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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller. Grade 6 Unit 1. Vocabulary. Moving forward suddenly. Lunging Nub Romping Rowdy Slung Speckled. A lump or small piece. Playing in a rough boisterous way. Disorderly, quarrelsome, rough, out of control. Thrown, cast, or hurled. Marked with many small spots.

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old yeller

Old Yeller

Grade 6 Unit 1


Moving forward suddenly

  • Lunging
  • Nub
  • Romping
  • Rowdy
  • Slung
  • Speckled

A lump or small piece

Playing in a rough boisterous way

Disorderly, quarrelsome, rough,

out of control

Thrown, cast, or hurled

Marked with many small spots

personal definition
Personal Definition
  • Meaning
  • Sentence
  • Picture







more words
More Words
  • Chaparral- a dense thicket of low bushes
  • Poultice- a soft, moist mass of mustard, herbs, and other substances applied to the body (usually as a medicine)
  • Squawling- crying loudly; bawling

Historical Fiction- a fiction that takes place in the past

Historical fiction is a combination of imagination and fact, because fictional characters partake in fictional events in a realistic historical setting.

breeds of farming dogs
Breeds of Farming Dogs

Labrador Collie Catahoula

Shepherd Sheepdog

What breed of dog was Old Yeller?

Could he have been a mix of breeds?


Travis- Older brother who was left in charge

Narrator of the story

Mama- Raising two boys on the wild American

frontier, while her husband is away on a

cattle run.

Arliss- Young brother who constantly finds mischief

Old Yeller- A stray dog who befriends Arliss

yarns and windies
Yarns and Windies

A yarn or windy is another name for a story that contains a great amount of over exaggeration.

What was Arliss’ windy based on?

Compare what he said with what really happened.

Why do you think Travis was so upset about the exaggeration?


Foreshadowing is when the author gives the reader clues to predict what will happen later in the story.

How does Arliss’ behavior at the beginning of the story give the reader clues about what will happen later?

character development
Character Development

How did the relationship between Old Yeller and Travis change throughout the story?

How did your feelings toward Old Yeller change as you read the story?