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Ola Portugal

Ola Portugal

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Ola Portugal

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  1. Ola Portugal Coleman Primary School invite you to share their Science Investigations

  2. We love practical Science! Do You? We are studying yeast at the moment and wondered what conditions would affect the growth of our yeast.

  3. Fresh yeast Dried Yeast Sugar Cold, warm and very hot water A teaspoon Plastic beakers A balloon A plastic bottle This is what we used.

  4. What do you need to activate yeast? Can you blow a balloon up using yeast? Is fresh yeast better than dried yeast? How would you investigate this? We talked to our friends about how we could test this. It had to be a fair test! We were asked some questions?

  5. This is what we did. • We wanted to see if sugar affected the growth of yeast. • We wanted to see if the temperature of the water mattered too.

  6. Do you make predictions? We thought carefully about what we thought would happen in each situation and made our predictions. When we make predictions we try to say why we have made them based on what we know already. We don’t just guess!

  7. We like this bit!We set up the different conditions and observe closely. • Top Row yeast and sugar yeast and no sugar • Middle Row yeast, sugar and cold water yeast and cold water • Bottom Row Yeast and warm water Yeast, sugar and warm water

  8. Conclusion • We have to say which we thought was best and why we thought that was. • What do you think? • We will try to answer your questions when we see you next week.

  9. Can you blow a balloon up using yeast? We had great fun carrying out this investigation! We put fresh yeast in a bottle and added sugar and warm water.

  10. Don’t shake it! But Mrs Jenner, our teacher did! What do you think happened? Why do you think this was?

  11. The balloon inflated!We had to make sure they did not explode as yeast is quite smelly!

  12. See you next week Adeus Portugal! We are looking forward to answering your questions next week. Ate a proxima