineManagementSystem Different types of Electronic Control units

  7. EngineManagementSystem THE END