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FREE PLR Reports

Brand new original PLR reports. Make your own ebook or report. Break them up and make a 7 part email series. Turn them into video for a 7 part training series

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FREE PLR Reports

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  1. FREE PLR Reports For June – Brand New & Original!!!

  2. Here’s Your FREE PLR Reports For June I am always getting asked where do I get new content for my blog. * how do I make a report to give away for my squeeze page * how do I write an email follow up series Now I have the answer! Every month I will provide 3 BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL PLR Reports and the best thing is you can do anything you want with them! 

  3. What Can I Do With These FREE PLR Reports? Here’s just a few ideas on how I use these type of reports. * Use it as it is as a free report * Break it up into a series of emails – instant “training series” for your new squeeze page * Break it up, copy onto Powerpoint slides and record – BAM! instant video training series for either a paid product or email follow up * Use sections in your blog for fresh new content * Look on forums for people looking for advice and cut an dpaste the relevent answer from your PLR Report for backlinking * Change the title then go to Fiverr.com and get a cover made. Turn it into a brand new ebook or report

  4. Can I Use These FREE PLR Reports To Make Money? Everyone of the dot points above can be monetized. * Using a PLR report as a free gift on a squeeze page to build your list is an awesome way of making some money. Using one of the free plr reports as a giveaway to build your list then taking another one of the free plr reports and turning it into a video training series and selling it as a special offer when someone opts into your list for say $7.

  5. How about using one of the free plr reports as your free gift? You use another of the free plr reports to make 7 part email training series which you sell as a special offer for say $5. You take the same free plr report and turn it into a video training series using PowerPoint and Jing that you sell as video training series for $17 which includes the PowerPoint presentation.

  6. Now, lets take it step further. Once you have your new products made and selling then you take it to JVzoo and set it up as a product for affiliates to sell for you for say 50% commission. * giveaway 50% of my money * prefer to have just 100% of the money * efforts OR 100% * efforts PLUS 50% This from just a few brand new original 100% FREE PLR Reports and I’m going to give you 3 of them every month!

  7. If your looking for Information on either start your own online business or to find ways to go grow your business you need to gowww.MakeMoneyWithIan.comAccess to the site and everything on it are completely FREE! No membership or logins, just completely FREE and open access to everythingThere are 50 instructional videos along with ebooks, report, audios and its all FREE!

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