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[ ??? ?? ?? 2.] ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? !

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[ ??? ?? ?? 2.] ??? ????? ?? ??? ??? ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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[ 스마트 관광 미션 2.] 해외로 퍼져나가는 한국 오류를 잡아라 !. 제 1 기 스마트 한국관광 홍보대사 경남외국어고등학교 김여진 . 미드 ‘Lie To Me’ 에서 오류를 발견 !! (Season 1- episode #4). 오류 , 찾아봅시다 !. What was on the scene earlier?

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[스마트 관광 미션 2.] 해외로 퍼져나가는 한국 오류를 잡아라!

제1기 스마트 한국관광 홍보대사



lie to me season 1 episode 4
미드‘Lie To Me’에서

오류를 발견!!(Season 1- episode #4)


What was on the scene earlier?

In the son’s wedding of the Korean Ambassador, there was a unidentified information that someone is watching a chance for an attack. Carl Lightman,

the chief of ‘Lightman Group’, and his crew were called for discovering the prospective criminal. During the investigation, they found one suspicious suspect who had dubious facial expression. Further elaboration will be explained with following captured scenes.

And they concluded this event as scheme of a criminal with planned actions to protest America against North Korea.

However, this scene was inserted by the director in the intention of exaggerating the fact that Korea is a divided country and presenting North Korea as a ruthless country employing terror in celebration in detoured measure.

The Lightman crew came out with the fact that there were numerous self immolations in Asia, depicting Asia as a notorious place to live.

In particular, they depicted South Korea as one of the countries who have large number of self- immolations, indirectly indicating South Korea as savage country.


In the 4th episode of ‘Lie To Me’ season 1, the intention for choosing Korea as a background of the episode was thankful for interests. However, through the depicted scenes emphasizing Korea as a distinguishing divided country – sadly, the truth- and describing North Korea as a country committing numerous crimes which poses a threat to other countries. Not only American dramas, but other several media portray North Korea as an international perilous country possessing a potential threat to all over the world.


Though it is true that North Korea do threat other countries when it comes to national safety and security desiring for power, the primary revision which should be made from the media is lessened description of exaggeration of North Korea. Not all of the North Korean has evil heart and wish to be a international threat to others. From this incorrect depict, people in overseas believe the majority of north Korean is hazardous, even though it is definitely untrue story. That is why this error should certainly be revised as soon as possible.


Thank you

2012. 3. 15

Yeo Jin Kim,

The first smart Korea Tourism promoter of VANK w/ KTO

From Gyeongnam Foreign Language High