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Unnatural link removal service PowerPoint Presentation
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Unnatural link removal service

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Unnatural link removal service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unnatural link removal service

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  1. How to Ignore Being Penalized or Banned By the Search Engines

  2. As one of the SEO experts in India, all you’re thinking is to make search engine notice your effort and place you highly in their results. But more often than not, your wait for acquiring higher SERPs looks endless. In hurry, don’t opt for the wrong way for better ranking. You must make the search engines happy rather fooling them. Search engines have stiffened their quality-control procedure, and in the Post-Panda scenario, you have to really cautious to cross the limit. There are a few things you shouldn’t do to ignore being punished by the search engines. Don’t Misguide the Visitors: Keep in mind that your business is for the people, so you’ve to make it responsive for the search engines. Don’t take up hiding, that’s presenting diverse URLs or content to users & search engines. A standard hiding practice is displaying a page of HTML text to search engines, while visitors are shown a page of pictures. Another crucial point worth discussing here is that you should never employ keywords in Meta tags, which aren’t associated to your website’s content. If you’ve a page on infant outfit, then don’t add Meta tags with famous keywords to allure visitors.

  3. Search Engines Aren’t Fools: Don’t think that you can get away with black-hat methods and search engines won’t notice: • Hidden links • Sneaky redirects • Hidden text • Cloaking Say “NO” to Keyword Stuffing: Search engines these days’ looks to be very strict on spammer. Therefore, you should stay away from repeating the same keywords in a line anywhere on your page. This will upset the search engines, and you may be penalized or even banned. So, don’t employ lists pr paragraphs to of keywords, or veil them in tags. Not just doing this will distract the users from your website, but you website’s ranking will suffer as well. Avoid Duplicate Content: With regular search engine updates, duplicate content could be your biggest headache. So, if you’ve several pages, domains or sub-domains with huge amount of replicated content, then you’re summoning to the search engines to punish you.

  4. Link Spamming Should Be Ignored: Search engines don’t favor link farms at all. They wish quality links rather than quantity. Taking part in link spamming can badly impact your website’s ranking. Avoid linking to influence ranking or links from inferior & non relevant sites. Conclusion: The reality is SEO requires time, so you need to adjust your anticipations. If an SEO company in India is claiming to give you overnight result, please stay away from such offerings. There are absolutely no short cuts in this industry. Time, effort and dedication are what bring you success. Find most professional yet affordable SEO services India at RankGators! We offer the most authentic approach to please the search engine and get the best ranking possible for your site. For any help, please visit us at