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REGISTRATION FOR SENIOR YEAR Fall 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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REGISTRATION FOR SENIOR YEAR Fall 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. Registration card Graduation Requirements/checklist A-G course list Student Information Sheet Transcripts 4 year plan Summer School information ROP --- remind students of pathways like dental/ nursing/ culinary. Student can sign up for classes when they pick up schedules in August Please enroll in 7th period classes at that time—Good for elective credit make up. List of CORDS for La Habra High School

  3. Instruction for registration process PLEASE WRITE THE DATE ON THE BOARD WHEN Your CLASS will come to room 84 this week. Please be sure your registration materials are completed. Reminder : Students you will meet with your designated counselor to review registration materials and ask questions when you come to room 84 and register online. If you register at home, please print a complete page and bring with you to room 84 at your designated time. Registration Card and Student information Sheet MUST be completed this week- February 14th, in room 84 Consider AP or honors, please ascertain signatures and begin conversations with parents and teachers Students reference your 4 year plan/ college goals. Use Pencil –No pens.

  4. TRANSCRIPT Analysis • REVIEW TRANSCRIPT components • Check address/ phone-correct? • P in left column for College PREP • Rank – GPA. College GPA only A-G classes • Every class worth 5 units ( health 2.5) • Circle every class where a unit needs to be made up. Develop a plan for unit make up with your counselor • Grade of D? Circle- retake the same exact class in order to replace for college. It will stay on the transcript. • College eligibility : A-G classes/ grades/ SAT/ACT scores- UC also require community service and leadership

  5. SET UP FOR SUCCESS Importance of A-G academic rigor for 4 year college eligibility. Seniors apply between October due November 30th for UC/Cal State. Counselors meet with Seniors: August – Nov. to ensure they are on track. College Night info will be given at registration as date becomes available. Need to complete 11 of the A-G courses by the end of junior year with C (B is BEST) or better for UC schools NCAA- Div 1 and 2 -requires 16 core courses ( academic) that are on the 48H approved NCAA list. – see counselor. Must register by end of September of senior year for NCAA and NAIA

  6. RIGOR This year Cal State Fullerton min eligibility 3.3. Times are very competitive-stay focused and competitive ( exceed minimum requirements) stay in math, even if going to Community College. Beginning math Alg 2. College bound juniors –plan to sign up for SAT/ACT now- No later than December of 2014 –Athletes going to community college plan to take Sat/ACT to keep doors open for possible scholarships. –( fee waiver) NO MORE SUBJECT TEST REQUIRED FOR UC- research your chosen field and school especially Engineering and Math… some UC schools/programs require subject tests- check your school NHS/CSF- Mrs. Briqulet-Ashley and Mrs. Silvas / Sorenson -see them 2 weeks into each semester for NHS/CSF. Do not wait! Keep track of community service hours - form in Guidance they can use. Interested in how to achieve a LHHS Graduation cords- check list on website.

  7. Choose Classes Wisely College Application a binding contract: All seniors should plan to stay in year long classes. Should you need to repeat a class or drop to a lower level, before semester ends, student is required to correspond with all colleges/universities you have applied to. Communicate that you are dropping a class and why- receive correspondence prior to dropping the class. Be very thoughtful in choosing classes as we build the Master Schedule around these choice and there is an expectation that students will remain in all classes they choose Summer school information is tentative will we announce summer classes when finalized—listen for announcements—depends on enrollment. Offered- Health/ computers/ Econ and Govern. We will wait to see what other classes students enroll in. Must have at least 38 in order to run a class. SIGN UP for what you need.. NOW.

  8. Unit Make-Up Options • Academic Saturday School (1-2 credits per class bases on availability) • Limited space… not ok to NO SHOW—Graduation at risk • Repeat entire class @ LHHS if more than 2 credits summer school • OFF TRACK… • Student may be referred to La Vista to catch up and return • Health summer only • Computer –tutorial --no units offered in summer .

  9. Advanced Placement NEW OFFERINGS~~~~ CONSIDER---check where you plan to attend college Film Production- making of quality film-new AP Physics 1 and 2 – AP Physics 1-Algebra Based Course overview Intro college level physics course that explores topics such as Newtonian mechanics ( including rotational motion; work , energy, and power , mechanical waves and sound and introductory simple circuits. Through inquiry based learning, students will develop scientific thinking and reasoning skills. AP English Lang can fulfill the Senior year English course

  10. EAP EAP- be very thoughtful when completing the EAP-this can save time and money for CAL STATE and Fullerton Community college. If not successful will need to take ELA / ELM placement tests.—if still not doing well- ( summer school Fresh Start Program )prior to freshman year WILL BE REQUIRED. Successful EAP saves time money—sets students up for Success. LHHS WEBSITE--- Also come in and look at junior summer opportunities. Consider ROP classes for Unit make up. Plan to sign up the day of your class registration in order to secure a seat. All high school are competing with you to gain a 7th period seat . Most competitive classes are Medical/Dental and Culinary pathways. Sign up by deadlines. All high School are competing for seats. LHHS offers –Careers with children 1 day a week from 3:30-6:30 pm. Typically class held on Wednesdays. FRIENDLY REMINDER _ Register day of schedule pick up in the summer.

  11. Summer School 2014 • If you are deficient in credits- summer school is a must • First semester of school corresponds to first session of summer school • Second semester corresponds to 2nd session of summer school • It is highly recommended that students attend summer to catch up and to STAY ON TRACK • If you are unit deficient and unable to graduate you will be referred to alternative education.

  12. Friendly Reminder Now that you have your materials • 1. Be ready to register online the day your class is schedule to return to room 84 • 2. You may go online and register with the ABI program that you access on the LHHS website • 3. NEED verification code, please go to room 17 • 3. Make sure you choose 6 year long classes. REVIEW your choices and print • 4. Bring with you to room 84 to verify that you choose the classes you needed for graduation • 5. You must choose at least 2 alternatives or your counselor will choose alternates for you.


  14. REVIEW • CHOOSE CLASSES carefully. • Each semester petitions to request a change are during the first week only • Changes granted will be for graduation requirements---or class closure. • Attend summer school –if you need health and if you are unit deficient. If you earn a grade of F, in a required class, needed for Graduation, please sign up for summer school by the 3rd progress report so a space will be saved for you. Sign up by March 21, 2014 • Did you sign up for summer school? Then Be sure and ATTEND! • Dates: First session June 2-June 26 • second session: June 30- July 26

  15. THANK YOU~ • Please complete all registration materials by assigned date/ time • If you are in an academy- please have your teacher review • Go on ABI and register online----print verification and bring with you– we need 2 copies… • When you come to room 84… PLEASE BRING YOUR TRANSCRIPT and ALL required materials COMPLETED • Don’t forget Summer School • All information will be noted under Junior tab….. REGISTRATION