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b. c. a. d. CNT Shish. CNT. CNT. Folded Polymer single crystals. PE edge-on crystals Kebabs. PE edge-on crystals Kebabs. 100nm. 50nm. Nano Hybrid Shish Kebab: Periodically Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Christopher Li, Drexel University, DMR-0239415.

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CNT Shish



Folded Polymer single crystals

PE edge-on crystals


PE edge-on crystals




Nano Hybrid Shish Kebab: Periodically Functionalized Carbon NanotubesChristopher Li, Drexel University, DMR-0239415

We have successfully developed a unique means to periodically pattern polymeric materials on individual carbon nanotubes (CNT) using controlled polymer crystallization. One dimensional (1D) CNTs were periodically decorated with polymer lamellar crystals, resulting in nano hybrid shish-kebab (NHSK) structures. The periodicity of the polymer lamellae varies from 20 - 200 nm. The kebabs are approximately 5 nm thick (along CNT direction) with a lateral size of ~ 20 nm to micrometers, which can be readily controlled by varying the crystallization condition. Both polyethylene and Nylon 6,6 have been successfully decorated on multi-walled as well as single-walled CNTs. This method opens a gateway to periodically patterning on CNTs or similar 1D nanowires in an ordered and controlled manner, an attractive research field that is yet to be explored.

Adv. Mater. 2005, 17, 1198-1202.

(a) and (b) show the SEM and TEM images of PE/MWNT NHSK. (c) is the schematic representation of a polymer single crystals decorated CNT. (d) shows a color treated TEM image of PE/SWNT NHSK.

Nano Hybrid Shish Kebab: Periodically Functionalized Carbon NanotubesChristopher Li, Drexel University, DMR-0239415

  • Outreach

  • Host 150 - 200 / yr high school students / teachers per summer for the Drexel Summer Seed program. Students visit our laboratory and we conduct demo labs which have consistently been evaluated as the “best lab” in the entire COE.

  • Host one REU student from Carnegie Mellon University (Hillary McWilliams, female) in summer for 10 weeks to conduct nano science research.

  • Host two high school students in the summer for 2 weeks to conduct polymer research.

  • Recruit high school students by hosting the “ polymer open house”.

  • Participate a series of recruiting activities such as “Inspiring a child to dream” and “IBM sponsored society for women engineers”.


Under this grant, two graduate students are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees: Mr. Kishore Tenneti (3rd year) and Mr. Lingyu Li (4th year); Mr. Steve Kodjie is finishing his Master degree. Two undergraduate student (Molly Stewart and Benjamin Gillespie) have also been supported.

Slime and foam 2005

High school students were enjoying making slime and foams in the PI’s lab.