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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer China

RayMing Technology is the China's leading PCB Board Manufacturer company located in Shenzhen & Jian offering the aggressive cost savings with a flexible production of PCB prototyping & PCB assembling services.

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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer China

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  1. Welcome to Printed circuit board manufacturer The circuit board is made up of such an intriguing network of chips and wires that the job always posed Herculean challenges. Even during the 20th century when technology hadn’t advanced to such a degree the task presented incredible hardships.

  2. Aluminium PCB Circuit Board for 20Pcs 10Layer 5.0MM thickness Green soldermask Yellow silkscreen The appliances today are no longer the simple ones we had in the 60s and 70s. One-touch technology has come with its own set of challenges.

  3. FR4 Green solder mask on Top and Bottom These limitations have added to the challenge. Besides, the competitiveness which hovers around these days has provided its own impetus. FR4 2L 1OZ Copper size Green sold mask white silkscreen

  4. 0.8 HASL ROHS Single Side Board 0.2mm flexible printed board 12 Layer immersion Gold Board 5.0mm Board thickness 2 layers gold finger HASL pcb

  5. Contact Information RM498 Bingye Building Fanghua Area, Fuyong Street Bao"an in Shenzhen, China Tel: 0086-0755-27348087 Fax: 0086-0755-27389625 E-mail: Thanks….

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