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True Bulk SMS

Best Bulk SMS Gateway service in India. Cheap SMS Marketing and quick treaty SMS . Send Bulk SMS online anywhare and anytime in india at a very lowest price.

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True Bulk SMS

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  1. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  2. http://www.truebulksms.com/ Bulk SMS Bulk Email Transactional SMS Short Code Our Feature Promotional SMS Long Code API SMS IVR Voice SMS

  3. Bulk SMS

  4. Bulk SMS Your desire can get wings of perfection via the assistance of low-priced bulk SMS service benefits. SMS is a unique and effective way for promoting a company or business organization, its products, services, events as well as the marketing campaigns via Short Message Service. Today, these Bulk SMS India services are much in demand among people as they are providing unique brand awareness services at highly affordable SMS service benefits. and just 'one' click and it increases the consumer interests as well as revenues for your firm http://www.truebulksms.com/

  5. Bulk Email

  6. Bulk Email Benefits of Bulk Email Services Why does bulk email service present such a huge benefit over other customary forms of promotions? Why does it have better ROI (Return On Investment) and CEM (Customer Engagement Metrics) than other promotion techniques? Why would you waste your time and resources to establish a bulk email promotion program at all?In this article, we will look at the top benefits of bulk email in India to businesses compared to other types of promotions. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  7. Transactional SMS

  8. Transactional SMS Transactional SMS are messages which are sent to your customers to pass on information necessary for using your product or transactional SMS service. A transactional message conforms to one of your approved Transactional message templates. Transactional SMS in India are used by many companies for promotion and other business related purposes like marketing . Transactional SMS In India is therefore easily accessible through True Bulk SMS who are the leading provider. Transactional SMS in India through their equipped facilities are able to provide services throughout the country smoothly. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  9. Promotional SMS

  10. Promotional SMS Promotional SMS are the mostly used convenient means of promotion. Promotional SMS refers to those SMS which are designed to specifically promote a company, product or a service to a given target group. The main use of promotional SMS is to aid in marketing. Promotional SMS marketing has served as the best marketing media because all the promotional content reaches the targeted people. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  11. API SMS

  12. API SMS An API SMS in Delhi (application programming interface) allows one bit of programming to use info accessible to or usefulness of an alternate. API SMS in India furnishes a conventional, automatic scheme for entering an asset – it is an organized technique of uncovering purpose. Consequently API SMS in Mumbai is used for sending bulk SMS to every subscriber within seconds. API SMS in Delhi is a key factor for better framework architectures, and can be used for different purposes. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  13. Voice SMS

  14. Voice SMS Flexible platform With Voice SMS in Mumbai, users can either send a few Voice SMS to their targeted audience or send hundreds of them to the whole list. A great message marketing system makes it simpler to customize SMS campaigns to the requirement of the subscribers. Business owners can create a quick industry update or a promotional message, according to what they need. In addition, Voice SMS service easily merges with other online promotion campaigns. Personalization Instead of ordinary short message or pray and spray email promotion campaign, Voice SMS in India can be designed to offer a personalized SMS that catches the attention of the recipient. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  15. IVR

  16. IVR IVR services in India are communication techniques through which computers are able to identify various touch tones by using normal phone calls. In addition, IVR services help an individual to get linked to the database so that he/she can retrieve or enter the required info from it. The IVR services in Mumbai attach clients to a pre-recorded audio message which includes details about how the individual should continue with the call.IVR services in Delhi http://www.truebulksms.com/

  17. Long Code

  18. Long Code Long Code Services in Mumbai-True Bulk SMS provides Long code services in Mumbai. Long code services provide numbers which are easy to remember and can be recollected on your finger tips. After getting long code number provided by our Long code services in Mumbai you can connect to your peers or customers anywhere and everywhere. Long code services in Mumbai enable you to develop two-way gateway which can fulfill all your needs. These long codes are not specific to the country, in fact these numbers offered by our long code services helps you to amplify your business to great extent globally. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  19. Short Code

  20. Short Code Moving on, short code services in Mumbai are helpful for those trying get more information from clients. Short code services in Mumbai and other places are great marketing tools. Companies like Prime SMS Marketing gives good short code services in Mumbai. It is not hard to find short code services in Mumbai, because now they are shorter numbers than phone numbers. Another good company that provides short code services in India http://www.truebulksms.com/

  21. About Us http://www.truebulksms.com/ The work we do tells more about us With the number of mobile phones and internet users increasing, firms are designing new plans to reach out to their customers and staff. With over 6 billion people using phones, 350 million peoples using computers and online users having at least 1 billion pages to select from on the web, there is no limit to consumer choice today.With all these communication and promotional campaigns going on, the market is becoming quite competitive today and consumers are highly likely not to find your business. However, we at True Bulk SMS service can help your organization to utilize its full potential. We offer simple, fast and easy to use SMS solution for all types of businesses.At True Bulk SMS we offer targeted bulk short messages services to assist your organization reach out to the target audience effectively. We serve a wide range of clientele comprising of local and global firms and offer support via transactional as well as promotional SMS services. Our main aim as a bulk SMS service company is to connect you to your audience and maintain communication via carefully drafted texts that focus on your offerings.Benefits Offered By True Bulk SMSWith our Bulk SMS plan, we can offer you the following benefits that can make you the leader in your industry.

  22. About Us http://www.truebulksms.com/ Instantaneous SMS – Your staff and clients receives your message within seconds. For instance, you can send bulk SMS to customers informing them about your new product.Saleable – You are able to send unlimited number of SMS to any person you want.High open rate – You get to enjoy the benefit of messages being opened and read. Compared to email, messages are 4 times more likely to be opened and read by recipient.Reliability – You don’t need to worry about any spam filter with our bulk SMS. You are assured of 100% delivery to your intended audience.Short and crisp – Our service offers a brief but powerful overview of your organization to your clients. This is cheaper and easier than using long email campaigns.Unlimited market potential – With th`e number of computers and phones increasing, your target audience should be expanding. The only way to tap into this world is via our bulk SMS services.With our expertise and cutting edge technological tools, we are one of the best bulk short messages services providers in the country and we can help you to reach your audience and get better conversion rate to your organization. Our main tools as service providers to get to your clients include automating notifications, verification as well as promotional offers. With carefully charted out and focused messaging technique, we can reach to your client base and make sure that your SMS, updates and offering are communicated immediately.Why Hire True Bulk SMS1. We provide bulk SMS services at a very competitive price 2. Well have good control panels complete with full user interface3. Instant SMS delivery characteristic for better and faster message delivery4. Immediately activation when you buy our account5. Register as many recipients as you want 6. Wide coverage to reach all parts of your target audience7. Round the clock customer support system8. Easy, reliable as well as fast to use services.

  23. http://www.truebulksms.com/

  24. http://www.truebulksms.com/ Address AL-7, Jail Road, Near Tilak Nagar Metro Station, Hari Nagar, New Delhi, 64 Contact No. +91-9718556660 /   +91-9540626277 Email info@truebulksms.com

  25. http://www.truebulksms.com/

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