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Cold War Kick Off. Economic Expansionism vs. Communist Conspiracy. Development of the Cold War. The Democracies (US. and Britain) wanted the issues of Eastern Europe settled by self determination. Soviets felt it was necessary to have pro-soviet governments

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Cold war kick off

Cold War Kick Off

Economic Expansionism vs. Communist Conspiracy

Development of the cold war
Development of the Cold War

  • The Democracies (US. and Britain) wanted the issues of Eastern Europe settled by self determination.

  • Soviets felt it was necessary to have pro-soviet governments

  • Stalin helps establish pro-soviet governments in Poland and Romania

Cold war
Cold War

  • With Britain struggling they pull support in Greece and Turkey and Soviets step in.

  • US establishes the Truman Doctrine which provided money to countries threatened by Communist expansion

  • “like apples in a barrel infected by disease, the corruption of Greece would infect Iran and all the East”-- US secretary of state

Us gives assistance
US Gives Assistance

  • In June of 1947 a European Recovery Program was constructed by the US. under the Marshall Plan (13 billion dollars)

  • Claims to fight hunger, poverty and desperation but they also felt that Communism fed off of poverty stricken nations

  • How would you feel by this if you were Soviet?

American containment
American Containment

  • George Kennan comes up with the policy of Containment against aggressive Soviet moves

  • In West Germany the three democracies all merge their occupations together but are blocked

    • Berlin Airlift gives assistance until the blockade is removed in 1949

  • In East Germany Soviets dismantle and steal technologies and factories for their home.

    • They take 380 in total

    • Establish a new East German government under Walter Ulbricht in 1946

New allies
New Allies

  • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

  • Warsaw Pact (USSR and Eastern Europe)

  • Mutual Deterrence became the cause of the arms race

Korean war with the cold war
Korean War with the Cold War

  • After WWII Japan handed over Korea to the control of the US and USSR.

  • When Stalin supports a northern move south past the 38th parallel America is upset

  • MacArthur pushes back past the parallel which upsets Communist China and Mao Zedong

  • Mao pushes back and after two years of fighting nothing is solved

Vietnam part 1
Vietnam part 1

  • After WWII France was in control but in 1946 Ho Chi Minh’s communist group in Indo China takes part and turns North Vietnam into a communist supporter.

  • French and Chinese forces fight for a few years until 1954 with the Geneva Conference it is settled that there will be two parts.

    • North Vietnam controlled by Communist Govt.

    • South Vietnam by the Democratic republic in Saigon

Berlin crisis
Berlin Crisis

  • Khrushchev send Sputnik I in orbit and establishes ICBM

    • Start of Space Race so neither has superiority

    • Part of Mutual Detterence

  • Khrushchev becomes frustrated so created the Berlin Wall to prevent West Germany from controlling East German peoples

Cuban missile crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis

  • 1959 Fidel Castro takes over Cuba in a pro soviet regime

  • In 1961 the US tries to take Castro out with an unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion

  • Khrushchev and Kennedy face off

    • Tommy Thompson and empathy

    • Closest to nuclear fallout


  • Most Europeans decide that they should free their colonies since they supported self determinism at Yalta

    • Algeria beats France

    • Most movements are from western educated Africans

    • Wafdhelp win Egypt their independence in 1912 but not until 1952 are they free

    • Apartheid in South Africa

      • Nelson Mandela arrested

      • Settlement colony causes tensions

Middle east
Middle East

  • Some countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon etc formed a Arab League

  • British were in favor of reducing Jewish immigration to Palestine but Zionists want a home

  • After WWII and news of the Holocaust America sympathizes with the Zionists and form Israel

    • May 14, 1948 Israel formed

Nasser and pan arabism
Nasser and Pan Arabism

  • 1954 Gamal Abdel Nasser takes control of Egyptian govt. and takes back Suez canal

    • Brit/French vs. Soviets and… Eisenhower?

  • UAR formed with union of Syria but few willing to join

  • Palestine Liberation Organization joins Arabs to give Palestine back to original Palestinians

    • Al-Fatah led by Yasir Arafat launches terrorist attacks on Israel and vis versa

Asia nationalism and communism
Asia Nationalism and Communism

  • India splits between Muslim and Hindu groups

    • Muslim group form Pakistan and Hindu India

    • Gandhi the only one who objects says it will be an “orgy of blood” and is correct

  • China becomes split

    • Nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek in south

    • Communist Mao Zedong in north

      • Peoples Liberation Army defeat Chiang and move him to Taiwan

      • Mao begins “Great Leap Forward” but fails

Stalin to khrushchev
Stalin to Khrushchev

  • Stalin dies March 5, 1953

  • Nikita Khrushchev replaces Stalin and is popular by the masses but not by the top

    • De-Stalinization limited police terror and allowed for intellectual freedoms

    • Fails in agricultural reforms

    • Removed in ‘64 after failed Cuban Missile Crisis

    • Replaced by Leonid Brezhnev

France charles de gaulle
France: Charles De Gaulle

  • Wanted to restore French supremacy in Europe and make them the third power of the world

  • ‘58 made a new constitution that gave him more power

  • Economically not much better off


  • Churchill is replaced by Clement Atlee of the Labor Party

  • Modern Welfare State formed in Britain

    • Nationalization of many industries like coal, electric, gas etc.

    • Social Security

    • Socialized medicine

Civil rights
Civil Rights

  • Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Martin Luther King

    • Non-violent

  • Malcom X

    • “if someone puts a hand on you, send him to the cemetery”