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Do now 4/23. Translate the sentences into English 1. tā jiào zhāng lì 2. tā shì hù shì 3. tā bù huìshuō yīng yǔ , dàn shì tā xiǎng xué. Picture 7. S1: ta jiao zhang li 他 叫 张力 (his name is zhang li) S2: ta shi dai fu 他 是 大夫 he is doctor

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do now 4 23
Do now 4/23

Translate the sentences into English

1. tā jiàozhānglì

2. tā shìhùshì

3. tā bùhuìshuōyīngyǔ, dànshì tā xiǎngxué.

picture 7
Picture 7

S1: ta jiaozhang li

他 叫 张力

(his name is zhang li)

S2: ta shidaifu

他 是 大夫

he is doctor

S3: ta shi ma lai xi yaren


He is Malaysian.


S4: ta jiaotianyu

她叫 田云

her name is tianyun

S5:ta shihushi

她 是护士

she is nurse

S6: ta shiri ben ren

她是 日本人

she is Japanese

picture 8
Picture 8

S1: ta jiao zhang ming


(his name is zhang ming )

S2: ta shi si ji


he is driver

S3: ta shi xiang gang ren


He is Hongkong person.(he comes from Hk)

picture 81
Picture 8

S4: ta huishuoguang dong hua he yingyu

他会 说 广东话 和 英语

he can speak Cantonese and English

S5:ta xiangxuepu tong hua

他想 学 普通话

he want (to) learn Mandarin

Q: zhangmingshihushi

Zhang ming is nurse

He is driver.

Ta shisiji

page 83 5 6
Page 83 #5,6


Example :


Ouzhoumeizhouxiang gang feizhou

欧洲 美洲 香港 非洲

Europe America(C) hongkong Africa

(2)Find the odd one( tell why )

Hongkong (others are continents)

do now 4 24
Do now 4/24
  • Translate the English to Chinese pinyin

1.Lawyer 2 teacher 3. Doctor

4. Nurse 5. Businessman

6. driver 7. Housewife 8. banker

the words of lesson 16 4 24
The words of lesson 16 4/24

1.做 zuòmake; do

2. 服 fú clothes; serve

3. A务 wù affair; business

B 服务 fúwù service

4. A员 yuánmember

B 服务员 fúwùyuán attendant

5. 喜 xǐ happy; like

6. A 欢 huān merry

B 喜欢 xǐhuān like; be fond of

lesson 16
Lesson 16

7. 秘 mì secret

8. A书 shū book; write; script

B秘书 mìshū secretary

9. 经 jīng manage

10. A理 lǐ manage; natural science

B经理 jīnglǐ manager

11.A程 chéng rule; order

B工程师 gōngchéngshī engineer

read and guess
Read and guess

1. 做 zuò

2.服务 fúwù

3. 服务员 fúwùyuán

4. 喜欢 xǐhuān

5. 书 shū

6. 秘书 mìshū

7. 经理 jīnglǐ

8. 工程师 gōngchéngshī

check your memory
Check your memory

Say the words in Chinese and write down the pinyin

1. make; do

2. attendant

3. like; be fond of

4. secretary

5. manager

do now 4 25
Do now 4/25

Fix the wrong pinyin & correct tone

1.Make suo

2. Attendant fuwuya

3. Like hu xi

4. Secretary mingshu

5. Manager jilia

6. Engineer gong shi

fan n pick in pairs
Fan N Pick (in pairs)

Student A holds questions cards (english meaning )in fan and says, “pick a card, any card”

Student B picks a card, reads the card and allows five seconds of think time.

Student A answer the question.

Student B respond to the answer(right— B praises / wrong— B tutors)

A answer all the cards then A and B rotate the roles.

the word list on the cards
The word list on the cards

Students A and B will work together to make the following cards. A and B only need one set cards

You only need to write down the English meaning on the cards. Do not list the Chinese.(your partner will see the Chinese when they pick the cards)

1. Make; do

2. service

3. Attendant

4. Like; be fond of (2 words)

5. Secretary

6. Manager

7. Engineer

8. Book

do now 4 26
Do now 4/26
  • Copy the pinyin and translate into English

1. zuo

2. Fu wuyuan

3. Hushi

4. Mi shu

5.Gong chengshi

6. Jing li

lesson16 picture one translation
Lesson16 picture one translation

S 1: Tā shìfúyuanyuán

他是 服务员

he is attendant (waiter/waitress)

tā xǐhuān tā de gōngzuò

他喜欢 他的工作

he likes his job

lesson 16 pic 1 questions
Lesson 16 Pic 1 questions

tā zuòShén me gōngzuò

他做 什么 工作

he do what job (what does he do?)

2. tā xǐhuān tā de gōngzuòma?

他喜欢 他的工作 吗

he likes his job? (does he like his job?)

Notes: the questions words can make the sentence into a question directly.

Recall the difference : he has been to Japan

has he been to Japan?

answer for picture one
Answer for picture one

Copytā zuòShén me gōngzuò

translate he do what job/work

(what does he do?)

Answer in Chinese Tā shìfúyuanyuán

Answer in English he is attandant

* Step (3) and( 4) you can switch the order.

activity answer the question
Activity-answer the question

2. . tā xǐhuān tā de gōngzuòma?

he likes his job? (does he like his job?)

Step (3) and( 4) you can switch the order.