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Hypertension (HTN). Persistent blood pressure that is higher than the recommended blood pressure range About 60% of all Americans have some form of high blood pressure (pre-hypertension or hypertension)

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What is hypertension

Persistent blood pressure that is higher than the recommended blood pressure range

About 60% of all Americans have some form of high blood pressure (pre-hypertension or hypertension)

HTN means the heart is working harder than normal putting extra strain on the heart and vessels.

What Is Hypertension

Blood pressure ranges
Blood Pressure Ranges recommended blood pressure range

  • Normal blood pressure range < 120/80

  • Pre-Hypertension >120/80 but <140/90

  • Hypertension - >140/90

  • Both systolic and diastolic pressures do not have to be out of range

  • Only Systolic or Diastolic must be out of range to qualify as hypertension

Two stages of htn
Two Stages of HTN recommended blood pressure range

  • Stage 1 HTN >140/90 but <160/100

  • Stage 2 HTN >160/100

What causes htn
What Causes HTN recommended blood pressure range

  • 90%-95% of the time hypertension is elevated blood pressure without an identifiable cause.

  • Exact cause is unknown

  • Many contributing factors have been identified as predisposing factors to HTN

Predisposing factors for htn

Hereditary Predisposition (Family History) recommended blood pressure range

Sodium intake


Diabetes Mellitus

Alcohol Consumption


Serum Lipid Levels (Cholesterol and LDL)

Sedentary Lifestyle




Socioeconomic Status


Predisposing Factors for HTN

Signs and symptoms

Known as the Silent killer recommended blood pressure range

If BP is very high, you may experience:


-decreased activity tolerance





Signs and Symptoms

How htn is diagnosed

Based on the average of 2+ seated BP measurements at the MD’s office

Must be averaged

Must be seated BP measurements

Must be in the MD’s office

How HTN is diagnosed

Complications related to htn
Complications Related to HTN MD’s office

Heart Failure

Enlarged Left Side of the Heart

Coronary Artery Disease

Cerebrovascular disease (Brain)

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Kidney Failure

Retinal Damage (Eyes)

Treatment of htn
Treatment of HTN MD’s office

  • Different types require different treatments

  • Pre-Hypertension – Lifestyle modifications

  • Stage I Hypertension – Lifestyle modifications and a thiazide-type diuretic

  • Stage II Hypertension – Lifestyle modifications, thiazide-type diuretic and one another antihypertensive drug

  • Not definitive

  • Treatment is personalized

How to prevent htn

Lifestyle modifications prevent HTN and include: MD’s office

-Maintaining a Healthy Weight

-Reduce Salt/Sodium Intake

-Increase Physical Exercise

Smoking Cessation

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limit Fat Intake

Control Diabetes

Stress Relieving Techniques

Take BP Meds as Ordered

Home Monitoring of BP

How to Prevent HTN

References MD’s office

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