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Rashi Ratan Gemstones Wholesale Online PowerPoint Presentation
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Rashi Ratan Gemstones Wholesale Online

Rashi Ratan Gemstones Wholesale Online

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Rashi Ratan Gemstones Wholesale Online

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  1. (Rashi Ratan Jaipur) Gemstone & Birthstones Online Wholesale Price Store

  2. Buy Rashi Ratan Gemstones Online Rashi Ratan Jaipur is a famous online store of natural gemstones here you can buy many types of stones at wholesale prices. Different types of stones are very important in human life. According to astrologers, different stones are beneficial for different zodiac signs. Sometimes a person wears a stone without consulting astrologers, instead of having a positive effect in the life of a human being, loss starts. Therefore, any astrologer should be consulted before wearing a stone. Astrologers according to their learning study the horoscope and show the appropriate profitable path. According to the zodiac, the gemstone is called the rashi ratan. The PMKK GEMS is online store, provides you with the facility of astrological consultation with each Gemstone online so that you can solve all the doubts related to the horoscope by asking the astrologer. While wearing a stone, the astrologer also tells a mantra whose stone holder has to chant that mantra and then holding the stone proves beneficial. Therefore we would like to give you the same opinion that we should wear stone only after consulting the astrologer.

  3. Blue Sapphire (नीलम)): If a person commits wrongdoing, walks on the path of injustice, is lazy and doodle, then such a person should not wear Blue Sapphire stone because Saturn does not like humans with such nature. Lord Shani troubles instead of giving benefit to such a person. Therefore, Blue Sapphire stone is considered very sensitive stone. Blue sapphire stone should wear at least 3 to 6 carats. You can wear blue sapphire stone in gold and five metal rings and wear it in middle finger of right hand. While wearing blue sapphire stone, should chant "ॐशंशनिश्चराय िमः (Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah)” mantra for 108 times. Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज) Yellow Sapphire is also called Pukhraj Stone in Hindi. Yellow sapphire stone is the stone of the planet Jupiter, so this stone is said to be a stone of increasing luck and knowledge. Yellow sapphire stone is very important due to Jupiter being the best among all the planets. The best quality yellow sapphire stone is found in the country of Brazil and good quality yellow sapphire stone is also available in India. If a person wants to get rich and fame in a short time, then the Yellow Safire Stone will be very profitable.

  4. Yellow sapphire stone is worn to shine fortune, gain in business, get married early, get child happiness, happy married life and peace of mind. Always keep in mind that you should wear yellow sapphire stone only after consulting the astrologer and while wearing yellow sapphire stone, should chant ॐब ंब हस्पतये िमः 'Brim Brihaspatiye Namah' mantra for 108 times. Opal Stone (दूधियापत्थर): Opal stone is the stone of the planet Venus and Venus is very auspicious for the area of attraction and art. Opal stone is a stone which benefits humans in the artistic field. There are many human beings, who keep their quality in the field of art, but due to the weakening of the planet Venus, humans are not able to succeed, therefore Opal Stone has great importance in the artistic field.

  5. Opal stones are very beneficial for husband's wife's marital happy life, to increase sex power, to make love marriage and to get success in beauty business. You can make your life happy by consulting the astrologer. While wearing opal stone, should chant “ऊ ँद्ांद्रंद्ौंसःशुक्रायिमः (Om Draam Dreem Draum Sah Shukraay Namah)” mantra for 108 times. Emerald stone (पन्ना)

  6. Now it comes to emerald stone which is very famous stone. Panna is considered a stone of the planet Mercury. The emerald found in the great rivers of India is dark green. A person should wear at least 3 carat emeralds. Panna should be chanted in the golden metal on the morning of Wednesday, While wearing emerald stone, should chant ॐबुंबुधायिमः (Om Bum Budhaay Namah) mantra for 108 times. While wearing emerald, keep in mind that there should not be any defect in emerald stone. Panna is a stone included in very expensive stones. Emerald is considered especially beneficial for students and businessmen. Rashi Ratan Jaipur is an online and semi precious gemstone wholesale price store where you can buy any type of stone online. Ruby Stone (माणिक)

  7. Ruby stones are very miraculous and attractive stones in the world. Ruby stone is considered to be the stone of the sun planet, and then ruby stone is worn to destroy all kinds of sufferings in human life. Ruby stone has pink color predominance. Ruby stones are the shortest profitable stones. Ruby stones are beneficial for positive thinking, for progress in state functions and for maintaining sweetness in family relationships. Ruby stones enable humans to take strong decisions and also make them confident. While wearing ruby stone, should chant ॐसूयाायिमः (Om Suryay Namah) mantra for 108 times. Pearl Stone (मोती) Pearl stone can be worn by anyone with any zodiac sign, because every person desires happiness and customized time in life. However, one should wear a pearl stone only after consulting the astrologer. Pearl stones are very beneficial for controlling anger, for the good health of children, for getting employment, for increasing the means of obtaining money and for a happy married life. While wearing pearl stone should chant ॐसोंसोमायिमः” (Om Som Somaye Namah) mantra for 108 times.

  8. Diamond (हीरा) Diamond is also considered a stone of Venus. It is believed that diamonds are worn to attain material happiness. Diamond leaves its effect only by its strong waves and a person should wear a diamond of at least 2 carats. A person wearing a diamond should take great care of his company, because the diamond will continue to give the effect of the company as it keeps so should wear the diamond along with it.While wearing pearl stone, should chant ॐशुक्रायिमः (Om Sukraay Namah) mantra for 108 times. Coral stones (मूूंगा)

  9. Coral stones are considered to be the stones of Mars, so coral stones are worn to strengthen the body and to make auspicious works successful. You can wear Ruby Stone and Coral Stone together because Mars is a friend of the Sun. Wearing both stones together is very beneficial. Coral stones are very pure quality stones. Coral stones are slippery. You can identify corals by putting a drop of water on top of the coral stone, if the water falls down then you have chosen the real coral stone. While wearing pearl stone, should chant “ॐअंअंगारकायिम:” (Om ang angrakhaye Namah) mantra for 108 times. Cat's Eye Stone (लहसुननया) Cat's Eye Ketu is a stone of the planet and humans wear this stone to get rid of problems in their life. The famous Hindi name of Cat's Eye is garlic. Cat’s eye stones are found in large quantities in Brazil, Sri Lanka and China countries. Before wearing a cat's eye, check whether the stone has glitter or not, because if there is no glare, you may suffer financial loss. If there are spots in the stone, then humans remain sick. If any student wants to succeed in government competitive exams, then Cat's Eye Stone will prove to be very beneficial. While wearing pearl stone, should chant “ऊ ँस््ांस््रंस््ौंस: क े तवेिम:” (Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Ketave Namah) mantra for 108 times.