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student midwives and the use of technology n.
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Student midwives and the use of technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Student midwives and the use of technology

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Student midwives and the use of technology
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Student midwives and the use of technology

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  1. Student midwives and the use of technology Dr Kenda Crozier

  2. Previous research • Previous research into midwifery use of technology in labour wards identified 3 ways of working with technology • Bureaucratic competence • Classical Professional competence • New Professional competence

  3. Curriculum design • Our midwifery curriculum aims to ensure that we develop midwives who work in partnership with women and who use technology in an appropriate way.

  4. Use of technology in learning and teaching • Blackboard interface • On line directed learning activities • Podcasts

  5. Podcasts • Episode 1 • Title: Writing for Assignments • Presenters: Jayne Randall and Kenda Crozier • Abstract: Lectures may have pointed you in the right direction, you may have done your research and preparation, but then the blank piece of paper or screen is in front of you and you can’t think what to say... • Episode 2 • Title: Administration of Medicines • Presenter: Jayne Randall • Abstract: Today I’ll be discussing the administration of medicines and offering some key issues for consideration... • Episode 3 • Title: Reflection and Reflective Practice • Presenter: Judy Barker • Abstract: Today I'm going to talk about reflection and reflective practice - you know that writing that forms a component of your practice outcomes, your portfolio and your assignments. And whenever you tell your academic advisor something interesting they may suggest now go away and reflect on that. The aims of this podcast are to cover the who, what, where, when, why and how of reflection..

  6. Technology for information Internet as a source of information

  7. Technology for communication Communication Staying in touch Social networking

  8. Technology in placement • In practice settings technology is used to record data, order tests. • BUT they do not have their own log on details and can only do this under supervision using the mentor’s log in. • GP surgeries and hospitals have different systems.

  9. Technology for learning support • To support their learning • Use of netbooks • Use of voice recorders for some learning difficulties • Phones with internet access apps and calculators • Tablets with learning materials downloaded – ebooks, resources from RCOG/NICE/RCM, on line learning tools

  10. Creative ideas • Public health learning experience • Students presented a range of ideas for interventions to improve public health • Examples – parenthood education targeted at fathers – a daddy app • On line diary for pregnant women

  11. What we need to teach • Electronic search skills – use of databases, creation of personal libraries with tools like Endnote or Reference manager • Professional behaviour relating to technology – responsible social networking and communication • Use of appropriate sources that can be helpful in communicating with women • Research is needed into the use of technology in practice to contribute to information giving

  12. What we need to learn • Students are savvy consumers and users of technology • They understand how our clients use technology in everyday life • Use their creative energies to develop innovative services