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AFSA. American Foreign Service Association “The voice of foreign service”. History . established in 1924, is the professional association of the united states foreign service

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American Foreign Service Association

“The voice of foreign service”

  • established in 1924, is the professional association of the united states foreign service
  • AFSA was founded "for the purpose of fostering an esprit de corps" among the members of the Foreign Service and has served as a professional association for Foreign Service employees in the Department of State.
  • Runs subgroups in the Foreign Agricultural Service , Foreign Commercial Service, and International Broadcasting Bureau
  • Professional association and labor union
  • enhance the effectiveness of the Foreign Service, to protect the professional interests and rights of its members, ensure the maintenance of high professional standards for all American diplomats,
  • promote understanding of the critical role of diplomacy and development in promoting America's national security and economic prosperity. AFSA seeks to be an effective voice and strong advocate for the Foreign Service with management, the Congress and the American public.
  • 16,000 dues-paying members, AFSA represents more than 31,000 active and retired Foreign Service employees of the Department of State, Agency for International Development (AID), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Foreign Commercial Service (FCS), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB).

Most members have experience in foreign policy or are extensively informed

  • Dedicated to preserving and enhancing the integrity of the U.S Foreign Service.
  • Can enroll online
priority issues
Priority issues
  • Overseas comparability pay: place all fedral employees posted abroad with an equal footing in terms of salary with those on Washington, D.C. as a result of the Federal Pay Comparability Act of 1990 some federal employees working outside of the U.s were excluded from receiving locality pay adjustments and receive less pay
  • Conditions of work: appropriate safety and security measures- making sure diplomats are protected in dangerous war zones/ or areas of conflict with the U.S
legislative issues
Legislative issues
  • Amending the STOCK act (stop trading on congressional knowledge) combats insider trading , prohobits the use of non-public information for private profit
  • Enacted in April, 2012
  • Advocated for the act to post financial disclosure forms on the internet- congress approved legislation
i mportance
  • Work to support the members of foreign service that sacrifice their safety to ensure the success of alliances with other nations and benefit struggling countries
  • Requires a certain stregth to influence the rapic pace of world change
  • Positions are in danger or warzones, often sent for years at a time and must endure harsh living conditons, climate, isolation, civil unrest, and quality of local healthcare.

“Non-stop advocacy”

  • Foreign service journal: monthly publications that cover foreign affiars as well as features of living overseas as a foreign affairs professional
  • Sponsor of the inagural Public Service 5K run – part of public service recognition week
  • Guests often come to speak at AFSA headquarters