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Capturing Experience and Spreading the News

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Capturing Experience and Spreading the News - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capturing Experience and Spreading the News. 17 th December 2013. Edinburgh Step Down . Cairdean : Procurement exercise resulted in initial 20 places provided in partnership with independent care home provider from October 2013

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Presentation Transcript
edinburgh step down
Edinburgh Step Down
  • Cairdean: Procurement exercise resulted in initial 20 places provided in partnership with independent care home provider from October 2013
  • Silverlea: City of Edinburgh Council care home provision 22 places: phased admission started December 2013
  • Priority: people who may otherwise move a to
  • care home directly from hospital
  • Initial phase highlights significant demand for the service
working with partners
Working with partners
  • Providers involved in service specification development
  • Procurement dialogue - improve / agree specification
  • Project team from Council and NHS: shared challenges and opportunities
engagement with partners
Engagement with Partners
  • Communication and Engagement Plan – key stakeholders at senior level +
  • NHS Lothian Hospital staff
  • Community Based Service
  • Approx. 50 briefings, written material circulated before start date.
  • Priorities: criteria and processes, listening to stakeholders, promoting the concept
peoples stories are vital
Peoples stories are vital
  • Can inform the decision of people thinking about using the service.
  • Can inform referrers: where is step down the best option for the person?
  • Capturing these are essential to evaluation
  • Person in step down needs: opportunity to safely express feelings and opinions
  • Audience needs: video, written, web formats
people s stories october 2013
People’s stories October 2013
  • Chris is 95 and was admitted to hospital in early August after a fall at home. She moved to step down in October.
  • She has osteoporosis, pain in her knees and has problems with her memory.
people s stories october 20131
People’s stories October 2013

can you tell me how you’ve found your time here?

  • I’m not sure how long I’ve been here as I don’t know what the date is. I used to get the paper (The Times) every day and do the crosswords, since I’ve been in hospital I’ve never had a paper. My father did crosswords and I used to sit on his knee when I was little, ever since then I’ve loved them that’s 95 years.
  • I’ve enjoyed being here, It’s very comfortable here, much nicer than the last place (I can’t remember where that was), I’d be quite happy to stay though I know that’s not how it works. It doesn’t feel like a hospital but there are still people here trying to get me to do exercises! I’ve never really done exercises and I’m not going to start now.
  • I’m going home next week with the therapists to see how I get on, I’m worried about being lonely at home, especially at night. I don’t really join in much here but I like the company and knowing it’s there.
people s stories november 2013
People’s stories November 2013
  • John is 85, his wife passed away at the beginning of September
  • He was admitted to the hospital at the end of September following an acute MI (heart attack) and required a femoral embolectomy (removal of a clot from his leg) a few weeks later.
  • He moved to step down on 12 November 2013.
  • Emotional Touchpoints Interview
people s stories november 20131
People’s stories November 2013

Could you describe how you’ve felt during your stay here?


This place is amazing, out of this world, I never knew anywhere like this existed. I’ve got my own room and the set up is marvellous. The size of this place is good, not too big and it’s homely. The staff are very friendly, should get a medal!

people s stories 6 november
People’s stories 6 November

How did you feel about coming to Step Down?


I didn’t get much information and the doctor said she didn’t know much but that it was a new service and it would be good for me. Now I’m here I’d definitely rather be here than hospital.

people s stories november 20132
People’s stories November 2013

How has Step Down made a difference to you John?

Made me more RELAXED

I’ve got a freedom here that you wouldn’t get in the hospital but I’m still getting my therapy. I’m building my energy levels back up and I’m going home next week with the therapists to see how I get on. It will be a big thing going home but I’m more confident now. Everything is more rushed in hospital , whereas here you have time.