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ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances™ Images Your Way PowerPoint Presentation
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ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances™ Images Your Way

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ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances™ Images Your Way - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances™ Images Your Way
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  1. ImageLinks RasterWare Appliances™ Images Your Way

  2. What is RasterWare™ Technology? Advanced software providing “on demand” processing and immediate delivery of custom imagery User specifies Area of Interest and final output specifications Non destructive, parameter driven, single resample creation and delivery of custom image products (i.e. orthos, mosaics, fusions, change detection, etc.) from original (raw) raster datasets Data products can be tiled, reprojected, resampled, resized, etc. Automated processing & turn-key solution -- installed as an intra or internet web based appliance Final product immediately delivered directly into the end users application

  3. Geospatial Product Generation Traditional Workflow Customer Requirement Collect & Load Content Satellite, Aerial, Radar, DEM, control Error Correction • Registration with ground control Initial Product Generation • Reformat & reproject data • Orthorectify, Tonal Balance • Each step requires resampling Final Processing & Formatting • Fusion, Mosaic, color enhancement, • each step requires resampling Output to Media Customer Loads into their System New Customer Requirement (Restart from the beginning) RasterWare Workflow Collect & Load Content Satellite, Aerial, Radar, DEM, control, vectors, error correction (registration if required) and GeoTIFF’s Stage to RasterWare Appliance • Native format support & projection independence • n-band radiometry support, Total Balancing, Histogram matching • Automated, model based Orthorectification with terrain correction • Reproject, Resample, Resize • Fusion (cross sensor products), Change Detection, Mosaicking • Non-destructive, parameter driven processing (single resampling) from native data to final product • Produces & delivers data bundles (imagery, elevation, vectors, etc) for the user specified AOI • Server based , scaleable, multiprocessor architecture • Web interface & XML API’s • Final product delivered directly into user application Multiple Customer Requirements Satisfied Immediately “on demand”

  4. Typical Implementation Environments A network which serves many users with disparate needs with a common set of data. The disparate requirements tend to be (a) projection/datum related or (b) custom product generation (change detection, mosaic, band selection, fusion, etc.) An application where a higher frequency of updated imagery would be beneficial such as agriculture or environmental monitoring - eliminates pre-generating products and enables more change detection options Workstation based analysis where users require “data bundles” (imagery, elevation, tin, vectors, etc.) and not just a picture  A production system to more efficiently generate products

  5. RasterWare Appliances Family RasterPro™ Series - Entry Level “process and delivery” systems Active Archive™ DP Series - mid-level, full-functionality raster data storage, delivery and management appliance Active Archive™ BC Series - high-end, full-functionality raster data storage, delivery and management system with fully scaleable “supercomputing” Beowulf cluster technology.

  6. RasterPro™ Series Dual processors, RAM Base 80 GB storage (expandable up to 720GB) 9x hot-swap drive bays Network interface 10/100Mbps comm port Includes all hardware, system software and ImageLinks RasterWare software

  7. Active Archive™ DP Series Dual processors, RAM 1.2 Terabytes IDE Level 5 RAID Storage (expandable up to 4.8 Terabytes) Internal monitor and keyboard for system administration Network interface 10/100Mbps comm port Uninterruptible Power Supply Available in either 33 or 52-inch roll-away cabinets Includes all hardware, system software and ImageLinks RasterWare software

  8. Active Archive™ BC Series Beowulf Cluster (4-nodes, 8-processors) w/ ethernet switch (expandable up to 16-nodes, 32-processors) 1.2 Terabytes IDE Level 5 RAID Storage (expandable up to 4.8 Terabytes) Internal monitor and keyboard for system administration Network 10/100Mbps comm port Uninterruptible Power Supply Available in either 33 or 52-inch roll-away cabinets Includes all hardware, system software and ImageLinks RasterWare software

  9. Raster Data Content Examples • Post Processed Products (e.g. Orthos, DEM, DRG, DOQQ, etc.) • System corrected imagery processed with ImageLinks error correction metadata • Imagery collected with accurate ephemeris data (e.g. CitiPix, IKONOS, L7, QuickBird, etc.)


  11. Default client interface solution installed with every RasterWare Appliance Shows the full functionality of the RasterWare technology Starting point for the customization of a new interface tailored to the individual user needs Sample Solution

  12. ArcIMS solutions are from PixSell, Inc. – an industry leader in the customization of ArcIMS Extends the capabilities of ArcIMS systems to be able to serve dynamically value-added products from raw data sources PixSell ArcIMS Solution

  13. Application solutions for the IRA don’t have to be web-based They can also be a client-side program or an extension to an application ArcView extension can be customizable to any IRA application solution. ArcView Extension

  14. Digital Raster Graphics (DRG) at a variety of scales (1:20K, 1:24K, 1:25K, 1:30K, 1:100K, 1:250K) are used as base maps for image registration This solution provides paperless maps on demand to production personnel for use in the image registration process. DRG Solution

  15. Uses Landsat “footprints” as the AOI for product identification and data retrieval Facilitates selecting DRGs, DOQs, or other basemaps for use in the registration process. Records previously used or rejected maps to expedite processing. Landsat Path/Row Solution

  16. An all-inclusive aerial-management system. Currently customized for the Airborne Data Systems (ADS) cameras and CitiPix products. Allows for interactive QA/QC, image selection or rejection, and output definition. Products include, “on-the-fly” creation of individual orthos or seamless tonally-balanced mosaics. Aerial Solution

  17. An airborne-hyperspectral data management and delivery system. Currently supports GER, PHILLS, Hymap, and Probe. Products include, “on-the-fly” creation of n-band orthos, copies of the “raw data, and seamless tonally-balanced mosaics. Hyperspectral Solution

  18. is dedicated to giving access to information about commercially available imagery to the public Hosted in Washington DC and is able to query the IRA in Melbourne, FL and in turn pull the browse imagery from EDC in Sioux Falls, SD. Earth-Info Distributive Site

  19. Provides methods to create fast and accurate Image Maps from satellite or aerial imagery and digitized maps. Targeted to the government for using National Technical Means (NTM) data such as ADRG, CADRG, CIB and NITF. OSSIM Solution

  20. RASTERWARE™ ENGINE Middle Tier Acts as a “request broker” that translates User Interface requests to software requests Handles load balancing and service management Communicates with User Interface via a standard http POST or an XML-formatted request

  21. BOTTOM TIER DBMS IMAGE PROCESSING ENGINES Bottom Tier EMET, Enhanced Multi-Image Exploitation Tool OSSIM, Open Source Software Image Map ImgLnk, ImageLinks Proprietary

  22. Multiple RasterWare databases residing on an Intranet/Internet can be searched simultaneously when a user request is placed. Data sets from disparate IRAs can be merged to produce composite geo-spatial products. CLIENT WORKSTATION INTERNET A B IMAGELINKS Distributive Querying

  23. Arc/Info ASCII Grid Arc/Info Binary Grid CEOS (Spot for instance) First Generation USGS DOQ New Labeled USGS DOQ Military Elevation Data Eosat Fast Format ESRI .hdr Labeled Envisat Image Product FITS Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) General Raster (BIL / BIP / BSQ) TIFF / GeoTIFF Erdas Imagine .hfa PCI .aux Labeled Atlantis HKV Image Atlantis MFF JPEG JFIF Probe HyMap PHILLS Supported Raster Data Import Formats • Portable Network Graphics • Netpbm (.ppm,.pgm) • Japanese DEM (.mem) • USGS SDTS DEM • DTED • SAR CEOS • Arc Digitized Raster (ADRG) • Chip Chunk Format (CCF) • Control Image Base (CIB) • Compressed Arc Digitized Raster (CADRG) • National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) • Landsat TM/ETM+ • SPOT 2, 3, 4 • IRS-1C/IRS-1D • IKONOS II • Radarsat • ADAR 5000 • Altaphoto Citipix (ITIFF) • QuickBird

  24. General Raster (BIL, BIP, BSQ) SunRaster MrSid Chip Chunk Format (CCF) JPEG with jgw GeoTiff Tiff with tfw 10+ different compressed/uncompressed versions of TIFF Supported Raster Data Output Formats

  25. Arc Shapefiles (SHP) MapInfo (MIF/MID) AutoCAD (DWG/DXF) Design Files (DGN) Vector Data Input/Output Formats

  26. Additional Features Dynamic terrain-correction using internal elevation libraries User Interfaces communicate via HTTP posts or XML requests Support for over 200 different projections and datums Includes ImageLinks Virtual Sensor™ for cross-sensor processing Final Image Product can be delivered directly into user application, by FTP or by media (CDs, hard drives, tape, etc.) Supports distributed architecture OGC Compliant

  27. Functional Demonstration Specify Area of Interest (AOI) • Map • Gazetteer • Coordinates

  28. Functional Demonstration Search Results

  29. Functional Demonstration Customize & Order Product User has control over: • File Format • Additional Layers • Product Resampling • Map Projections • Datums

  30. Functional Demonstration Product Preview Time/Size Estimate provided User Initiates Processing

  31. Notification of product generation within minutes Email notification or directly loaded in user application when Processing Complete Delivered with metadata and geospatial tags Functional Demonstration

  32. Example Image Products Delivered via RasterWare™ Technology Change Detection

  33. Example Image Product Delivered via RasterWare™ Technology Mosaic Products

  34. Fused Products

  35. Image Products Delivered via RasterWare™ Fused Product via ImageLinks Virtual Sensor™ Technology Map Image

  36. Value Propositions • SAVES TIME • Automated high performance image processing & delivery Centralized computing power No more waiting for someone to generate a product and ship to you • SAVES MONEY • Automated delivery for specific end user application Removes manual labor Multiple applications from raw data sets Eliminates additional data costs • Efficient large data storage Opens onsite storage space Save money for additional computing space and power

  37. Value Propositions • MAKES MONEY • Multiple users have simultaneous access from one or more locations Any number of users from anywhere Large data sets available for viewing and production from anywhere • INCREASES COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • Instantaneous delivery to multiple users via the Web Products delivered when, where and how you need them • Customer Service Client access to imagery as processed Faster delivery • Customizable user interface Quicker analysis leads to quicker solutions

  38. Summary • Appliance approach – leverages your current investment in hardware & software • Increases efficiency and productivity by rapid delivery of customized image product for just the specified Area of Interest (AOI) • First generation, automated, “on-the-fly” processing delivers: • Orthos, Mosaics , Fusions, Blends, Change Detection, etc. • Images can be Reprojected, Resampled, Resized, Tiled, and output in multiple formats • Designed to effectively manage and process terabytes of raster and vector data. • Powerful, scalable image processing capability increasing efficiencies and productivity