forney high school texas star chart texas star chart website n.
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Forney High School Texas STaR Chart Texas STaR Chart website PowerPoint Presentation
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Forney High School Texas STaR Chart Texas STaR Chart website

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Forney High School Texas STaR Chart Texas STaR Chart website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forney High School Texas STaR Chart Texas STaR Chart website. By Quincy Clark. What does “ STaR ” stand for?. S chool T echnology A nd R eadiness. The four categories:. Teaching & Learning Educator Preparation Administration & Support Infrastructure. Teaching and Learning.

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Presentation Transcript
what does star stand for
What does “STaR” stand for?
  • School
  • Technology
  • And
  • Readiness
the four categories
The four categories:
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Educator Preparation
  • Administration & Support
  • Infrastructure
teaching and learning
Teaching and Learning

How are we and the students using technology in the classrooms?

educator preparation
Educator Preparation

How are you being prepared to use technology in the classroom?

administration support
Administration & Support

How much and what kind of support are you receiving in order to greater incorporate technology into your classroom?


Do you have enough computers and are they connected to the internet?

the different levels of progress
The different levels of progress:
  • Early Tech:
    • A computer? What’s that? Zoolander clip
  • Developing Tech:
    • Computers are used in the classroom, but instruction is still teacher-centered.
  • Advanced Tech:
    • Most of the students and teachers are using computers for subject specific learning.
  • Target Tech:
    • Technology nirvana. Every teacher and student is using a computer for learner-centered, cross curriculum instruction.
where is our campus with using technology
Where is our campuswith using technology?
  • Teaching and Learning:
    • Average Score of 13
    • “Developing Tech”
  • Educator Preparation:
    • Average Score of 13
    • “Developing Tech”
  • Administration & Support:
    • Average Score of 16
    • “Advanced Tech”
  • Infrastructure:
    • Average Score of 14
    • “Developing Tech”
how do we improve
How do we improve?
  • Be open to using technology in your classroom, even if you aren’t an “expert” using it. The students will be more than happy to help!
  • Additional professional development opportunities for use of technology will be offered at various times. (before, during, and after school)
a few thoughts before you go
A few thoughts before you go…
  • Let the technology do the work for you. Use Examview, it grades for you!!!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially with technology. If it doesn’t work, it’s research, not a failure or waste.
  • You have 2 technology facilitators, Jeni Long and Lisa Rogers, plus myself to answer any technology related questions. Use us!!!