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Our goal “change the way we book taxi forever” Our customers PowerPoint Presentation
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Our goal “change the way we book taxi forever” Our customers

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Our goal “change the way we book taxi forever” Our customers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our goal “change the way we book taxi forever” Our customers
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Introduction • Our goal • “change the way we book taxi forever” • Our customers • Taxi requirement for local pickup and drop on point to point fare basis. • Our Target • Book 100K Radio Taxis Trips in Year 1. • Our value proposition • One Place 4 all Radio Cabs.  • Compare Radio Taxi Rate & Services.  • Make Smart Choice and Book Online. Instant Access To Radio Taxis” via Mobile, Web, IVR or Kiosk Our mantra

  2. What is cabbee? cabbee gives you an immediate price and service comparison of Radio Taxis in your city. Before choosing radio taxi, you can view their ratings as well as a fare rules and confirmation time. You then pick your choice and book online. We provide instance access to all radio taxis via Web, SMS, IVR etc. and make it simpler and quicker to book the right taxi for you: no more searching and calling radio taxi number, ringing around for prices and times or waiting for the right taxi to turn up.

  3. Ashish Jain: Founder and responsible for overall operations of the company. By profession he is technologist. Has extensive experience of design and developing complex applications for fortune 500 companies. Personally he is high energy, self-motivated and low maintenance guy. Started own software development company in early college days. He was involved in all school/college event/fest as active member of core team. Conceptualized, Organized university level event during final year of college. This is his second startup, first is doorman – your personal caretaker. Abhishek Shukla: He is our customer service manager. He is the guy on the call; whenever helpline buzz he picks the phone. Always hear our client with great patience and try his best to solve their problem. Sundeip Arora: He is instrumental in all graphic, web designing and media related activities. He is a professional graphic designer, running his own graphic designing agency and working for big brands (Coke, DairyFun, Gupta 20, etc). Surender Kumar: Veteran in Radio Taxi industry, more than 10 years’ successful experience in Radio Taxi service Industry. Responsible for operations and making sure our customers get assured taxi while operators get maximum bookings. Pramod Bindal: The technologist in our team, responsible for mobile application development, managing social media etc. He brings 6+ years of technology experience with himself. Team

  4. Pain Points in Radio Taxi Service Radio Taxis making travel easy, elegant and safe. Round the clock availability, transparent fare meter, ease of booking, safety and customer service are the key aspects of quality radio taxi service.  Radio taxi industry has three components Customer, Taxi Operators (small scale having fleet less than 100 taxis) and Drivers. Each one of has their own set of problems, we at cabbee plan to solve these problems with our technology implementation. In radio taxi operations we have seen following problems faced by customer and operators.

  5. Our Solution Overview We are a radio taxi aggregator with technology edge. Our solution will help customer, operators and drivers. Go To Market: Technology WE ARE HERE

  6. CUSTOMER Business/financial model Options Selected Customer Request Options Provided Confirmation To Customer Thru SMS Customer Support Technology Enabled & System Supported CHANNELS SMS Mobile App WEB Kiosk Partner Website & Others • CABBEE BOOKING MANAGEMENT • Complete Booking Management System • Vendor Interface System • Interface supplemented technology Customer Support Technology Enabled & System Supported CAB/ DRIVER • CABBEE DATA MASTER • Distance calculator • Operator Master data • Fares and features Driver/Cab Dispatch Operator Support Technology Enabled & System Supported Updated Master Data Sent for confirmation Operator Confirmation OPERATOR-A OPERATOR-B OPERATOR-C….OPERATOR-n

  7. Value Proposition

  8. Pitch For Vendors Focus on your core business, leave technology and customer management to us.

  9. Financial Projection

  10. Currently in NCR 5000 economy taxis booked daily for various purposes. Our target is to capture 20% of this market in 24 months. To satisfy this demand we will aggregate small taxi operators with fleet size of less than 100 taxi. We expected to have 12 operators with us in next 24 months with total fleet size of 320 cars. Beside this we will be starting operations in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Pune and Jaipur in next first 6 months. What is the size of the opportunity? Beside booking we will have revenue from operator subscription and advertisement revenue.

  11. Competitive Landscape • Who will you compete with? [current or in future] • Big Radio Taxi Operators • Online Cab Booking Sites providing Airport Pickup/Drop • Why would someone choose you over them? • No need to remember radio taxi numbers and call them • Instant access to choice of fares • Multiple Channels for booking • Confirmed Booking. • PAN India Presence • Why do you have a chance to be a dominant player? • We are building a platform which will “change the way we book taxis forever” • Customer Management

  12. Risk Factors • Financial risks? • Marketing Investment: In initial years need to invest huge on marketing for creating brand and service awareness • Competitive risks? • Big Players (Radio Taxi Operators) dominant in the market • Online Cab Booking Aggregators (Airport Pickup / Drop) • Business model risks? • Advertisement Revenue Realization • Execution risks? • People are more prone to use phone booking then web based, this will increase operational cost for us. We need to make people convince that web based booking work • Education to Operators and Drivers for system usage

  13. Funding Objective Below diagram show various components where cost is involved. We need funding for green circles (Operations and Marketing). We have arranged supply (radio taxi operators) to meet 100 bookings per day now need fund to create demand Go To Market: Customer Acquisitions WE ARE HERE

  14. Technology: • Customer website is ready and operational, getting bookings through web and call. • Vendor Module is ready and being in use by Vendors. • Mobile app development  completed and testing in progress. • Partnerships: • 4 radio taxi operators(Polo, Matrix, Dreamz, Sai) in NCR on board. • 2 Ad agencies( ) on board for getting advertisement, to be played on mobile device. • Working with Telecom operators (MTS, Airtel) on partnership model, where operators will provide mobile to drivers and we will provide mobile app. • Pilot: • Running pilot phase in NCR. • Expansion: • Talking to Operators in Nagpur, Jaipur,Ahmedabad and Pune. • Hiring Interns for market research and operator for liasoning in other cities. Current Stage

  15. Surender and Abhishek (OPS and CRM) Sandeep and Pramod (Technology) Ashish (CEO) Organization Structure Marketing Executive (M1) Supper Center Manager (M5) Supper Center Manager (M1) Programmer Senior (M2) Programmer Junior (M5) Finance Executive (M1) Supper Center Executive (M1) Supper Center Executive (M1) Supper Center Executive (M1) Supper Center Executive (M1) Legal & Finance (Outsource) (M1)

  16. Thank you for reading this presentation. You influence the future development of cabbee– we are new, fresh and innovative and want to prove this to you by listening to what you have to say. We welcome your feedback, and read every single email and comment you send us. Thanks for dropping by – we look forward to welcoming you as a member of cabbee and getting to know you better. Contact: 9211-700-200 Thanks.