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Internet and E-Commerce PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet and E-Commerce

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Internet and E-Commerce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet and E-Commerce. History of the Internet. Components of the Internet. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Transport-layer protocol that most Internet applications use with IP Backbone One of the Internet’s high-speed, long-distance communications links Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

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Internet and E-Commerce

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    1. Internet and E-Commerce

    2. History of the Internet

    3. Components of the Internet • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) • Transport-layer protocol that most Internet applications use with IP • Backbone • One of the Internet’s high-speed, long-distance communications links • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) • An assigned address on the Internet for each computer

    4. Domain Name System • IP addresses are difficult to remember and use • With DNS, users can employ alphanumeric names that are easy to remember, such as

    5. Domain Name System (Contd.) • .com (for commercial businesses) • .org (for nonprofit organizations) • .edu (for educational institutions) • .gov (for the U.S. government) • .mil (for the U.S. military) • .net (for networks) • .int (for international entities)

    6. Domain Name System (Contd.) • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) • Responsible for managing IP addresses and Internet domain names • Has authority to resolve domain name disputes • Cyber-squatters • Register domain names in the hope of selling them to corporations or people

    7. Uniform Resource Locators • A string of characters associated with a specific information resource, such as,, and so on • Many URLs relate to Web access via HTTP, but note that URLs also apply to many other Internet protocols and information resources • Instead of “http,” the first part of a URL could include “ftp” for File Transfer Protocol, “news” for Usenet news, or other Internet resource types

    8. Uniform Resource Locators (Contd.)

    9. How the Internet Works?

    10. Internet Open Issues • The Internet has been accompanied by a host of economic and social policy questions: • Should online sales be taxed? • Should voice services that use Internet telephony (VoIP) be regulated and taxed, like other more traditional services? • How might a major Internet outage or cyberterrorist attack affect nations economically?

    11. Internet Open Issues (Contd.) • Some countries restrict or prohibit Internet access for political or religious reasons • Whose laws should apply, and how should they apply to a network that transcends national boundaries? • In what ways will the Internet intersect with politics? • What are the ramifications of the international digital divide, in which some countries have widespread Internet access and computing resources, and others have limited resources?

    12. Case Study: The 2014 Leak Scandal • Source of pictures • iCloud • Security flaw • Find My iPhone • How? • The application allows users to input password as many times as they want • The hacker(s) used “brute force” password hacking • Results • Private pictures from at least 21 celebrity, hundreds of pictures, more than 500MB in size total (and still growing), are now spread on the Internet

    13. Internet Application

    14. The World Wide Web • Collection of tens of millions of server computers that work together as one in an Internet • Hyperlink • Highlighted text or graphics in a Web document that, when clicked, opens a new Web page • Web browser • Web client software such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome used to view Web pages

    15. The World Wide Web (Contd.) • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) • Standard page description language for Web pages • HTML tags • Let the browser know how to format text • Extensible Markup Language (XML) • Markup language for Web documents containing structured information • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) • File or portion of an HTML file that defines the visual appearance of content in a Web page

    16. Web Programming Languages • Java • HTML5 • Other platforms • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) • Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) • Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, IBM Worklight

    17. Sample HTML5 Websites • The Wilderness Downtown • • Heart of the Attic • • Three Dreams of Black • • Enjoy Your Privacy • • Google Play Music Tour • Source:

    18. Content Management Systems • An emerging technology to help customizing web sites • Joomla • Wordpress • Drupal

    19. Content Management Systems (Contd.)

    20. Internet and Web Applications • Search engines and Web research • Search engines • Have become important to businesses as a tool to drive visitors to the business’ Web site • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a valuable marketing tool • Real-time search will be a future for search engines

    21. Sample Services from Google

    22. E-Mail • Text messages • Sound, images & videos • Files

    23. Instant Messaging • Online, real-time communication between two or more people who are connected to the Internet • Can share files and other activities

    24. Expressions ;-) ;-( :-# :-D :-0 :-@ :-& orz Abbreviations AFK BRB BTW IMHO LOL OIC TY OMGWTFBYOBBQ InW Instant Expressions and Abbreviations

    25. Leet Language • Also known as “leetspeak” • It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace letters. • 1f u c4n r34d th1s u r3411y n33d t0 g37 141d

    26. Internet Phone and Videoconferencing Services • Internet phone service • Relatively inexpensive, especially for international calls • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology • Network managers can route phone calls and fax transmissions over the same network they use for data • Internet videoconferencing • Supports both voice and visual communications

    27. Skype

    28. Google Hangout

    29. Social Networks • Facebook, Google+ • Social networking platform • Social application • Authentication system • Media sharing • PR, CRM & Advertising • Twitter • News sharing • PR, CRM & Advertising

    30. Facebook

    31. Google+

    32. Twitter

    33. Age Distribution on Social Network Source: Google Ad Planner (2010)

    34. Media Sharing • YouTube • Video sharing • Marketing • Instagram, Flickr, Shutterfly • Photo sharing • Getty Images, Shutterstock • Photo stocking

    35. YouTube

    36. Flickr

    37. Shutterstock

    38. File Sharing • Allow people to share files in P2P mod • Bittorent

    39. Bittorent

    40. Social Bookmarking • Purpose • To provide a view of the most popular Web sites, videos, blog articles, or other Web content at any given moment • Popular social bookmarking sites • • Digg


    42. Digg

    43. Web Auctions • Web auction • A way to connect buyers and sellers • eBay • Popular auction site • Easy to use and includes thousands of products and services in many categories • Auction sites • Cannot always determine whether the people and companies listing products and services are legitimate

    44. eBay

    45. Music, Radio, Video, and TV on the Internet • Radio broadcasts are now available on the Internet • Video and TV are also becoming available • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) protocol • Used to put TV programming on the Internet

    46. Office on the Web • Internet office • Web site that contains files, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, an appointment calendar, and more • Allows your desktop computer, phone books, appointment schedulers, and other important information to be with you wherever you are