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Records Retirement

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Records Retirement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Records Retirement
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  1. Records Retirement

  2. When to Retire Records • Decision best made on individual needs of your office • Assess: • Access frequency • Convenience value of records on hand • Weigh against: • Personnel time • Space costs

  3. Preparing Records for Retirement • 1st and most important step • Organize • Screen records and remove extra copies (reference material, duplicate copies) • Place in manila or accordion folders • Label each file folder • Place files in the box in their proper order

  4. Ordering and Receiving Boxes • To retire records to the Records Center you must use Records Center Boxes, labels and transmittals • Send email to • (shipping department at SCC bookstore) • Delivery or pick up • These boxes are intended only for Records Center storage. Boxes for moving can be obtained from facilities

  5. Box Particulars • Assembly instructions are provided with the boxes • Approx. 15” of letter-size material fit in one box • (2 boxes will fit one letter-size file drawer) • Approx. 12” of legal-size material fit in one box • (2 ½ boxes will fit one legal-size file drawer

  6. Boxing Records for Shipment • Boxes must be labeled and barcoded • Can consist of one or more record series • (same disposal date and type i.e. archival, essential) • Boxes do not have to be full to be retired to state records storage facility

  7. General Rules for Packing Boxes • Preserve existing arrangement of files • Boxes designed to hold 35 pounds • Lid must close completely • Leave 1” of free space in box • Leave 4” of free space if you anticipate the volume to increase in the box (additional files) • Legal-size document face towards the right side of box • Letter-size documents face toward the front of the box (label end) • DO NOT PUT HANGING FILE FOLDERS INTO BOXES

  8. Retention Schedule • General Schedules for Washington State and Community Technical College • Use the retention schedule to determine record series codes and retention periods • Only retire or archive records that are original documents or your department is responsible for the maintenance of the record(s) • original travel documents – Financial Services

  9. Record Storage Content List • The Records Center recommends a box content list be completed for retired files • For each box complete a Records Storage Content form • Forms will not be accepted without a record series code and disposal date. • Note: Disposal dates are to be calculated from the date of the document, not the date that you retire or archive the record

  10. Final Steps • Email your completed Record Storage Content form to the Records Retention Officer • Records Officer will assign numbers to the forms and print them out in triplicate. You will be sent two copies of the form (pink and yellow ) • Records Officer will prepare the barcodes and box labels

  11. Labeling the Boxes • Place the box label in the designated area on the front of the box • Tape the yellow copy of the records list to the inside of the lid • Double check the box label number and the bar code number on the yellow form match • Retain the pink copy for your records • Send email to Records Officer when complete to schedule a pick up time