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Online Education


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Online Education

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  2. Online education, also known as distance learning or e-learning, differs from traditional education because students are not required to visit an actual classroom and listen to an instructor face-to-face.

  3. Today Education is not just schooling ,education is how much you are exposed , updated and are able to share e- learning platform are implemented worldwide to promote education and share knowledge . It can out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology in regard to devices and curriculum.

  4. . E-learning OR ONLINE EDUCATION means sharing knowledge using technology, computer and network-enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning applications and processes include Web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classroom and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via Internet, intranet/extranet, wireless telephonic, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM. It can be self-paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

  5. Education on-line or simply traditional??

  6. Is online education better than traditional education?


  8. Accessibility

  9. Interactions • In online mode of education, student interaction and higher levels of teacher and student, providing opportunities . Methods courses in online mode of education presents an opportunity to contribute to the discussion of themes in connection with the offer of each student, and peer review has been designed.

  10. Have Perceptions of Quality Changed for Online Offerings? The evidence: By an increasing margin, most Chief Academic Officers believe that the quality of online instruction is equal to or superior to that of face-to-face learning. • In 2003, 57 percent of academic leaders rated the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face. That number is now 62 percent, a small but noteworthy increase. • The proportion who believe that online learning outcomes are superior to those for face-to-face is still relatively small but has grown by 40 percent since 2003 from 12.1 percent in 2003 to 16.9 percent.

  11. General survey Survey of the priority given to online education

  12. Universities offering online education List of websites: http://www.gw.edu/academics/off/online/ http://www.angelfire.com/journal/brownrb/index.html http://online.viu.edu/index.php?gclid=CLn32c6ixrICFYsc6wodMmoAFg http://www.onlineclasses.net/

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