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What are the best schools near Whitefield PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the best schools near Whitefield

What are the best schools near Whitefield

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What are the best schools near Whitefield

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  1. Harvest International School in Bangalore

  2. What are the best schools near Whitefield? This is a question that may not have a simple answer. For example, some people may say that the best schools near Whitefield are those with high test scores and low dropout rates. Others may argue that the best schools are those with lots of extracurricular activities for students to be involved in. There are many other factors, such as class size, reputation, location, etc. which all come into play when deciding what the best school near Whitefield might be for any given student. For more info: You can visit our Website:

  3. Harvest International School One of the best schools in the area and a reputable institution is Harvest International School, located in Whitefield. This school offers the Montessori Method of instruction to students as young as 2.5 years old and offers classes through the 12th grade. The goal of schools is to give their kids a welcoming, child-friendly environment that improves their general well-being. The pre-primary division of the school has a location in Whitefield. The site of Harvest International School is near Whitefield to get the perfect fusion of modern comforts and unspoiled nature, allowing kids to study and explore right away. Additionally, a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 ensures that each child receives individual attention. To ensure the greatest outcomes, the class size is restricted to 24 students and two teachers. For more info: You can visit our Website:

  4. Harvest International School activity for Children Activity Center 1 6 Medical Facilities Music 2 7 Cafeteria Art Affiliated to CBSE & IGCSE 8 3 Specially designed equipment for kids Dance Studio 4 9 Auditorium Computer Lab 5 10 You can visit our Website: For more info:

  5. What makes Harvest International School the best choice in the vicinity of Whitefield? The educational environment at Harvest International one of the best international schools in Bangalore has always been a microcosm where everyone is valued for both their similarities and uniqueness. The entire growth of a child is our goal as the best International School in Bangalore, and that's what makes it a better place to learn and develop. Smart Classrooms: A smart board that is interactive and related to technology is installed in every classroom. Classrooms become more alive when these boards are used in conjunction with instructional films and activities that support teaching and learning. In order to get the greatest content for our curriculum, Harvest International has partnered with academic research organizations and has a dedicated staff working internally. Physics Lab: It is generally more effective to teach theoretical topics in physics through laboratory experimentation than it is in a classroom. Our lab is up-to-date, fully furnished with contemporary amenities, and offers a secure environment for learning through trial and error. You can visit our Website: For more info:

  6. What value does Harvest add to its students and Parents? Biology Lab: A perfect environment for learning biology is created by the amazing collection of preserved specimens, permanent slides, models, and visual charts that we house. Chemistry Lab: The lab is outfitted with various pertinent tools that enable experiential learning at a pace appropriate for each student's skills. During lab hours, trained technicians and topic facilitators keep an eye on and help the students. You can visit our Website: For more info:

  7. Computer Lab: Understanding the study of software technology is particularly intriguing for young schoolchildren and is a crucial component of the modern world. Our computer lab provides cutting-edge gear for students interested in exploring animation or software development, as well as cutting-edge computer systems for students to learn on. Library: Our well-stocked library's wide selection of books enables pupils to journey across time and into various epochs. Both students and employees have access to books for education and enjoyment, as well as other multimedia tools. The open, roomy library was created to encourage a love of reading and to provide every child with the chance to discover and grow their unique interests. For more info: You can visit our Website:

  8. Pre-Admission Procedure To receive a guided tour of the homeroom environments at Harvest International School near Whitefield, please plan a visit to one of our Montessori campuses. You will receive a briefing on the curriculum and an explanation of how the system works in practice. If you wish to enroll with Harvest International near Whitefield, you will be required to submit a filled-out application form along with the following documents: • Birth certificate • Medical information • Four passport-sized photos and two stamp-sized photos (A link to the form can be found in the top-right corner.)

  9. Conclusion Harvest aims to provide international-quality holistic education coupled with human values in a technologically supported, joyful learning environment, creating global citizens. Harvest International School near Whitefield: In order to never stop growing, the Harvest Community has set goals we wish to achieve in the next 3–5 years. Achieving our goals increases our confidence as an institution and helps us target other challenging aspects of the current paradigm as the best school in Bangalore. Thank you so much for reading this article on the best school near Whitefield. I hope that it has been helpful to you in your search for a school. For more info: You can visit our Website:

  10. Do you have any questions? For more info: You can visit our Website: Call us: 08067331884 Thanks! For more info: You can visit our Website: