section 6 1 choose a financial goal n.
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Unit 2- Budgeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 2- Budgeting

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Unit 2- Budgeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Section 6.1- Choose a Financial Goal. Unit 2- Budgeting . Section 6.1 Choose a financial goal. Goals: Identify your financial goals. Section 6.1 Choose a financial goal. Key Terms Budget. How to get what you want !.

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section 6 1 choose a financial goal1
Section 6.1 Choose a financial goal
  • Goals:
    • Identify your financial goals
how to get what you want
How to get what you want!
  • Most of the things you want in life require money & almost everything you do requires income.
  • Things you value most are worth working for.
  • How can you achieve more of what is important to you during your life span?
      • A BUDGET
what is a budget
What is a budget?
  • Budget- is a plan for dividing income among spending and saving options.
  • Budgets are based on short and long term financial goals.
  • The first step in budgeting is to consider the important goals you have set in your life-span plan.
how short and long term financial plans impact budgets
How Short and Long Term Financial Plans impact budgets!
  • Short term financial goals are things that can be achieved quickly, with limited planning and do not involve large amounts of spending.
    • i.e. $200 I-phone, $50 new shoes
  • Long term financial goals are always important parts of your life-span plan.
    • i.e. pay for college, buy a home, open a business
balancing short term spending with long term success
Balancing short term spending with long term success.
  • Controlling your short term spending is one of the most crucial elements to achieving your long term financial goals.

“Stand in your financial truth!”

  • The key is to create and follow a budget that allows you to enjoy yourself now and helps you achieve what you want most over your life- build savings into your budget!!!
  • To make a good budget you need to understand your life goals clearly.