Ibm history of computing
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IBM History of Computing. By Steven Taylor. Who is IBM?. IBM stands for the International Business Machines Corporation. This corporation is known for its technology and consulting. How did they originate.

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Ibm history of computing

IBM History of Computing

By Steven Taylor

Who is ibm
Who is IBM?

  • IBM stands for the International Business Machines Corporation.

  • This corporation is known for its technology and consulting.

How did they originate
How did they originate

  • Thomas J. Watson and Charles Ranlett Flint founded it in 1911 in Endicott, New York.

  • IBM is headquartered in Armonk, New York, but services people worldwide1.

Ctr beginnings
CTR Beginnings

  • Before the company we know today as IBM, it originated with a company known as CTR.

  • Back in 1888 Alexander Dey invented the first dial recorder for the company.

  • Eventually after over 20 years of computing development for CTR, IBM took over.

Ibm early work
IBM Early Work

  • In 1911 IBM first began their own work in the computing field.

  • By 1914 they were using accounting systems like the mechanical keypunch2.

  • This marked the start of their companies work and would lead to a huge take off.

Ibm spread across globe
IBM Spread Across Globe

  • By 1937 IBM’s equipment allowed organizations and companies across America to process tons of information.

  • Throughout the 1940s and 1950s IBM began to spread across the world.

  • They opened their first office in Bahrain in 1947 and Saudi Arabia as well.

Leadership change 3
Leadership Change3

In 1952 Thomas Watson Jr. became the president of IBM ending the 40 years his father ran the company before.

Ibm 704 4
IBM 7044

in 1956 the IBM 704 was created

This was the device that allowed one to play checkers on and the machine could “learn” from its own experience with the game.

According to history the IBM 704 is believed to be the first “self-learning” program invented.

Fortran 5

In 1957 IBM developed the FORTRAN, which was a science based programming language.

These developments in the 1950s increased the revenue tremendously for IBM.

1970s to present day
1970s To Present Day

  • In the 1970s and 1980s IBM saw some significant development.

  • In 1974 IBM produced the Universal Product Code.

  • In the 2000s IBM really settled in and developed more computer software. In 2006 IBM launched Secure Blue, a cheap hardware design meant for encrypting data.

  • Three years later in 2009, IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputing program got the National Medal of Technology and Innovations award.




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