buy flat in goa n.
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Buy Flat in Goa PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy Flat in Goa

Buy Flat in Goa

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Buy Flat in Goa

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  1. Buy Flat in Goa

  2. Goa – the land of endless seas, bright sunshine and limitless possibilities. • Goa – the name resonant with happiness, peace, serenity and relaxation.

  3. Looking for an ideal home away from home or a retirement abode. • However, with the various multi-national companies set to open their businesses in Goa, there will be a shift in this trend, with the working population in Goa opting to invest in property as well.  • Currently, various developers are offering 2BHK, 3BHK Flats in Goa for sale at affordable rates.

  4. If you are buying a Flats in Goa, you have to : • Identify a realtor • Check your budget and see how flexible you are in terms of a different location or increasing the amount you were willing to spend. • Finding the right property • Checking the value of the property you intend to purchase • Due Diligence is where the lawyer goes over all the documentation making sure everything is alright and there are no error or technical flaws • The lawyer of the seller has to draw up a document called agreement to sell, in some parts of Goa, they ask for a deposit during this step. You may lose this deposit if you back out now. • Finally, you can settle for the sales deed. Here the buyer is officially made the owner of the land.

  5. The secret to a clean and hassle-free purchase is complete knowledge and adherence to the property laws in Goa. • It may not always be possible to learn everything about everything. • Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a reputed lawyer who will help you with the transaction. • There are always some hidden costs – maintenance fees, car parking, infrastructure development – involved when it comes to buying Property in Goa, make sure you ask about them before finalising the amount for investment.