5th Grade
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5th Grade. A WebQuest by Patty Mordas. Click on a shape to begin !. Introduction. Process. Tasks. Evaluation. Conclusion. Introduction. Click to return to main page. is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in the.

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5th Grade

A WebQuest by Patty Mordas

Click on a shape to begin !







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is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are in the

classroom, at your house or on a helicopter ride high above a city, geometry is all around you! You can see it in artwork, architecture, looking at the furniture in your bedroom, and in the frames of new homes. As a young toddler, possibly between the ages of 1-2, you began to classify shapes by placing them into the slots they fit into in a common toddler toy.

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As you can clearly see, geometry has been part of your life for a long time now and learning more about geometry will benefit each of you for years to come!

To Tasks


Task I Create a Geometry Vocabulary Encyclopedia

Task II Create a table to compare polygons

Task III Explore the Geometry Section of Math Playground

Task IV Explore Area and Perimeter

Task V Landscape Project

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to process

Process 1
Process 1

Task I:

Define and illustrate the following geometry terms.  Create a digital encyclopedia utilizing PhotoStory or PowerPoint to accomplish this task.  (Extra Credit will be given to students that create their own illustrations. If not be sure to include the URL for any pictures that you copy from the Internet). Separate the encyclopedia into sections: Angle and Line Relationships, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Basic Geometric Ideas.  You will present your final copy to the class with your partner (see Evaluation for scoring information) The list of terms is below.  A link to Dictionary.com where the definitions can be found are located below.You may also find the definitions in the glossary of your math textbook.

List of Terms

Dictionary.com(Be sure your definitions coincide with mathematical terms!)

Google Images

Process Page 2

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Geometry terms

Angleand Line Relationship Terms

right angle intersecting lines

acute angle perpendicular lines

obtuse angle parallel lines

straight angle



equilateral triangle right triangle

isosceles triangle acute

scalene triangle obtuse


quadrilateral rhombus

parallelogram square

trapezoid diagonal


Basic Geometric Terms

point open figure

endpoint closed figure

line polygon

line segment sides

ray vertex

plane regular polygon


Geometry Terms

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Process 2
Process 2

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Task II:

Create a table that has 4 rows and 9 columns using Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint or other software that allows you to create tables and draw/insert illustrations. In your table you are to show examples of regular and irregular polygons that have the following sides and angles; 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10. Be sure to name each figure. Please put your names on it and print it out for a grade when you are finished. See below for a sample table:

Process page 3

Process 3
Process 3

Task III:

After our lesson on naming and measuring angles click on the link to the Math Playground to practice estimating the measure of angles.

Here is the link: http://www.mathplayground.com/. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Geometry Playground”. Play the “Estimate the Angles” activity. Please try other geometry activities including Geometry Lesson, Matching Game, Find the Area, Find the Perimeter, Reflections and Symmetry, Logo, Cuisenaire Rods, and Tangrams.

As you can surely , learning can be a lot of fun!

Process page 4

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Process 4
Process 4

Task IV:

Area and Perimeter

You should have already reviewed area and perimeter at the Math Playground. Now I want you to explore it on the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives website. You will complete this activity under my direction so please do not go ahead. There will be specific instructions for you to follow. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Please click on the link below and listen for further directions.

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If time permits go to the NCTM Illuminations website to try one last activity. Click on the link: http://illuminations.nctm.org/ActivityDetail.aspx?ID=21

Process page 5

Process 5
Process 5

Task V:

Landscape Project

This is where you get to utilize all of the geometry skills you have learned since you were very young. Click on the link to print a list of what your landscape must include:

Landscape Worksheet

Then, print out a list of the properties of each of the polygons that you must use for this project. Please follow these restrictions carefully. Your grade will reflect how accurately you followed the directions.

List of Properties–Print this also

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Sample Picture of Landscape Project

Sample List of Polygons and Data


List of Polygons and Data

Polygon properties for landscape project print this page

House-Musthave 2 pairs of congruent sides and 4 right angles

Garage-Must have 4 congruent sides and 4 congruent angles

Tree Beds-Must be 2 congruent figures

Playground Exterior-Free choice

Playground Equipment-must have at least 3 regular polygons

Deck-must have only 1 pair of parallel sides

Pool-must be an irregular polygon

Garden 1- must be a right isosceles triangle

Garden 2-must be an equilateral/acute triangle

Garden 3-must be an obtuse/scalene triangle

Polygon Properties for Landscape Project(print this page)

Landscape Project-Unfinished Sample


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Polygons Included:





Trees-congruent pentagons












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I hope you have enjoyed our study of geometry. One of my goals for this unit was to not only utilize technology in our study but also to show you that what we learn in our math classes is useful to our everyday lives. I hope you will go home and show your parents how helpful you can be when you need to figure out how much fencing to buy for your backyard or how much bark mulch you will need for your new playground. You may even be able to show them some creative ways to set up their gardens………………..