A virtual high school field trip
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A Virtual High School Field Trip. Steven Bauernschmitt Cont702sum June 2009. What is a Virtual Field Trip?.

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A virtual high school field trip

A Virtual High School Field Trip

Steven Bauernschmitt


June 2009

What is a virtual field trip
What is a Virtual Field Trip?

A virtual field trip (or panoramic tour) is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of images, a sequence of hyperlinked still or video images, and/or virtual models of the real location. They also may use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. As opposed to actual tourism, a virtual tour is typically accessed on a personal computer.

Who author the virtual field trip
Who Author the Virtual Field trip?

Students can access online Virtual Field Trips established by other online providers!

An example of an Author is


Students can create their own Virtual Field Trip!

Students can use TourMaker software to create online Virtual Field Trip that can be shared anytime, anywhere using the most current news and information available!


When would you use a virtual field trip strategy
When Would You Use a Virtual Field Trip Strategy?

The virtual field trip could be used in the following situations as a viable strategy:

  • Great interactive way to reinforce “Learning goals and Curricular Expectations”

  • It’s an interactive way for students to demonstrate “Curricular Understanding”

  • A great method for “Engaging Students”

  • Appeals to a variety of “Learning Styles”

  • Great Teaching and Remedial strategy!

Strengths weaknesses of the virtual field trip strategy


Virtual field trips taken online can take a student to locations too far away to travel to or too expensive to visit. Virtual field trips can take a student back in time, into outer space, or into the microscopic world.


Virtual field trips do not always convey the true three-dimensional nature of objects. They also do not convey the non-visual and aural feelings of touch and smell, etc. The VT can be somewhat less beneficial than really being in the field. It lacks the genuine nature of discovery!

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Virtual Field Trip Strategy!

Strengths of creating your own virtual field trip
Strengths of Creating Your Own Virtual Field Trip!

  • It’s an interactive way for students to demonstrate “Curricular Understanding” and work “Cooperatively” in a technological setting!

  • An exciting strategy for “Engaging Students” in exploring their “Creative Abilities!”

  • It would make a great “Teaching and Remedial” strategy!

Connecting to the curriculum
Connecting to the Curriculum!

A virtual field trip could be used in the high school setting as a strategy to reinforce curriculum expectations in many subject areas such as:


Application to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and

general science are boundless! It could include the human body, the chemical industry, aviation, and our universe!

Social Studies

Applications to History and Geography could include historical tours of ancient civilizations and geographical sites such as oceans, volcanoes, and significant landmarks.

Languages and The Arts

Applications to Languages and the Arts could include a visit back in time to The Dark Ages, a visit with Shakespeare, or that of Leonardo da Vinci!

How do virtual field trips appeal to different learning style
How Do Virtual Field Trips Appeal to Different Learning Style?

The use of a virtual field trips would be accommodating and appealing to all learning styles!

The virtual field trip can be viewed as kinesthetic, logical, visual, verbal, and interpersonal through the use of this type of teaching strategy.

Student prerequisite computer skills
Student Prerequisite Computer Skills! Style?

Students at the high school level would require basic computer skill in terms of browsing online source for virtual field trip.

Students would require more advanced computer skills to create a virtual field trip. This would include the ability to create and upload a webpage.

Plan implementation
…Plan & Implementation! Style?

In planning and implementing a unit of study using a virtual field trip, it would be important to:

  • Apply a design down approach, understand where you want your students to be when the unit of study is complete.

  • Identify how the overall and specific expectations are tied to the learning goals of the unit of study through a clustering process.

  • Map the expectations onto the Achievement Chart to address the Achievement Level Categories and meaningful connections to other subject areas and expectations

  • Design a culminating activity and scoring rubric and/or checklist to accompany the culminating task

  • Design varied teaching/learning strategies where students are provided with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge/skills independently and cooperatively

  • Identify where the virtual field trip would fit with respect to your teaching strategies and goals.

  • Develop a range of assessment strategies, rubrics, checklists, tests to ensure that students are assessed for grade level expectations.

Student support material
…Student Support Material! Style?

There is a tremendous number of support materials on the planning and implementation of a virtual field trip!

  • Online resources with respect to support software on the construction of a virtual field trip is easily accessible!

  • Virtual field trip construction demonstrations and guideline can be helpful!

  • Suggestions for student application are also easily attainable!

  • Measures to supporting the virtual field trip online can easily be determined and implemented!

Cross curricular links
…Cross-Curricular Links! Style?

The virtual field trip allows for amalgamation of language with units of study such as science, art, history, mathematics, and geography.

Integrated learning experiences can motivate students tremendously and adhere to their individual learning styles

The virtual field trip prepares students for school experiences that could not normally be accomplished through more traditional cross-curricular exercises

Students with special needs
…Students with Special Needs! Style?

Virtual field trip can accommodate and help Special Needs students to:

  • Work in a non-threatening learning environment

  • Increase independence in academic pursuits

  • Work at their own pace

  • Master skills without the fear of failure

  • Receive instant, non-judgmental feedback on learning activities

  • Exercise new skills as frequently as needed

Planning template checklist creating a virtual field trip
Planning Template/Checklist Style?Creating a Virtual Field Trip!

You should probably spend a little time planning before creating your virtual field trip. 

1. Begin by deciding on the subject, types of images, descriptions, etc. you

want to include in the field trip. 

2. Design the overall structure of the virtual field trip. Where will it lead, what

are the specific stops along the way.

3. Create a separate map which provides an outline of the field trip. This

includes stops and various links to particular sites.

2. Choose a template for your web page or pages. You can use a template

supplied by an online resource or create your own template using software

applications such as Microsoft Front Page.

4. Create an index web page and then update the page each time you create

different stop on your tour or another link. 

The end
The End! Style?

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