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The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues PowerPoint Presentation
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The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues

The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues

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The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues

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  1. 01 WINTER The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues Template

  2. 02 The Art of Dealing with Your Colleagues

  3. 03 A lot of our time in a week is spent in the workplace. We cannot avoid the stress and pressure that are natural in any workplace: deadlines to meet, irate bosses and piles of things to review.

  4. 04 One thing that affects how we deal with these pressures is the usual banter and chatter with our co-workers. Our working environment may become more fulfilling and more rewarding with improved relationship with our colleagues.

  5. 05 It is important that there is a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in a workplace.

  6. 06 WINTER Template Everyone should be comfortable in voicing out there thoughts and feel safe in doing so. The dynamics of communication should be smooth flowing in the workplace.

  7. 07 Share More of Yourself One most important foundation in building a relationship is to let others know who you are.

  8. 08 Other people would want to get to know you through the way you speak your mind. It will be easier for them to open up to you when you open up to them, thus building a relationship.

  9. 09 Get Involved Don’t just get to talk when you are asked. Learn to voice your own opinion as well.

  10. 10 It is a good way of showing that you do care about the company, the issue or the person/s involved. Bonding with them even outside of the workplace can also help strengthen the relationship.

  11. 11 WINTER Template However, you want to be careful in setting clear boundaries for the situation.

  12. 12 Respect Others Respect is one of the most important fundamental in every relationship.

  13. 13 In dealing with other people and getting involved, you should learn when to butt-in in a conversation or when to voice your mind, especially in the presence of your boss.

  14. 14 Instead of bursting out complaints, consider that each and every individual has different values and cultures.

  15. 15 You may be facing people with a very different belief than yours. It does good to accept that you don’t have the same mind and the same line of thoughts.

  16. 16 WINTER Resolve Conflicts Fast Issues and misunderstanding will always be present in every relationship because of different beliefs and opinions especially in a workplace. Both parties should learn to compromise to resolve an issue. Template

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