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Naam Japna

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Naam Japna

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  1. NaamJapna • WALT (We are learning to understand): • What Naam is • Why we should japNaam • How to japNaam Greeting Tasks: Get out your homework and pair share with your neighbour. Commendations for students willing to share their homework

  2. Say: aAesh Do: R R L B L kKgG| B B R R L c C j J \ B B R R L t T f F x R L L B B q Q d D n L R L B B p P b B m B B R L B X r l v V R R B R L S ^ Z z & L L R L R L B

  3. Prayer Time

  4. How did that make you feel?

  5. Recap: What’s the point? TASK: What is your purpose here in the world? Why are we here? On a post it note, write down what you think and then stick it onto the board.

  6. Purpose of life?

  7. What Maharaj says... Guru Ji explains in AasaMhulaPunjvan :-BhyeePraputmanukh day-hureyaYou have obtained this human body GobindmilunkeeihtayreebareyaNow is your chance to meet the Sustainer. AvurkajtayraikitainakamMil sadhsungatbhujkayvul NamNo other deed avails us,But to join the faithful and recite the NAME'

  8. What are the three key principles of Sikhi? Wand Ke Shako NaamJappo KiratKaro

  9. Thought Shower: What is Naam? Put simply, Naam is anything we do to remember God Read Gurbani Listen to shabadkirtan Mool mantar Simran How can you remember God? Sangat Write Gurbani Seva

  10. Who are these ShaheedSinghs???? BhaiDyalDaasJi BhaiMatiDaasJi Bhai Sati DaasJi

  11. What’s the difference in Simran or GurbaniJaap? BhaiMatiDaasJi – who was sawn in half was repeating Jap Ji Sahib. At “PanchParvaan, PanchPardaan…” his body was completely cut but Jap Ji sahib continued to resonate from his body. BhaiDyalDaasJi – Who was boiled alive was reciting Sukhmani Sahib Bhai Sati DaasJi - was burned, set alight after being wrapped in cotton. During this martyrdom, Bhai Sati DaasJi was repeating ‘Vaheguru’

  12. Kurbani: Would you give up your Sikhi? REFLECT: As we watch the video think of the answer to the above question.

  13. Kurbani: Would you give up your Sikhi? TASK: Answer the following questions in your books. What makes all these great Sikhs give up their lives for their faith? Do you think you could be this strong? Explain why?

  14. Why Should we remember God? In order to be liberated and find peace by merging with akaalpurakhVaheguru… • We need to build good Karam and erase bad actions:- • Kiryaman – Actions we do in this birth • Paralabadh – Actions which we bring with us from previous life • Sinchit - Collection of we have done accumulated during several births

  15. Why should we recite naam? Listen to the Sakhi very carefully and feedback the MORAL, the point of the Sakhi.......

  16. What is this?

  17. Power of Naam.... • He unfolded the Supreme grandeur of Sri Guru Granth Sahib splendidly and glorified the eternal Sri Guru Granth Sahib as the living Guru Nanak magnificently. Blessing of Sri Guru Granth Sahib was supreme and He advised everyone to invoke that blessing by completing one path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a month in the following manner: • Complete recitation of the whole of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a month. • Complete 50 paths of Sri Sukhmani Sahib in a month; recite 2 paths of Sri Sukhmani Sahib daily. • Complete 250 paths of Jap Ji Sahib in a month; recite 10 paths of JapJi Sahib daily. • Complete 180 Malas (Rosary Mala of 108 beads) of Mool Mantra (from Ekonkar to Nanak HosiBhi Such) in a month; do six malas daily. • Complete 80 Malas daily of GurMantar 'Waheguru'; 20 Malas of Waheguru if the Nam is recited four times on each bead.

  18. The Sikhi ClassMala..... • TASK: We’re going to make a new display for the langar hall. • On your mala bead write down OR draw any of the following: • What we can jap? • How to jap? • When to jap? • Where to jap? • Why is it important to jap? • How japping makes you feel? Commendations for the best ones!!!!!

  19. ELC • TASK: Annotate the Sikh to show the following: • How should he/she japnaam? • Why should he/japnaam?

  20. Ears – hear yourself or listen to the recitation Mind- Deep within, focus on the meaning Eyes – see/observe Gurbani Tongue – speak it, read it, recite it. Heart - have faith and trust Annotate the Sikh to show how he/she can remember God

  21. Homework: Sakhi Bhai Gopala Ji TASK: Cut out the boxes and arrange them in the correct order to tell the Sakhi of BhaiGopalaJi If you get stuck, you could try and research the sakhi first. • Extension: • From the Sakhi, how should we jap naam? • What rewards to we get from reciting Gurbani/simran?

  22. One of GuruSahibJee’ssikhs, BhaiGopalaJee obtained shudhsanthya from Guru Arjun Dev Sahib Jee himself. Bhai Sahib gets up and does Benti to Guru Hargobind Sahib Maharaj to give him the strength and blessing to recite Sri Jap Ji Sahib. Pleased, GuruSahib gave BhaiGopalaJee a seat at the highest point of the congregation Sitting infront of GuruSahib, BhaiGopalaJee first contemplated on Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Jee’s name and then began to recite Sri JapJi Sahib Jee. The importance of doing ShudhBanee cannot be understated. If GuruSahib himself was about to give his throne based on the correct recitation of Bani, imagine how much significance reciting ShudhBanee holds. . With full focus and concentration he recited IkOankar with correct pronunciation and characters. Then he continued in the same manner with Satnam Upon hearing the beautiful Banee, Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee bowed down to the GurshabadBanee. Then Gurusahb proceeds to clasp his hands and pay reverence to BhaiGopalaJee. Upon hearing the Banee, GuruSahib was overcome with euphoria. He was so pleased with the way BhaiGopalaJee was doing Banee that he thought to himself, what could I possibly give in return for hearing Banee so beautifully? If I make him emperor of the world, thats temporal. What should be given to award such beautiful recitation of Banee? GuruSahib looked to the sangat and did Benti to all his sikhs. He asked if there is any sikh who can recite Sri JapJi Sahib Jee correctly with all the characters and full focus. GuruSahib was so pleased that he gave Bhai Sahib blessings after granting him the royal horse. Bhai Sahib’s life was blessed and he was free from the birth and death cycle. He was liberated from all his sorrow and pains in the physical and afterlife Upon the victory of the Second Hargobindpur battle, Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee had set up a congregation for the sangat and the fallen Shaeeds. After the war Gurusahib’s state of mind was one of gratitude and calmness . With their heart full of love, Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee decided to give him the one kingdom that was eternal: Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Jee’s Throne. Guru Sahib moved one of his knees to get up from their throne and give the Gursikh their seat( BhaiGopalajee’s concentration was dissrupted and a though crossed his mind that Guruji would gift him a royal horse from GuruSahib’s stable. Understanding BhaiSahib’s sudden thought, GuruSahib gets up at the completion of JapJi Sahib and hugs BhaiGopalaJee. Guru Sahib tells him that ‘I was about to give you Guru Nanak Dev Jee’s crown had you not asked for a horse Guru Sahib goes on further to say that any wishes that you may ever have will come to fruitation instantly.