find out what your goa trip is missing n.
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Find Out What Your Goa Trip Is Missing

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Find Out What Your Goa Trip Is Missing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting Your Hands on Some Stellar Products from the Jade Jagger Beach Boutique: Goa is so much more than just partying and lazing on one of its many beaches. The shopping opportunities are also just as endless. You can head to Ashwem Beach, and make your way to the Jade Jagger Beach Boutique. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret adding this place to your Goa travel guide. This breath of fresh air, anointed with a swathe of colour, has a distinctly bohemian look. The collection has a host of diaphanous dresses and chunky statement jewelry that are all the ingredients you need to create your very own Goan-beach hippie look.


Hit The Waterfall –Beyond the beaches lies one of Goa’s seldom-seen attractions, the Dudhsagar waterfall. One of the most breathtaking sites to go visit, and a must-have in your Goa travel guide, the Dudhsagar towers over you, with water cascading down over four tiers before plunging down 2000 feet of sheer mountain face. A easy drive down the Western Ghats, the Dudhsagar is an ideal spot to go visit for a picnic, while you soak in the wondrous sights.

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Party A Little Differently-

Palolem beach just got a lot more happening, courtesy the clubs there that host silent noise parties. A worthy addition to your Goa travel guide will definitely be the experience of dancing on bare sand, while listening to your choice of EDM or hip-hop music, which will be pulsating through your Bluetooth headphones. You should definitely go to Goa and hit either the Alpha Bar to party, in silence, on Tursday, or head to the Silent Noise for a Saturday night spent differently.


Take A Trip On A Houseboat –

Leave behind the usual attractions of Goa and head down to Chapora river, where you can relax on an elegant houseboat. You can add a trip on the Santa Lucia to your Goa travel guide, and spend a weekend in uber-luxury. With three deluxe bedrooms, a lobby/dining area as well as two open sit-outs on the upper deck, you will not miss out on any space, or feel like you’re compromising on any kind of amenity. The well-stocked bar, and the friendly crew, will also go a long way in making sure that all your needs are met, and that your river vacation leaves you feeling completely pampered.


Add Some Yoga To Your Vacation –Days of partying in Goa may require you to keep some time aside for detoxing. The perfect retreat to add to your Goa travel guide is the Sushumna Yoga School & Studios. The school offers a variety of yoga schools to choose from, including Iyenger, Ashtanga and Mysore, which is bound to help you tackle your party hangover.


Add Some Art To Your Vacation: Nothing works in some color to your vacation quite as much as being able to soak in some of the destination’s culture. One of the places in Goa that you should definitely visit is the Kala Academy. A worthy addition to your Goa travel guide, the academy is known for its fantastic performances and events. The open-air amphitheatre of the academy is also a great venue for you and your family to go and watch a play or a music concert, as well, the schedule of which is decided and shared in advance.

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Visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Goa, contrary to popular belief, has its fair share of lush greenary. The Bondla Wildlife Santuary is testiment to that, and is an ideal addition to your Goa travel guide. This botanical garden, which encases a lush forest, is also a miniature zoo, with a plethora of flora and fauna which can be found in this region. The main attraction of this place, which is found in North-East Goa, is its popular elephant rides.