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IT Services billing

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IT Services billing
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IT Services billing

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  1. IT Services billing The challenge

  2. IT Services billing • The challenge • From the service provider viewpoint • Management of services with increasing requirements for flexibility in contracts • Customers want customised offers and solutions • The more customised a service offer is, less standardized controls are possible • How to make money from it?

  3. IT Services billing • The challenge • From the customer viewpoint • Hard to keep track of services really being delivered, as well quality and effectiveness of services • What is/Is it fair what I’m paying for? • Can’t have surprises about how much to pay • Can really trust in the service provider?

  4. IT Services billing • A hypothetical scenario • Not simple, but not the more complex (yes, there are more complex scenarios) • Several rules to be handled • Suppose the following contract: How to turn it into $

  5. Contract Technician 1 Ticket 149 Local: Service-desk 2 Activity: Phone support. 3hs Activity: Phone support. 3hs 3 Technician 2 Ticket 123 Local: Site A 1 Warning 5 hours allowance Reached: 1 addtl hr charged Activity: On-site repair. 3hs Billing DB Warning to customer Activity: Preventive maint. 2hs 5 Technician 3 Ticket 232 Local: Site B / Night shift 4 Activity: On-site repair. 3hs

  6. What-if’s

  7. Warning to customer The customer: What if the 525.00 invoice is out of budget? Maybe caused by unexpected incidents.. Service manager can transfer debts to next term, like in a credit card balance It is affordable now This item is to be charged in next invoice

  8. The customer: What if the customer does not agree to pay for all activities? Maybe unsatisfactory service or other reason.. Service manager can cancel activities to be debited or give the customer a currency credit to next term This can be handled before the actual invoice is generated. Customer can approve the balance before billing takes place

  9. How to avoid things going wrong in IT services billing?

  10. How to avoid things going wrong? • Customer is not satisfied with the services or does not agree to service that is being charged • Qualitorhelp has 2 resources that are driven to manage quality assurance: satisfaction surveys and ticket closing confirmation. This enables to handle satisfaction/complaints issues before the invoice presentation moment. • Customer can not pay an invoice above estimates • There are functions to inquiry and control balance of each contract and each customer. Service managers can pro-actively negogiate oncoming services based on actual status of balance • Customer pays for, but some times does not consume services • This might arise an impression that the service is not necessary anymore. Qualitor has functions that allow to control “due but not deliverd services” according to contracts conditions.

  11. IT Services billing How have you been doing it without Qualitorhelp?