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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Delhi

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Delhi

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Delhi

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  1. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Delhi We manufacture top notch quality single and double acting types hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. There are variety of mounting types to choose from. The stroke length is up to 6000mm in conventional types and up to 24000mm in telescopic type. – Maximum working pressure from 10 kg/cm2 to 250 kg/cm2 with maximum bore diameter of 800mm for hydraulic cylinders. – For pneumatic cylinders pressure ranging from 2 kg/cm2 to 15 kg/cm2. Cylinder body – Made from alloy steel tubing with micro finish bore. Cylinder head – Through bored and grooved to provide concentricity to common center line for the body, rod and gland.

  2. DynaTech Drive Coupling DynaTech Drive Coupling has two steel gears which engage in a sleeve of high grade plastic which has got very good strength over a wide range of temperature. The steel gears have curved top surface to allow for axial and angular misalignment. These coupling have been subjected to extensive testing under very severe conditions of leading. No lubrication or any other maintenance is required on this coupling. These couplings operate silently and can be installed easily.

  3. DynaTech Heat Exchangers The oil to be cooled is admitted into the shell around the densely fitted copper tubes having a number of baffles, which make the oil flow in a zig-zag manner. Oil gives out its heat to water that flows through the copper tubes having multiple path ways. This enhances contact time of water with oil for better heat transfer. This type of system makes the cooler highly efficient.

  4. Hydraulic Press With vast experience in hydraulics, our company have procured market integrity by manufacturing quality array of hydraulic presses since 1976. The application of the machine includes pressing, assembling, punching, straightening, broaching, riveting and bending. We supply our machine that can be used in automobile parts, electrical parts, telecommunication plastic parts and house-hold items.

  5. Hydraulic Pumps The power delivered in dynamic machines is due hydraulic pumps and its function is to turn mechanical energy i.e. electrical AC or DC motor into hydraulic energy. This is attained by causing an increased volume intake and reduced volume during delivery. We are dealing in various companies that manufacture hydraulic pumps as follows: Yuken India Polyhydron India Veljan (Denison) Nachi Hydraulics Bosch Rexroth Moog Parker Hannifin India

  6. Contact us Address - C-67, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi-110064, Delhi, India 110064, India Email- Website-