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Community Connections Recommendations

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Community Connections Recommendations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Connections Recommendations . Delivered by the EMOD Cohort of 2007 to Dr. Jane Rosser July 28, 2007. Agenda. Findings from the June 29 Community Connections Retreat Recommendations for Action Next Steps for Community Connections Questions Feedback. Findings .

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community connections recommendations

Community Connections Recommendations

Delivered by the EMOD Cohort of 2007

to Dr. Jane Rosser

July 28, 2007

  • Findings from the June 29 Community Connections Retreat
  • Recommendations for Action
  • Next Steps for Community Connections
  • Questions
  • Feedback
  • General observations
    • Group dynamics
      • Positive energy
      • Two dominant categories: Close Knit and Unattached
      • Potential for separation between university and community
      • Positive language
    • Power & leadership
      • Trust in Jane Rosser
      • United Way
      • “Pockets” of Power
findings cont
Findings (cont.)
    • Not represented
      • Business, Government, Student Groups
      • End users of community services
      • Racial diversity
      • Transparent financial resources
      • Timelines or action items
  • Themes
    • Desire for structure, goals and leadership
    • Physical space
    • Increased awareness
    • Central database
    • Shared definition of community
    • Connection to T&P process
    • Concerns
      • Funding
      • Abstract nature of the group

System Map – Open Systems View












The Garden Metaphor for Community Connections

  • Weisbord’s Six Box Model
  • Ideas generated by Community Connections

Source: Weisbord, M.R. (1976) Group and Organization Studies.

weisbord s six box model
Weisbord’s Six Box Model
  • Open System Model for organizations focusing on what is and what should be…
    • Purpose
    • Leadership
    • Structure
    • Recognition
    • Relationships
    • Helpful Mechanisms
  • Recommendations will be categorized into the six boxes as appropriate
ideas identified by community connections
Ideas Identified by Community Connections


  • Distribute Leadership and Ownership of Solutions
  • Create Structure, Purpose, Mission
  • Establishing a “Think Tank”
  • Define Service Learning Requirements
  • Create Recognition and Awareness of Efforts
  • Capture and Share Success Stories
  • Leverage Cross-Sector Knowledge
  • Sharing Information through the Web and Information Solutions / Creating a Clearinghouse or hub
  • Influence
  • Redesign Curriculum
  • Include Service Learning in Personal and Professional Development
  • Institutionalize Service Learning
establish a think tank
Establish a “Think Tank”
  • Structure
    • Objectives
    • Separate discussions
    • Distributing output
  • Leadership
    • Reinforces network ownership
  • Relationships
    • Deeper connections in areas of interests
    • Additional discussion to keep purpose fresh
  • Helpful mechanisms
    • Ideas fuel next steps, approaches, etc.
define service learning requirements
Define Service Learning Requirements
  • Structure
    • Objectives
  • Purpose
    • Potentially include
  • Recognition
    • Establish quarterly award system
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Evaluate faculty/students focused on Service Learning
create recognition awareness of efforts
Create Recognition & Awareness of Efforts
  • Structure
    • Create award for project work and publicize
  • Leadership
    • Further distribution
  • Rewards & Recognition
    • Recognition through award programs
    • Monetarily reward faculty through performance or incentive pools
    • Recognize community outreach as a connection between scholarship of engagement and T & P process (research)
capture and share success stories
Capture and Share Success Stories
  • Structure
    • Establish a template for vignettes
    • Build a library & publish success stories
  • Leadership
    • Establish central committee (central point of contact)
  • Recognition
    • Showcase Community Connections through website newsletters and local community newspaper
  • Relationships
    • Continue meetings
    • Share information & successes
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Communicating small wins & reaching of milestones
distribute leadership ownership of solutions
Distribute Leadership & Ownership of Solutions
  • Structure
    • Focus to narrow scope of work
    • Present ideas to group to select work
    • Tap passion for leaders
    • Evolve monthly meetings to report outs
  • Leadership
    • Inherent in moving forward as a network
    • Create shared power structure
  • Purpose
    • Selecting work begins to define the purpose of CC
  • Relationships
    • Connecting passions to build momentum into greater accomplishments
leverage cross sector knowledge
Leverage Cross-Sector Knowledge
  • Structure
    • Define cross-sectors
  • Leadership
    • Enable equal partnerships across groups
    • Diverse leadership – BGSU, students, community members, business leaders, etc.
  • Recognition
    • University recognizes potentials that exist in the community
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Published PR for individual sectors
redesign curriculum
Redesign Curriculum
  • Structure
    • Identify and establish partners
    • Workshop demonstration
  • Leadership
    • Establish leadership role
    • Define expectations on how to influence redesign
  • Purpose
    • Align curriculum with purpose
include service learning in personal professional development
Include Service Learning in Personal & Professional Development
  • Structure
    • Define
  • Purpose
    • Establish role of Community Connections
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Design/Deliver workshops for faculty
institutionalize service learning
Institutionalize Service Learning
  • Structure
    • Define institutionalize
    • Define Community Connections role in institutionalizing – how and where to influence
  • Leadership
    • Define Jane Rosser’s role as representative to university
  • Purpose
    • Declare Community Connections stance
share information through the web and information solutions create a hub
Share Information through the Web and Information Solutions /Create a Hub
  • Structure
    • Use list proc to solicit links, articles, etc.
    • Publish data on the site
  • Leadership
    • Use web to advertise leaders
  • Recognition
    • Examples of Service Learning
    • Efforts of participants
  • Relationships
    • Tool for linking people to right people at right time
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Defines efforts and work of group to members and public
create structure purpose mission
Create Structure, Purpose, Mission
  • Structure
    • Define, establish & publish on site
  • Leadership
    • Formulate a steering committee
  • Purpose
    • Create concrete “dream for the future”
  • Recognition
    • Outline on website and in publications
  • Helpful Mechanisms
    • Establishes a “common voice”
next steps for community connections
Next Steps for Community Connections
  • Establish mission, vision, & purpose
  • Recruit track leaders to engage work
  • Continue to meet to engage group in executing work
  • What worked best in the delivery of the report?
  • What did you learn about Community Connections that you did not know before?
  • What recommendations do you have for the EMOD group as we deliver results to clients in the future?
  • How do you plan to disseminate the information presented to you today?