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Hassen Hosni Abdelwaheb El Mnihla. School Magazine. Teacher: Mrs Chahira Chaari. 2001/2002. Preface Dear 4th form Students, The Baccalaureat has always been the threshold of the “ university ” . This is exactly the case for you.

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Hassen Hosni Abdelwaheb

El Mnihla

School Magazine

Teacher: Mrs Chahira Chaari




Dear 4th form Students,

The Baccalaureat has always been the threshold of the “university”. This is exactly the case for you.

I hope that you’ve acquired more and more knowledge this year to exploit it either in your tests and in the ‘Day’ when you’re going to sit for your national exam or in your future life; English is the language of this century, of technology, commerce, science and international politics, Internet…

A small school magazine was an idea that came to mind at the beginning of this year just to urge my dearest students to work, to write, to use what has been taught, to experience a new project and especially to remember forever a tiring year full of hard work and seriousness.

It’s an experience that lets the student notice his headway in the English language.

I want to say in the end of this preface thank you very much for every serious student who spent energy and time to collaborate and issue such a worthy document that will remain a souvenir for him.

Good luck and best wishes from your teacher who has always wanted to have the best students and to make of them useful citizens.

Mrs Chahira Chaari

Hassen Hosni Abdelwaheb School

El Mnihla



Jha and the Thief

Semia Dhahri 4M2


Jha was a poor man who lived on his own in a small country.

He used to wear large trousers, a short jacket and a hat on his head. He was a brilliant person.

He was versed in solving problems alone.

In his country, robbery was widespread.

Therefore, he made up his mind to find a way to protect his house and himself.

One day, in the night, when Jha was sleeping, he felt that a thief was in his house.

When Jha came close to the door, he saw the unknown person who was absorbed in robbing the house.


When the robber finished, he opened the door, then he moved away.

So, Jha rushed to walk near the villain as if he knew him.

When the thief arrived to his house, Jha said : “Oh, thank you sir for your favour, you are really a helpful man.”

And he added : “You take my possession from my new house without bothering me. How can I describe my pleasure.”

At that time, the robber was surprised and he didn’t find any speech.So he said : “Nobody can threaten you neither by robbing nor by speaking. What a first-born man are you!”

The End


Jha was badly off. Once, he passed beside the front of a premises and this was a panel.

The notification was about a competition that would happen in the native swimming pool, and every body who had confidence in himself could participate

Every person got ready for this competition, and every one proceeded to the swimming pool with his bathing costume.


Jha stood up shivering with cold in front of the arbitration committee and claimed the reward.

Governors refused to give it to him and they said: “We did not see you swimming.”

Jha requested: “You have given us the freedom to choose the method to swim and I choose the hardest; so I deserve it.”

The speech of Jha was convincing. Spectators helped Jha; so the arbitration committee gave the first reward to Jha.



Written by: Asma Kasraoui

Pictures by: Linda Kasraoui


Jha who lived alone and liked drawing very much decided one day to be a painter. So he went to the library, bought two things that he needed and went back. At home he drew a beautiful picture.


Jha became the best painter in the country as he drew a beautiful and natural picture about which everyone spoke.


One day, the man who had the only café in the country, which was between the library and Jha’s house, asked Jha to draw a picture for him in the front wall of the café. So Jha went to his house, took his material and came back to the café.


He asked the poor man which picture he preferred; the one where the lion was in the forest and it was the cheapest or the other one where the lion was in the cage and this one was more expensive. So the poor man chose the first one.


Jha finished drawing the picture which was very beautiful.

He returned to his house very angry because the stupid man chose the cheapest picture that’s why Jha decided to punish this man. So Jha stayed in his house and found a good idea.


At night, when every person went to bed, Jha went to the café and took with him the black color to remove the picture.


The next day, in the morning, Jha stood to see what happened.

Two or three minutes later, the man came to open his café but where was the lion ?!

Jha who stood under the wall, saw the lazy man and decided to go to the café.


Good morning, said Jha.

  • Jha! Good morning! Where is the lion ?!
  • Why? I don’t know.
  • (…)
  • But I think, that it went back to the forest since you didn’t put it in the cage.

The poor man understood that Jha was the only one who could do this and who could remove that beautiful picture.


The poor family

Once upon a time , there was a poor family that consisted of a father ,a mother and seven children .

The seventh son was so small, short and weak that his family called him the finger. Yet, he was very wit and clever. The family was so poor that it did not find what to eat or what to drink or to wear. So the father decided to abandon his children in the forest. Their mother was very sad; she cried a lot but she didn’t find any solution for their poverty. Thus she accepted this decision.

While they were discussing in the kitchen, finger was hearing them. So, he took a piece of bread with him as a solution to go back home. The father took his children to the forest and let them play. Then, he crept and went back home. When the children found themselves alone, they started snobbing but finger wasn’t sad because he threw behind him pieces of bread in the road from home to the forest. However, he was surprised as the bread was eaten by the birds. Then he became anxious and he was obliged to solve the situation. He looked around himself and saw a light. So his brothers rushed towards it. As they arrived, they were surprised to see a big castle. But what they ignored was that the castle belonged to a very scary monster. The latter terrified the villagers and ate all their food. The children entered the castle and found the monster sleeping. Finger observed a beautiful ring in the monster’s finger. So he put off this ring. Yet, what was amazing was that the monster became so small and short that the children were able to kill it. They entered and found a big treasure. They eventually became very happy and decided to return back home and live together in richness. .

Written by Hela Mna 4 M 2


A Butterfly

After raining it’s sunny,

So boys and girls are funny.

When they play they watch a butterfly,

There is a boy who draws,

A river which appears too.

Suddenly, the wind blew.

The butterfly flew.

The children turned to sky,

And they began to cry.

Written by Dina Akoubi 4 Math 2


I’m out of love

Please do not tell me to explain.

I decided to change

Because the real love existed

Only in legends and stories

You must forget me

Please give me my liberty.

Make me happy

And listen to John Webster

Who said:”woman to man is either a God or a wolf”

Do you think that it is true?

As you are a wolf or fire…

But now no one is able to dissolve an iceberg.

Written by Khatoui Ben Amara 4 SC 1


Golden Day

The sun shines

The bird flies

It’s a peaceful day

It’s a dream

When all denies crime

No war no cry

The sun shines

We must be fun

The bird flies

I feel it’s a golden day

Come… a wonderful day

Written by Monia Rajhi 4 SC EXP 1


why me alone, why me?

We were together, enjoying nature

Speaking about our future

We were as birds singing in the morning

We have the same feelings: flying in the sky of love

Now I am alone

I open my eyes seeking my love

Thinking about another

Forget me forever

She lets her past escape from north to south

My heart , don’t cry, let the fire

The sun will shine in your life

Now she is out of mind

We must live alone forever.

Written by Bahri Mazoughi 4 SC Exp 1


Come back

Won’t you please come back

Because I can’t forget you

I can’t live alone in this life

You are all my dream

Won’t you please come back

because I love you forever

to lose you now

to lose this good sensation

you left me crying

Won’t you please come back

because I miss you.

Written by Hamida Abdelli 4 SC EXP 1


My loving father

You were a sun

That clung to me every time

You were a strong love

That conquered my heart

You were my life’s torch

My brother my friend

What a loving father you were!

I get along with you

I miss your tenderness

I yearn for seeing you

I appeal for your tolerance

Written by Sami Dhahbi 4M2


War and peace

About war, we hear

And the tragedy we see

Darkness pervading the world

And we just say some words

From what we fear?

We are slaves. It’s clear!

Let’s refuse the mistake

And the decision we must take

When we say “No”

All the problems will go

Let’s sing for peace!

Our dreams will realize

One day, the world will sing

When the bird spreads its wings

Oppression will be destroyed

And a Sharon will cry

So sing with me

“Freedom is for us”.

 Written by Khadraoui Imen 4M2


Dear parents,

There is nothing more precious than your children and nothing more important than their happiness which couldn’t exist in lack of good health and total security from all kinds of threatening diseases. Humanity has known and is still knowing many mortal diseases which make it suffer for long ages such as measles which constitutes really a serious menace to the life of your dear children. Those words seem to be exaggerated but we could ensure that it’s no more than a sincere description or a neutral report of reality. After all, let’s have a look at statistics: many children die from measles every day; it’s a dangerous disease characterized with inflammation of the mucous membranes usually in the respiratory passages, fever skin eruption…

Yet, many children recover but still have complications. Here we mean to emphasize the important role of vaccination to reduce the chances of those complications. Just vaccinate your kids at the age of 9 months and at the age of 18 months to stop the risk of malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency which kill more than 1000 children a year. Just take the initiative to vaccinate your dear infant to avoid the risks of diahrrea.

Eventually, we could remind parents of the necessity of vaccination since it is the perfect way to save children and to offer them a safe life which is a basic and preliminary right.

 Written by Neila Kachroudi 7 Math1



To my mind, we are in a political war and the weapon is that word “globalization”

Many years ago, the world was cut into two parts; industrial and agricultural countries. The so-called developed countries want to govern the world that’s why they will use that term to kill our cultures and colonize our minds.

Let’s think why we kill our culture? I think it’s an economic reason. Since I like to be in a good situation, to wear new clothes, to eat delicious meals, and to drive a luxurious car ..but what is the price? The disappearance of ourselves?.

A stupid reason. I like to be poor, hungry but to feel happy.

I feel happy because my identity is Arabic, Islam is my religion and I share the heritage of my ancestors .

Finally, I want to advise all the western countries to forget about this disease.

Written by Bahri Mazoughi 4 SC 1


Toys Safety

In our days, parents are obliged to choose toys for their children especially before holidays. So this act has a lot of effects on children’s psychology. First, they’re means of entertainment and all the children love them. Second, they help intellectual and psychological growth. For instance, between the age of 2 and 3 children become very curious and their language starts to develop so they can enjoy playing with simple musical instrument or simple puzzle with large pieces. Finally, these toys can teach children to focus attention and to concentrate.

Written by Olfa Mejri 4 Sc1


Tips for producing a unified and coherent piece of writing

1) try to understand the theme or the topic.

2) Guide yourself with an outline.

3) In the introduction write the clear statement of the central idea_topic sentence.

4) Develop that first idea using details (facts / examples / additional explanations / statistics) to support it.

5) Revise your paragraph, eliminate some words, combine certain sentences, use transition words…

6) Check punctuation and spelling.

7) Respect layout and register.