The Impact of Social Networking on the Project Manager
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The Impact of Social Networking on the Project Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Impact of Social Networking on the Project Manager. Mary Ann Gates , Program Manager -Unisys Ryan Crets - PMO Support - Unisys Christen Gates, Environmental Consultant – Day & Night Solar Cadence Rippeto, Sports Management Masters Student - SIUE. Test your Social Lingo knowledge.

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Presentation Transcript
The impact of social networking on the project manager

The Impact of Social Networking on the Project Manager

Mary Ann Gates, Program Manager -Unisys

Ryan Crets - PMO Support - Unisys

Christen Gates, Environmental Consultant – Day & Night Solar

Cadence Rippeto, Sports Management Masters Student - SIUE

The impact of social networking on the project manager

Test your Social Lingo knowledge

Level: Beginners








Laugh Out Loud


No Problem


Be Right Back

Just Kidding


The impact of social networking on the project manager

Test your Social Lingo knowledge

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

In Real Life

Not In My Back Yard

New Person

Point Of View

Too Much Information

Level: Advanced








  • Introduction: PM and social networking services

  • Social Networking 101

  • PM in Different Sectors

  • Security and Privacy Issues

  • The Future

Sales and Marketing

Public Relations

Networking and Employee Search

Team Resources

Introduction pm and social media
Introduction: PM and Social Media

Social Media Service as a tool and means of communication

Stage is set for change no turning back
Stage is Set for ChangeNo turning back

New Generation

  • New way of thinking and performing

    New Tools and Techniques are here

    New way of communicating and interacting with the world

  • Media is using new tools

  • Executives are connected 24 by 7

  • Kids can’t get by without texting and calling

  • From young to old people are using video, text, imaging to communicate to family and friends world wide

Why are project managers still using outdated ways of communicating and managing projects
Why are Project Managers still using outdated ways of communicating and managing projects?

Who has a smart phone? IPAD? Use PC video conferencing? At Home or Work?

New ways to communicate and interact with the world
New ways to communicate and interact with the world communicating and managing projects?

Social network services
Social Network Services communicating and managing projects?

An online service, platform, or site that focuses on social structure made up of individuals or organizations connected through relationships such as…



Common interest

Financial exchange

Likes or dislikes





The impact of social networking on the project manager

80 M communicating and managing projects?

50 M

63 M

130 M

90 M

72% of U.S. companies has a social media strategy

117 M

162 M

160 M

80 M

500 M

Characteristics communicating and managing projects?

Individual Oriented

The main types of social networking services are those which contain…

  • Category places

  • Means to connect with friends

  • Recommendation system linked to trust

  • Social Software

    Allow users to interact and share ideas, activities, events, interests, and data

Online community
Online Community communicating and managing projects?

A Virtual Community that exists online whose members enable its existence through taking part in membership rituals*

  • Group-centered

  • Social Software

  • Chat rooms

  • Forums

  • Avatars


* Wikipedia, 2010

What in the world is a pm to do
What In The World Is A PM To Do? communicating and managing projects?

  • Twitter for Team Communications

  • Teams can be anywhere

  • Staying connected is key

  • Look who’s watching

  • It’s a new world of information

  • Collaboration tools are working

  • This is the bright spot

  • Social Networking

  • At home and at work?

  • Is it all too much?

  • Networking to help you get a job?

  • And what else?

Examples communicating and managing projects?

Social Networking


Professional Networking

Video Sharing Communities


Video sharing communities
Video Sharing Communities communicating and managing projects?


  • Registration Required to Post

    • No registration in order to view

  • Video Posting Capabilities

  • Browse per your interests

  • Advanced search options

  • Comment/Feedback

  • Viewing Counter options

Professional networking
Professional Networking communicating and managing projects?


  • Registration required

  • Professional profile

    • Resume, cover letter, etc

  • Career-oriented posts/updates

  • Groups/Events

    • Posts/Updates

  • Applications

  • Personal/Private Messages

  • Connections

  • Recommendations

Blogging communicating and managing projects?


  • Registration Required

    • Through gmail account

  • Post blogs

  • Photo Upload Capabilities

  • Follow other blogs

  • Opportunity to join blogging communities

  • Comments allowed

Social networking

Twitter communicating and managing projects?

Registration Required

Short profile

Picture/Video Upload Capabilities through partnering websites


Follow Accounts

140-character posts

Private Messaging

Social Networking


  • Registration required

  • Profile building

  • Picture/Video Upload Capabilities

  • Join Groups

  • Create Events

  • Private/Personal Messaging

  • Alerts

  • Post Updates

  • Customized Applications

Project management in different sectors
Project Management in Different Sectors communicating and managing projects?

Using social networking sites in the field of sales and marketing

Sales and marketing
Sales and Marketing communicating and managing projects?

How do sales teams utilize social network sites?

  • Developing meaning based marketing (MBM) initiatives

  • Law of the Few

  • Event planning

  • Finding current industry information

  • Connect with people in the industry

  • Develop a company social network

    • Talk about the company's accomplishments

    • Conveying a positive brand image

    • Congratulating the company on their job well done

Social networks offer ways to conduct meaning based marketing mbm
Social Networks offer ways to conduct Meaning Based Marketing (MBM)

Data gathered through MBM

  • Segmentation & Targeting

  • Archiving & Compliance

  • Directed Navigation

  • Merchandising & Recommendation

  • Multichannel Optimization

  • Profiling & Personalization

  • Social Media Analysis

  • Advanced Search Marketing

  • Mobile

  • Rich Media Management*

  • Understand the sentiment and context of all customer

  • Act on newly discovered customer segments, trends and opportunities

  • Optimize the customer experience across channels by seamlessly integrating the entirety of web, email, mobile and contact center interactions*

* Interwoven, 2010

Social networks and the law of the few
Social Networks and the Marketing (MBM)Law of the Few*

"The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts."

"80/20 Principle, which is the idea that in any situation roughly 80 percent of the 'work' will be done by 20 percent of the participants."

* Malcolm Gladwell, 2000, “The Tipping Point”

Social networks connect the 20
Social Networks Marketing (MBM)connect the “20%”

  • Connectors - "link us up with the world ... people with a special gift for bringing the world together.”

  • Mavens - "information specialists", or "people we rely upon to connect us with new information.“

  • Salesmen - "persuaders", charismatic people with powerful negotiation skills

* Malcolm Gladwell, 2000, “The Tipping Point”

Who can name a edwardsville business or organizations using a social network
Who can name a Edwardsville Marketing (MBM)business or organizations using a social network?

Event planning with social networks
Event planning with Social Networks Marketing (MBM)

  • Low to no cost way to advertise event

  • Event calendars

  • Alert you when event is near

  • Initiate active and passive referrals

  • Get people involved and excited

Current industry information
Current Industry Information Marketing (MBM)

Craig Jung


Follow businesses with specific industry updates

Locate trending topics by searching via region, keyword, or topic

Joel Makower


Michael Pollan

“Omnivore's Dilemma”

John Perkins

“Confessions of an Economic Hit-man”


Anderson Cooper

Connect with people in the industry
Connect with people in the industry Marketing (MBM)

  • Clients

  • Business partners

  • Employees

  • Employers

  • Associations

  • Networking groups

  • Etc

Truman State University Alumni

St. Louis Sustainable Business Network

Sales and marketing1
Sales and Marketing Marketing (MBM)

Why use a company’s social network over a website?


Social Network Marketing (MBM)


Content on social network
Content on Social Network Marketing (MBM)

My Page

  • Employee pictures

  • Biographies

  • Experience

    News and Events

  • Pictures of projects and events

    Tool Kit

  • Knowledge Resources

  • Marketing Presentations

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Media Center


  • Discussions

  • F.A.Q.

Company social networks
Company Social Networks Marketing (MBM)



  • Advertise sensitive information

  • Direct communication between clients and sales force

  • Easy to update

  • Standardized resource tools

  • Time consuming

  • Members must make profile

  • Stigma of junk email

  • Learning curve

Project management in different sectors1
Project Management in Different Sectors Marketing (MBM)

Use social networks as a tool in public relations

Public relations

Modern Marketing (MBM)

Social Media Update

Link to Press Release or short update


Access to Private Profiles



Virtual Events

Public Relations


  • Press Releases

  • News Stories

  • Home Page Website Banners

  • Newsletters/Flyers

  • News link from Homepage

  • Email

Traditional public relations

Challenges Marketing (MBM)

Not as portable

One-time viewing

Limited Audience

Limited creativity

Controlled by traditional media outlets

Traditional Public Relations


  • Low-to-No learning curve

  • Traditional accessibility outlets

    • Newspapers, Evening TV News, Company Websites

  • Measurable Outreach

  • Known Liability

Modern public relations

Challenges Marketing (MBM)

Learning curve

Time consuming for users

Less Information

Harder to measure outreach

Modern Public Relations


  • Quick information dispersing

  • Short & to the point

  • Targeted information

  • Broader Audience

  • Portable

  • Low Cost

  • Creativity

  • Multiple Viewing

    • Bookmarks

  • Increases Involvement

    • passive/active referrals

Using social media to maintain a good consistent brand in the digital world
Using social media to maintain a good consistent brand in the digital world

What do you do when someone posts something negative about you your company on the internet?

  • Respond to author with positive message

  • Send out tweets or posts on fan page about something positive

  • Keep people updated in case of a crisis or incident

    GOAL: Counter Negative

Project management in different sectors2
Project Management in Different Sectors the digital world

Networking and Employee Search

What you need to make a professional profile on
What you need to make a professional profile on the digital world

  • Professional profile picture

  • Down load resume

  • Summary & Specialties – avg 200 words

  • Make “Connections”

  • Join Groups

  • Post Events

  • Get “Recommendations”

  • Interested In – be specific


Do I post my birthday?

Can I have too many “Connections”?

Do I connect with people I don’t directly know?

What you need to make a professional profile on1
What you need to make a professional profile on the digital world

  • Professional profile picture

  • Manage security issues

    • Who can view your profile, pictures, posts, etc?

    • When should facebook alert you via email?

  • Less is more on your “Info” page

  • DO NOT post questionable photos

  • Post relevant information to your profession on your status

  • Join professional groups

  • Outline job experience and information

  • Do not as friends to use games or applications

  • DO NOT use facebook as a dating site

Do companies really look at your profile pages
Do companies really look at your profile pages? the digital world


  • LinkedIn during the hiring process

  • LinkedIn during interview process

  • Companies require consistent guide/standard be met for all employees that have an existing LinkedIn

  • Find more information about individuals attending the meeting on LinkedIn

Security and privacy issues
Security and Privacy Issues the digital world

How do we protect ourselves? And our image?

UNISYS CONFIDENTIAL -- Federal Portfolio Briefs 10-7-10 Draft

Who s watching
Who’s Watching the digital world

  • Young adults make the mistake of posting graphic or obscene comments / pictures that could prevent them from being considered for employment.

  • Dangers associated with social networking including data theft and viruses, online predators or individuals who claim to be someone that they are not.

  • Google search of your name to see what comes up

  • Facebook is quickly gaining acceptance as a business-related site.

  • Build a positive image online, network with those that you want to work with.

  • New age of cyber espionage. More targeted attacks. Aimed at valued content

Rules of engagement
Rules of Engagement the digital world

  • Law suites over employees trashing their boss on twitter

  • Guidelines/rules and consequences

  • You can have your own twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc BUT…

    • DO NOT negatively talk about the company

    • DO NOT disclose sensitive information about the company

The future
The Future the digital world

Where do we go from here?

UNISYS CONFIDENTIAL -- Federal Portfolio Briefs 10-7-10 Draft

Virtual project tools are on the horizon
Virtual Project Tools are on the horizon the digital world

  • Web based project metrics and tracking

  • Document management made easy

  • Collaborative software with more images and real time connectivity

  • Full application Lifecycle Management in a single tool

  • Dashboards metric at the blink of an eye

  • Video Conferencing on your Smartphone

  • Activity logs…..or twitter which is better

  • Project milestone notification

  • Project schedule is automatically updated

  • Instant Web meetings from anywhere on any device

Twitter for team communications
Twitter for Team Communications the digital world

  • Keep track of your teammates in this dynamic world

  • Establish ground rules

    • Force team to post 140 character TWIT daily

    • Ensure business clean.

    • Key words are mined such as CMMI, EVM and useful

  • Succinct communication,

    • Create awareness of activity

    • Allow non-threaded conversations

    • Helps silo based teams stay connected on a daily basis

What is happening at the top
What is happening at the top? the digital world

  • Executive Involvement

    • 97 % use email

    • 64% are not active on company's website or social profile

    • 28% communicate internally using internal websites

    • 16% have profile

It s up to the pm to drive the change
It’s up to the PM to drive the change the digital world

Don’t wait for the development of new social media tools

  • Use what is available, meets your security needs and works for your team

  • Change is coming quickly but companies are moving slowly but slowly

  • Measure progress and success along the way

    • Around engagement - how deep – how much interest

  • Number of hits or clicks

  • Contests to draw people into conversations

Thank you
Thank you! the digital world