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SSE-03 Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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SSE-03 Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution

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SSE-03 Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SSE-03 Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution. John Hernandez Invensys Operations Management October 15-16, 2012. Agenda. Yield Accounting Domain Purpose and Benefits Leveraging Integration Partnership Highlights and case studies Conclusion. Performance Management.

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SSE-03 Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution

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    1. SSE-03Integrated Yield Accounting and Off-sites Solution John Hernandez Invensys Operations Management October 15-16, 2012

    2. Agenda • Yield Accounting Domain • Purpose and Benefits • Leveraging Integration • Partnership • Highlights and case studies • Conclusion

    3. Performance Management Plan vs. Actual Performance Management Plan vs. Actual Performance Management Where Yield/Production Accounting Lives Synchronization Target Area for Production Accounting Business Business/Yearly Plan Business Results Goals Results Monthly Production Accounting Backcasting Quarterly/Monthly Plan Production Reconciled Performance Goals and Targets VALUE Schedule Daily Accounting Logistics Sched vs. Actual Reconciled Performance Limits & Boundaries Operations Management Hourly Balance Operations Monitoring Operations Process Control & Optimization Integration weeks ago days ago hours ago now hours ahead days ahead months ahead Reviews, Reports Execution Decisions

    4. Why Yield Accounting? • Objectives • Provide an improved material, yield and unit cost management system that complies with best practices of data reconciliation and production accounting methods • Issues • Leading refining and petrochemical companies in the world require constantly tighter control over unaccounted material losses • Data gathering and ensuring the quality of data is a time consuming process leaving very little time for analysis • Multiple versions of data exist across organizations without a consistent set of figures • Comingled ownership of processed materials • Yields & Loss reporting for environmental (HSE) impact as well JV financial transaction

    5. Key Questions • How much time do we spend on closing the balance each day and is it manual-entry intensive? • Is our yield accounting solution integrated to our tank inventory and movement monitoring system(s)? • How quickly can we produce month-to-date and month-end balance reports? • Why doesn’t our yield accounting package allow for quick analysis and drill-down to find the problem? • Does our package allow a view into the historical data without having to go to another application? • Is it easy for us to account for different ownership of materials across the process? (Comingled ownership)

    6. Value Proposition for Integrated Yield Accounting • Scope • Unit by Unit Hourly/Shift Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation • Refinery wide Daily Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation • Refinery wide Monthly Mass and Utility Balance Reconciliation & Accounting • Benefits • Loss Control and reduction: • Current unaccounted losses at a typical Refinery = 1.5% • As a result of Data reconciliation, assume that 0.5% is properly accounted • Price Differential between loss and product mix = $20 per barrel • Potential Benefits = 250,000 x 330 x 0.005 x 20 = $8.5 MM per year Potential Benefits at a Typical Refinery - $8.5 MM per year

    7. Yield Accounting- Benefits • Profitability • Early detection of Meter gross error • More consistent and accurate flow data in PI, for use in monitoring spreadsheets, LP yields etc. • Reliability • Generates values for unmeasured flows or meters that are out of service or unreliable • Lets the organization know which meters are reliable • Productivity • Ensures that instrument staff only work on meters that are broken • Eliminates the need for PE to do steady state mass balances

    8. Yield Accounting Integration with Off-sites Process Unit DVR Offsites Inventory and Movement Management

    9. Yield Accounting Integration with Off-sites Integration

    10. Yield Accounting Integration with Off-sites Plant wide Reconciliation

    11. Invensys’ Partnership for Yield Accounting Key Criteria for Partnership • Technical capability • Usability and Flexibility • Seamless Integration to Tank and Inventory data • Field proven MESEnter ErrorSolver

    12. ErrorSolver Flowsheet Environment

    13. Quick Visibility to Key Information Hover for Process and Stream Details

    14. MESEnter’s ErrorSolver Highlights • Easy Graphical User Interface and Navigation • Integration capability with PI, Infoplus, and others based on industry standard protocols • Established in several large customer sites for several years • Has replaced Sigmafine and Production Balance in some sites • Competitively priced • Low/No maintenance

    15. Upgrade Case Study Yeochun NCC Mr. D. K. Kim, Deputy General Manager of Yeochun NCC says: ErrorSolver offered us functionality that was simply not present in our original software, Sigmafine -- including the ability to create logical summary models and additional, user-definable constraints. ErrorSolver composition tracking functionality also provides valuable feedstock movement detection and quality tracking. The switch to ErrorSolver improved our work efficiency, data validation, and execution speed, so that overall, our material balance work time was shortened by half. On a normal day, we spend less than an hour balancing the plant, and we can trust the values we get back from ErrorSolver.

    16. Upgrade Case Study LGChemicals Mr. S. K. Jang of LG Chemicals, Korea, says: We had tried other material balance solution(Honeywell PB) and were frustrated by how poorly they worked and how much effort they required to create and maintain. We were surprised and pleased to find out that there was another way. ErrorSolver saves us hours each day and gives us results we could not have obtained using other solutions.

    17. Upgrade Case Study Honam Petrochemical DR Implementation History • -.2003 Q3: DR (Data Reconciliation) started • ▶ ‘Sigmafine’(OSIsoft) purchased • -.2004 Q1: DR system initiated • ▶ ERP & PIS Go-Live ~ • -.2005 Q3 (June to Aug): DR system upgrade initiated • ▶ Replaced with ErrorSolver (see next slide for advantages gained) • -.2005 Q4 : New DR system (ErrorSolver) initiated • ▶Standardized as daily ERP production balance tool

    18. Upgrade Case Study Honam Petrochemical Advantages Realized

    19. ErrorSolver Installations List of ErrorSolver customer implementations and upgrades from other products: AspenTech Advisor to ErrorSolver • SK Energy Refinery (former Yukong, Ulsan plant) – Korea, 1998 • SKC (former SK OXY Chemicals, Petrochemical, SM plant) – Korea, 2000 • KOGAS (LNG Plant) – Korea, 2000 • Honam Petrochemical(Yeosu plant, Ethylene plant)– Korea, 2003 • Samsung Total Petrochemical (Ethylene plant & Aromatic plant) – Korea, 2004 • Qingdao Petrochemical (Refinery) – China, 2005 • Yeochun NCC Petrochemical(Ethylene plant) - Korea, 2005 • SK Energy Refinery(Incheon plant) - Korea, 2005 • LG Chemicals (Daesan plant, Ethylene plant) - Korea, 2005 • Honam Petrochemical(Daesan plant, Ethylene plant) – Korea, 2006 • LG Petrochemical (Yeosu plant, Ethylene plant) – Korea, 2006 • KP Petrochemical (PX & TPA plant) – Korea, 2007 • Samnam Petrochemical (TPA plant) – Korea, 2009 • Daehan Petrochemical (Ethylene plant) – Korea, 2010 • Titan Petrochemcial (Ethylene plant) - Malaysia, 2012 Sigmafine to ErrorSolver Sigmafine to ErrorSolver Sigmafine to ErrorSolver Honeywell PB to ErrorSolver Sigmafine to ErrorSolver There are no longer any other active product users left in Korea

    20. Uniform approach to managing gauging systems (Varec, Saab, L&J, Enraf, …) Strapping table database ASTM/API table volume & density corrections Extended calculations (e.g. DIN51757) Flow-rate calculations from level changes Level & tank operational states & alarms Standard tank detail, pool & midnight inventory reports Off-sites TISTank Inventory System TIS provides the basic data of the actual state for all other Offsites Modules  TIS bridges the tank gauging with the MES/ERP layer

    21. Off-sites OMMOrder Movement Management System OMM bridges the gap between movements scheduling, operations and oil accounting OMM monitors active movements, manages scheduled activities and archives past actions • Management, real-time monitoring & reporting for all orders/movements. • Handles all standard movement types (tank, unit, & transport source/ destinations), blending operations, and other complex orders • Can handle co-mingling (multiple ownership) • Validates input data and overall movement data based on all available meters & gauges • Optional Product composition tracking (PCT) and quality integration (TQI) modules • OMM interfaces with scheduling and stock/yield accounting systems

    22. Off-sites Differentiating Value • TIS/OMM/MAS streamlines inventory & movement management • $MMs potential from better inventory accounting, stock loss programs, plan vs. actual analysis, and tank farm asset utilization • Provides accurate & reliable data to ErrorSolver

    23. Shell Netherlands Arena Project (Off-sites) “Arena has provided us with a more stable system with reliable data, both instantaneous and historical. This information we can use entirely as we need and want. As a result we not only have available to us all up-to-date information really needed by us, but also information that was not available to us in the pre-Arena times. Although it did not change our work, it allows us to work more efficiently as a result of the improved tools and information available to us.” Ria Keizer Crude Oil Accountant

    24. Off-sites Installations • 100 Sites Operational or In Progress: TIS 102 OMM 61 DBS 87 BOSS 84 MAS 32 AMADAS 5 BTM 7

    25. Why Invensys’ Integrated Yield Accounting Solution? • The Off-sites integration greatly reduces manual entry or manual transference of data from one system to another • Graphical process modeling environment – better navigation • Logical modeling capability – interactive reporting mechanisms • Automatic missing movement detection from tank information • Composition tracking function • User defined balance constraints • Reconciliation for multiple periods individually

    26. Differentiators Potential Benefits at a $8.5 MM per year or more • Direct integration to tank inventory and movements packages • Logical models as well as process balance models • Versatile equation builder: calculate inferred transactions and support logical models • Tracking Simulation function calculates composition and component quality for critical areas of the model • Automatic detection of missing movements from tank inventory information • Proven track record with many installations for both the yield accounting and the Off-sites components.

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