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Regional Oceanography Affecting the NEPTUNE Array PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional Oceanography Affecting the NEPTUNE Array

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Regional Oceanography Affecting the NEPTUNE Array - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ken Denman School of Earth and Ocean Sciences & Ocean Networks Canada University of Victoria, BC, Canada Email: U. Victoria. Regional Oceanography Affecting the NEPTUNE Array. Winter/Summer Atmospheric Surface Pressure Patterns. http:// / climate.shtml.

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Presentation Transcript
Ken Denman

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences &

Ocean Networks Canada

University of Victoria, BC, Canada

U. Victoria

Regional Oceanography Affecting the NEPTUNE Array

INDEEP 24 April 14

winter summer atmospheric surface pressure patterns

Winter/SummerAtmospheric Surface Pressure Patterns

INDEEP 24 April 14

large scale surface currents

Large Scale Surface Currents



INDEEP 24 April 14

annual average surface no 3 concentrations mmoles n m 3 from the world ocean atlas
Annual average surface NO3 concentrations (mmoles-N m-3) from the World Ocean Atlas

From: Denman and Peña, 2000. In:The Changing Ocean Carbon Cycle, CUP.

INDEEP 24 April 14

mean seawifs surface chlorophyll 1997 2010
Mean SeaWiFS Surface Chlorophyll 1997-2010

INDEEP 24 April 14

oxygen on woce line p01 at 48 n

Oxygen on WOCE Line P01 at 48°N

INDEEP 24 April 14

northward flowing california undercurrent

Northward Flowing California Undercurrent

Over the slope200 - ~800 m

Core around 400 m

‘Old’ water- low O2, low pH- high DIC, high dissolved nutrients

Upwells in submarine canyons onto shelf during strong summerupwelling

Krassovski, 2008. MSc ThesisUniversity of Victoria

INDEEP 24 April 14

seasonal wind stress vanc is to baja
Seasonal Wind Stress – Vanc. Is. to Baja

Huyer, A., 1983. Coastal upwelling in the California Current system, Prog. Oceanogr., 12:259-284.

Arrows indicate direction of the wind and strength.

Shaded ocean areas indicate high wind speed.

INDEEP 24 April 14

upper water chlorophyll concentrations from satellite images
Upper Water Chlorophyll Concentrations from Satellite Images


Red indicates high chlorophyll concentrations on this colour scale

INDEEP 24 April 14

sea surface temperature anomalies c

Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (°C)





Weakening El Niño










La Niña

Strong El Niño

INDEEP 24 April 14

multiple stressors decreasing arag o 2

Multiple Stressors: Decreasing arag& O2

Feely et al. 2008. Science 320:1490-1492

Dissolved Oxygen at 125 m, south of La Pérouse Bank in water 143 m deep.

From: Crawford and Peña, 2013Atmosphere-Ocean, DOI:10.1080/07055900.2012.753028.

Deptharag = 1

INDEEP 24 April 14



INDEEP 24 April 14