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Working Energy Commitment PowerPoint Presentation
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Working Energy Commitment

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Working Energy Commitment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Working Energy Commitment
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Working Energy Commitment June 2013

  2. Presentation Outline • Introduction to PSAC • Working Energy Commitment • Hydraulic Fracturing Overview • Public Engagement Photo: Trican Well Service

  3. Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) • National trade association representing the service, supply and manufacturing sectors within the upstream petroleum industry. • Close to 260 member companies, employing more than 80,000 people and contracting almost exclusively to oil and gas exploration and production companies.

  4. Industry Responsibility & Authority

  5. PSAC is Working Energy

  6. Working Energy Commitment • Goals • Communicate the commitment of our members to listen to and openly discuss public concerns about oil and gas development; and • Draw attention to the efforts our members put into mitigating the risk to health, safety and environmental impacts associated with their operations.

  7. Working Energy Commitment Founding Members

  8. Working Energy Commitment Statement of Principles • Operate safely and responsibly • Meet or exceed all environmental standards • Act with integrity • Continually improve our practices and services • Treat all members of the community with respect, dignity and trust

  9. Hydraulic Fracturing Overview Photo: Trican Well Service

  10. 60 Years of Hydraulic Fracturing Photo: Halliburton

  11. Hydraulic Fracturing Today Graphic: Halliburton • R&D centres • Scientific protocols • Environmentally friendly chemistries • Simulators to map out hydraulic fracturing operations • Equipment to reduce wellsite footprint • Real-time micro seismic monitoring and interpretation

  12. Exploration in BC Map: BC Oil and Gas Commission Graph: CSUR

  13. Hydraulic Fracturing Purpose Graphic: CSUR

  14. Hydraulic Fracturing Process • Pump fluid into a wellbore to create enough pressure to crack, or fracture, the rock layer • Causes existing fractures to open or new fractures to be created • Proppant, usually sand or ceramics, helps keep the fractures open to allow oil and gas to flow to the well

  15. Many Steps in Hydraulic Fracturing Graphic: Trican Well Service

  16. Many Steps in Hydraulic Fracturing Graphic: ERCB

  17. Horizontal Drilling and Multistage Fracturing Graphic: ERCB

  18. Hydraulic Fracturing Animation Video: Imperial Oil

  19. Typical Fracture Fluid Composition Graphic: BC Oil & Gas Commission

  20. Fracture Fluid Disclosure –

  21. BC Oil & Gas Commission Oil and Gas Activities Act Petroleum and Natural Gas Act Regulations Geophysical Exploration Regulation Drilling and Production Regulation Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation Consultation and Notification Regulation Fee, Levy and Security Regulation Oil and Gas Activities Act General Regulation Pipeline Crossings Regulation Environmental Protection and Management Regulation Administrative Penalties Regulation Prescribed Roads Regulation Service Regulation Oil and Gas Road Regulation

  22. Public Engagement • Spring/Summer 2013 • Drayton Valley, AB • Lethbridge, AB • Grande Prairie, AB • Dawson Creek, BC • Red Deer, AB • Medicine Hat, AB

  23. Service Sector Hydraulic Fracturing Code of Conduct

  24. Working Energy Commitment