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best practices and resources for teaching about canada n.
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Best Practices and Resources For Teaching About Canada PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Practices and Resources For Teaching About Canada

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Best Practices and Resources For Teaching About Canada
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Best Practices and Resources For Teaching About Canada

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  1. Best Practices and ResourcesFor Teaching About Canada Tina Storer, Education & Curriculum Specialist Center for Canadian-American Studies Western Washington University STUDY CANADA Summer Institute for K-12 Educators A Capital View of Canada: Nations within a Nation Ottawa, ON – July 6, 2012

  2. The Best Practice is to Teach Canada 1. It is important to teach Canada • Shared geography and borders • Strong historical connections • Shared cultural roots and multicultural population • Stewardship of N. America (environment / energy / defense) • Canada and the USA represent the world’s largest trade relationship • Multi-layered political relationship and impacts • Global competency and citizenship • Best comparative lens regarding all core social studies topics 2. Canada sometimes falls in an curriculum “gap” that educators aren’t aware of.

  3. The Best Practice is to Teach Canada Key Question: So why aren’t there more resources for teaching Canada? • Canada only appears intermittently in social studies standards and, sometimes, is not addressed at all in K-12 classrooms.* • Standards (esp. California and Texas) drive the textbook industry and, without standards that specifically mention Canada, Canada is often minimized and/or left out of textbooks even in key areas like economics. • NCSS continues to support increased inclusion of Canada in curricula. * To learn more, see SUNY Plattsburgh Study: The Country Left Behind by Dr. Joseph-André Senécal, Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont, on homepage of

  4. Resources for Teaching Canada Overview: • National Resource Centers • Government Publications • Teacher Loan-Kits and Media Libraries • Recommended Print Publications • Recommended Multimedia Materials (Videos, CD-ROMs, CDs) • Recommended Internet Websites

  5. The US DOE Title VI Program The launching of Sputnik I in 1957 led to the federal government’s most significant participation in modern foreign language and area studies research and training in history—The National Defense Education Act (NDEA) of 1958. The federal Office of Education began administering the National Resource Centers (NRC) Program under Title VI of the NDEA, and the U.S.D.O.E. continues to administer it under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended. The centers supported under the NRC Program conduct a broad range of activities that include instruction, outreach, scholarly research, maintenance of library resources, and teacher training. Collectively, these activities represent a programmatic effort that focuses on particular regions of the world and the relevant issues connected to those regions; and, they constitute a national capacity in modern foreign languages and area and international studies. From:

  6. National Resource Centers on Canada U.S. Department of Education Title VI Grants support two National Resource Centers on Canada in the US: 1) Pacific Northwest NRC (U Washington and WWU) 2) Northeast NRC (U Maine and SUNY Plattsburgh) Additional outreach and program grant support is awarded annually by the Embassy of Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Education Section).

  7. National Resource Centers on Canada Both NRCs on Canada offer:

  8. National Resource Centers on Canada ...and partner with many organizations to serve K-12 educators: • Embassy & Consulates of Canada in the US • Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, UW • Individual Teachers/Teacher-Librarians • K-12 STUDY CANADA Teacher-Associates • National Education Groups (eg: NCSS, NCHE, NCGE) • State Councils of the above groups • State and District-Level Social Studies Curriculum Directors/Coordinators • Educational Collaboratives and Individual Schools • Québec Government Offices in the US (and in Canada) • State Government Offices (and Provincial Government Offices in Canada) • US and State Departments of Education • Canada-America Society (Seattle, WA) • International Studies Schools Association

  9. Pacific Northwest NRC on Canada Western Washington University Center for Canadian-American Studies University of Washington Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Canadian Studies Center Website: (Tina Storer) Fabbi)

  10. K-12 STUDY CANADA Resources • Learning portal website at • Canada Northern Neighbor(2nd Edition) • O Canada! Newspapers in Education Supplement • e-Resource Notices (Sept.-June) • Loan-Kits (Beginning Fall 2011, this outreach may be unavailable) • Student Novel Collection (1) Resource Valise (2)

  11. Eastern NRC on Canada University of Maine Canadian Studies Center State University of New York College at Plattsburgh Center for the Study of CanadaandInstitute on Québec Studies Websites: Contacts: (Betsy Arntzen) (Amy Sotherden)

  12. Eastern NRC Resources • “Canada Valise” Loan-Kit • O Canada textbook • Teaching Canada Annual Magazine • Understanding Canada: A Primer for Americans • Champlain and the Meeting of Two Worlds • Maps for Teaching Canada, Champlain

  13. Bilingual (English and French) publications and Internet sites Government of Canada Resources Primary Gateway:

  14. Other National Organizations • ACSUS (Association for Canadian Studies in the US) • Canadian Embassy & Consulates Websites: • ICCS (International Council for Canadian Studies) • Canadian Educators and Education Resources (Dr JL Bencze - UT/OISE) Website:

  15. Loan-Kits and Media Libraries K-12 STUDY CANADA Loan-Kits at WWU: • K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise (2) (9 multimedia resource-based units for teaching) • K-12 STUDY CANADA Student Novel Collection (1) (36 regional novels for young adults - Grades 4-9) Loan-Kit at University of Maine: • The Canada Valise (Teacher-Developed Curriculum & Artifacts)

  16. Loan-Kits and Media Libraries Notable Film Libraries and Resources: • University of Washington Website: • SUNY-Plattsburgh Website: • National Film Board of Canada Website: • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Website:

  17. Recommended Print Publications

  18. Recommended Print Publications

  19. Recommended Print Publications

  20. Recommended Print Publications (K-3)

  21. Recommended Print Publications (K-6)

  22. Recommended Print Publications (4-8)

  23. Recommended Print Publications (4-8)

  24. Recommended Print Publications (5-10)

  25. Recommended Print Publications (K-8)

  26. Recommended Print Publications (4-10)

  27. Atlases & Classroom Maps of Canada

  28. Fun Picture Books

  29. Picture books that teach about people and history…

  30. …about Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples

  31. … about the Arctic

  32. Students are never too young to read literature by Canadian authors…

  33. Historical fiction engages students and teaches about interesting time periods…

  34. Youth fiction creates a sense of place…

  35. …for students of all reading levels.

  36. Publishing & Purchasing Sources • Pacific Edge Publishing • Chapters Bookstore • Kidsbooks Vancouver • Powell’s Books (Victoria) • JK Publications

  37. Canada via the Internet: Top 10 Websites 1 Government of Canada Click "About Canada", "About Government" or "Provinces/Territories“…so much to learn that you may never visit another site! 2 Statistics Canada Explore many lesson plans and data for K-12 and post-secondary students and educators. 3 PBS' Online Extra Teacher Resources Type "Canada" and discover 4521 matches! 3084 just for Québec. 4 Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History Students will be drawn into Canadian history and archival research through the enticement of solving real "cold crimes"! Sound pedagogy behind material and teacher resources. 5 U Alberta Canadian Studies WebCentre Middle/H.S. students can easily navigate the many useful graphics and information bites.

  38. Top 10 Websites (Cont’d.) 6 Canada Eh? A personal page that offers downloadable Canada graphics useful for the classroom as well as a variety of information for students about Canada. 7 Historica Dominion Institute Professional Development Page Middle/HS-level lesson plans covering different periods and events in Canadian history. 8 Parks Canada 9 Unofficial Canadiana 10 The Canadian Social Studies Super Site Carefully screened connections to quality websites about Canada are offered that also give a glimpse into how Canadians teach about themselves.

  39. Key “GC” Gateways to Learning • Kids Canada • Indian & Northern Affairs • “How Canadians Govern Themselves” teaching material • Canadian Info by Subject - National Library of Canada • Canadian Heritage Information Network

  40. War of 1812 and Other Special / New Resources • 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. Many exciting new resources have been developed to commemorate the war. Visit our site to access them all easily: • • The NRCs on Canada, NCSS, and Canadian provincial SSTAs have also supported development of an interactive digital iBook suitable for Grade 7-12 classrooms called 1812: Who Won the War? It’s the first in a series to be produced by Epoch Multimedia Inc. • The WWU Center for Canadian-American Studies, in partnership with faculty from Utoronto and UMoncton, has applied for an “Our Shared Past” grant to produce a suite of Grade 7-12 curricula and resources for teaching about The Acadian Experience in North America in classrooms on both sides of the border.

  41. This end is really your beginning… … Now it’s time to share the fun of exploring more materials at the Resource Fair, develop curricula based on your learning and to teach about Canada and Canada-US relations to your students!

  42. A PowerPoint walk-through of…The K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise

  43. 9 Units of Study • Artifacts • Teacher Resources • Internet Lists • Multimedia Resources • 8 CD-ROMs • 8 Music CDs • 7 Videos/DVDs

  44. Canadian Geographic Explorer Canada: Confederation to Present Cross Country Canada Totem Poles Adventure Canada Land of the Inuit Nunavut Territory Canadian Treasures Multimedia Resources 8 CD-ROMS

  45. Multimedia Resources 8 Music CDs • Sing a Song of Canada+ Songbook(Kim Soleski-Ward) • Stompin’ Tom Sings Canada’s History (Stompin’ Tom Connors) • Canada is for Kids– Vol. 1 & 2 (Michael Mitchell) • Un Pays Qui Se Chante (Various Québec Artists) • For the Times (Schooner Fare) • This Child (Susan Aglukark) • Gord’s Gold (Gordon Lightfoot) • Sing a Song of Canada: A Musical Journey Across Canada (Kim Soleski-Ward CD & Songbook)

  46. Multimedia Resources • 7 Videotapes/DVDs • The Canadian History Series (1939-2000) • Postcards from Canada • Paddle to the Sea • The Group of Seven • The Sweater • CBC Life & Times: L.M. Montgomery • Breaking the Ice: The Story of Mary Ann Shadd

  47. Artifacts: Set of Provincial & Canada Flags Deck of “Cards Eh!” Fold-Out & Laminated 3-D Maps 12 Laminated Placemats Canada-at-Glance Binder Insert Teaching Resources: Canada Northern Neighbor The Spirit of Canada Canada’s Maple Leaf: The Story of Our Flag The Kids Book of Canada Sing a Song of Canada O Canada! NIE Supplement Internet List:20 websites Unit 1: O Canada!

  48. Artifacts: Totem Pole Teaching Resources: Emily Carr: An Introduction to her Life and Art The Art Room Bentwood Box; Button Blanket; Cedar Plank Mask; Spindle Whorl BC: Land and People Internet List:12 websites Unit 2: BC – Totems & Emily Carr

  49. Artifacts: CN Tower Model & Brochure Art Pin (A.J. Casson’s “White Pine”) Teaching Resources: Looking at Landscape Resource Package Images of Nature: Canadian Poets and the Group of Seven Meet the Group of Seven Internet List: 12 websites Unit 3: Images of Ontario – From City to Shield