Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan
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SH06-CY07 Strategic Work Plan. Presentation to FSEP Leadership Team by Michael DiRamio, Deputy Director September 6, 2006. Table of Contents. Overview of FSEP Programs Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Success SH06-CY07 FSEP Goals and Objectives FSEP Key Initiatives: Aug 06 – Jan 07

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Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan
SH06-CY07 Strategic Work Plan

Presentation to FSEP Leadership Team


Michael DiRamio, Deputy Director

September 6, 2006

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • Overview of FSEP Programs

  • Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Success

  • SH06-CY07 FSEP Goals and Objectives

  • FSEP Key Initiatives: Aug 06 – Jan 07

  • Next Steps

Fsep 1 st yr success market r d
FSEP 1st Yr Success: Market R&D

Sep 05 aug 06 fsep milestones successes






Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes


  • Secured grants for restaurant and grocers study, hired summer intern

  • Conducted focus groups, surveys, interviews, and drafted reports

  • Managed MEDC grant scope finalization, development of Request for Proposals, selection of consultant firm


  • Secured $30K MEDC grant. Led project grant administration. Developed contract with Monroe County

  • Recruited and supervised 5-member student team for local food market study

  • Managed grain and local food market studies; supervised 2 summer interns for project

  • Worked to integrate research project teams, establish meetings, and integrated plan

  • Worked with Tony VanDerworp to draft Ag/Food Sector Analysis scope, solicit feedback from MSU Product Center, EDC’s, UM, etc.

  • Created GIS maps – secured food-related business database from MSU Mott Group for mapping, surveys


  • Secured Project GREEEN funding and initiated grain market study - oversaw project team and results

  • Headed up literature review committee - wrote grain product literature review, reviewed all other lit reviews

Literature Reviews – grain products, agrifood system backgrounders, farm-to-school

Grain Market Report

Restaurant Market Report

Independent Grocers Report

Local Food Market Report

Comprehensive Ag/Food Sector Economic Analysis Scope of Work

Developed GIS Maps of Ag/Food Businesses

Local Ag/Food Supply Chain Study ($60K Project) - underway

Fsep 1 st yr success farm to school demonstration project
FSEP 1st Yr Success: Farm to School Demonstration Project

Sep 05 aug 06 fsep milestones successes1




Farm to School Demonstration

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes

Two school districts and one charter schools have been interviewed and expressed commitment to pilot farm-to-school project

Established collaborative discussions in Ann Arbor with Project Healthy Schools(UM healthy eating research project at Ann Arbor Public Schools) andAgrarian Adventure(experiential food and ag education organization), and in Chelsea with Move Forward(collaboration between Chelsea Community Hospital and Chelsea Schools around improving the health/nutrition of school menus)

Secured FtS program intern 06-07 (UM student) .40 FTE, secured 06 summer intern

Local foundation relations, meetings - drafted grant proposal

UM East Quad Dining local food pilot project (fall 06)


  • Developed survey and interviewed area school administrators, food service agents.

  • Identified three K-12 schools/districts for pilot project

  • Brokered collaboration with in Ann Arbor Project Healthy Schools and Agrarian Adventure, and in Chelsea Move Forward, and the Henry Ford.

  • Developed project grant funding proposal

  • Assisted with identifying growers and strategies for UM project


  • Secured .40FTE project support intern from U of M for 2006-2007 (1-1.5 yr)

  • Secured summer 06 intern for FtS committee - conducted school survey/interviews, wrote draft grant proposal

  • Worked regularly with committee chair to develop work plan goals, deliverables, timeframe

  • Brokered meetings with Community Foundation for SE Michigan – potential funder

  • Established project action plan for UM Dining demonstration project – grower list, distributor piece, Eden Foods referral, work with new chef


  • Helped to identify and work with food broker/distributor

  • Worked with UM chef to gather food items order sheet

Fsep 1 st yr success education and outreach for change
FSEP 1st Yr Success: Education and Outreach for Change

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes





  • Developed 2006-7 action plan, deliverables, roles

  • Served as FSEP conference planning committee and support team


  • Designed and produced website from scratch, brokered design support from Washtenaw IT Dept, personally maintained website (updates)

  • Worked with planning committee chair to coordinate FSEP conference planning support, logistics, marketing and brochures, registration, roles chart

  • Produced quarterly progress reports (pre-newsletter)

  • Principal Editor for FSEP newsletter content/design – worked with Ritter and Yee to produce, print

  • Editor of designs/content for FSEP graphics – table top display board, decals, posters, etc.

  • Served on Governor-commissioned Michigan Food Policy Council, Task Force A: Jobs and Business Development


  • Chaired the FSEP conference planning committee, served as principal host for the event, steered outreach efforts

  • Conducted evaluation of the event to demonstrate success


  • Coordinated newsletter – articles, layout/design, printing

  • Brokered pro-bono FSEP graphics designer – table top display, decals, posters, etc.

March 2006 Conference – 99% of participants reported better understanding of local food system develop. opportunities

Seasonal newsletters and progress reports for public

Field trips to 7 area attractions

Expanded and maintained website

Advanced 5 state policy recommendations to Governor - participated in decision-making to support the FSEP mission

Education & Outreach

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

FSEP 1st Yr Success: Business


For more info on individual projects visit

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes




Business Development


  • Developed committee action plan, deliverables

  • Supported individual entrepreneur/business efforts – e.g., UM Dining project


  • Developed FSEP Project Map & Directory – GIS map, self-managed project profiles on wiki website

  • Administered the development of agrifood participant databases; worked with interns to create plan for searchable database development

  • Gathered FSEP member profiles (consultant/networking value info)

  • Tracked business and project impact/results


  • Worked with over 20 entrepreneurs to develop business plans, connect with investors/marketers in FSEP network – e.g., pilot level meat processing, youth entrepreneurship, greenhouse expansion, urban food buyers cooperative

  • Brokered Sysco farm product purchase agreements, working with S. Schmidt


  • Brokered purchase agreements between multiple farms and restaurants during restaurant study

Helped over 30 entrepreneurs with business plan/ networking

  • See FSEP Project Map & Direct.

    Launched new businesses/projects:

  • Food buyers cooperative

  • Henry Ford label products

  • Expanded greenhouse

  • Youth entrepreneur training

    Brokered/facilitated local farm product purchases (from restaurants, Sysco, U of M, Eden Foods, The Henry Ford, chestnut growers)

    Agrifood participant databases

    Developed FSEP consultancy interface - LT member profiles, networking database plan

Fsep 1 st yr success leadership membership development
FSEP 1st Yr Success: Leadership/Membership Development

FSEP Mission

Reviewed Dec 14. 2005

FSEP exists to catalyze change in the food system

of Southeastern Michigan.

We provide research, education and outreach with urban and rural partnerships, resulting in agricultural development opportunities,

sustainable communities, and healthy local economies.

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes




Leadership/ Membership Development


  • Organized strategic plan goals and timeline based on leadership team input – Shane, Schmidt, Maitre, DiRamio, Tocco

  • Developed membership protocols and policies

  • Designed and planned annual harvest retreat


  • Recruited/coordinated interviews to hire strategic plan consultant

  • Co-administered leadership team creation of 5yr vision, mission and values, and FSEP 2006-7 strategic action plan, five work teams (committees) and work plans to guide the work of FSEP (with Carol Anderson & Associates)

  • Served as principal contact/coordinator for committee chairs

  • Oriented new members of leadership team/Board

  • Developed Leadership Team and Board agreements

  • Created FSEP team collaboration tool (wiki website)


  • Chaired the Leadership Team (thru May06) - co-administered leadership team strategic planning sessions, outputs

  • Chair of Board (co-chair of Executive Committee)– steered organizational governance, oversight, planning


  • Chaired the Leadership Team (beginning May06)

  • Recruited buy-in from and held regular conferences with farm organizations, political and university leaders

Re-secured leadership team member commitments thru early 2008

Clarified FSEP mission, core values, and vision and generated clear strategic action plan for the leadership team, board, staff and volunteers

LT became more effective with clear target and goals by establishing work team leadership and work plans for 2006-2007

Created collaboration tools (wiki website, member profiles)

Established Operating Norms, Membership Agreements

Fsep 1 st yr success fundraising and staffing
FSEP 1st Yr Success: Fundraising and Staffing

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes




Fundraising/ Staffing


  • Represented FSEP in contacts with funding partners – presentations, hearings, grant support letters, invoicing

  • Hired Deputy Director; developed Project Mgr job descr.

  • Co-brokered meetings with Community Foundation SeMI


  • Co-administered partner funding drive – made presentations, request letters, invoices, marketing materials, phone calls

  • Secured grant from Michigan Economic Development Corporation for $60K FSEP market research project

  • Recruited and supervising 5-member UM student research team on FSEP project, Jan 06 - March 07

  • Recruited and supervising volunteer FSEP office interns Julie Ritter .25 FTE and Jennifer Yee .25 FTE

  • Recruited supplemental funding and supervised UM students on grain/local food market study – Summer 06

  • Recruited and supervising UM intern Molly Robertshaw, .40 FTE, for Farm to School project coordination, beginning Sep 06 - Aug 07 (min)


  • Secured $6K GREEEN grant, $8K pastured beef grant

  • Brokered conversations with USDA Rural Development


  • Secured summer intern/grant – MSU Urban Collaborator

Raised over $90,000 Per Year in local partner financial contributions (County partners and partnering organizations) through 2007-8; County partners have put $15K/yr for FSEP in 2007-8 budget process

Grants: $30K MEDC, $6K GREEEN, $8K Mott, $4K MSU Urban Coll., $2K UM SNRE

Hired Deputy Director

Recruited 9 interns (students and office staff) to support program teams, most at zero/low-cost to FSEP

FSEP is the middle of potential funding conversations/ proposals to USDA RD, Community Foundation of SeMI, and Kellogg Foundation

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan


• Res. & Software

• Ed & Outreach

• Lit Rev. & FSP

• Farm to School

• Membership Bldg.

• Networking &

Proj. Dev.

• Development

Friends of FSEP

Leadership Team

5 ctys. S.E. Michigan



Conceptual/Structural View of FSEP

Food System Bus. &


Food System Biz &


Research Consultant

Research Consultant

Org. Consultant

Fund Deve. Consultant

Sh06 cy07 strategic work plan

Sep 05-Aug 06 FSEP Milestones/Successes




Organization Development


  • Guided and governed organization norms, structure, policies and standard practices

  • Reviewed and approved legal doc’s and agreements

  • Reviewed and approved FSEP financial plan

  • Reviewed and approved staff and intern agreements


  • Administered legal, financial, operations functions:

    • incorporated as non-profit organization

    • created Bylaws and Board

    • secured D&O insurance

    • developed contracts/agreements with consultants, partners, Washtenaw Co., Monroe Co., interns

    • submitted 501c3 paperwork

    • maintained legal documents – IRS, state of Michigan

    • created and maintained Budget and Accounting

    • maintained project files and records

    • handled general administrative issues

  • Coordinated monthly Leadership Team and Board meetings at rotating meeting locations – meeting minutes, presentations, materials, field trips

  • Worked with Fleta Mitchel (grantwriter), MIFFS, to determine grant program administration needs

Established legal and administrative functions – incorporation, Bylaws, 501c3 (pending), Board policies, Budget/Accounting system

Secured in-kind administrative support for FSEP from Washtenaw County including office space and admin support, fiduciary agreement and accounting, IT website development, planning and technical services.

FSEP is positioned to receive grants, administer programs

Secured grant admin support, as needed, from Michigan Food & Farming Systems

Sh06 cy07 fsep goals and objectives1

Leadership/ Membership




Farm to School Demonstration

Education &






SH06-CY07 FSEP Goals and Objectives

  • Conduct ag/food sector supply chain and gap analysis (2 prod. categories)

  • Comprehensive agrifood sector analysis – finalize scope, secure funding partners, begin 2-yr project

  • Develop initial agrifood sector databases/tools for entrepr. assistance, B2B networking, future research studies

  • Clarify membership levels and build buy-in

  • Recruit ~25% more members – focus on currently underrepresented stakeholders

  • Establish leadership team performance evaluation

  • Create leadership team development opportunities

  • Fall 06 local food event at pilot K-12 school

  • Fall 06 UM Dining Services local food pilot project

  • Plan and launch pilot local farm-to-school program with 3 diverse K-12 schools

  • Conduct evaluation of pilot effort results - exec. report

  • March 2007 Conference

  • Community Food Profile – complete and distribute

  • State policy development and political outreach

  • Participation in planning for statewide policy conference

  • Create tools for leadership team to educate public about FSEP – website, newsletter, brochure, other materials

  • Work with Eastern Market to bring local farmers, create economic opportunities

  • Develop searchable database of expertise for entrepreneur assistance avail. within leadership team network

  • Develop FSEP business consultancy program profile

  • Build research-based tools for entrepr. assistance, B2B networking

  • Build current donor relations

  • Work to secure additional $100-200K in grants

  • Explore feasibility of fee-for-service model

  • Ensure adequate staffing

Fsep key initiatives aug 06 jan 07







Farm to School Demonstration

FSEP Key Initiatives: Aug 06 – Jan 07

Tocco/Committee with DiRamio managing

VanDerworp/Committee with DiRamio input/managing

UM Student Team with DiRamio supervision/ managing

DiRamio/Committee with F. Mitchel grant writing

Hire research firm (Sep06); Initial findings report (Feb07)

Scope drafted (Aug06)

Peer reviewed (Sep06)

RFP prepared (Oct06)

Final Report (Jan07)

USDA RD (Oct06)

Kellogg (Dec06)

  • Launch Supply Chain Analysis (2 product categories)

  • Complete a comprehensive agrifood sector analysis 2yr project scope/RFP - to market to funders

  • Conduct local-farm-to-end-user baseline market assessment – report/tools

  • Submit grant proposals

  • Plan and implement successful, well publicized local food event at pilot K-12 school

  • Oversee implementation of UM Dining Services pilot project – report/publicize

  • Develop partnership agreements with pilot K-12 schools

  • Submit proposal to local funding entity(ies) – CFSEM, etc.

Moghtader/Committee with Staff Intern M. Robertshaw

DiRamio/Moghtader/McClellan with BIN Committee input

Moghtader/Committeewith Staff Intern M. Robertshaw

Moghtader/Committee/Staff Intern M. Robertshaw w/ DiRamio managing

Local Food Event in Fall 06

Local food served to University students in Fall 06

Signed agreements (Fall06)

Proposal to CFSEM (Nov06)

Fsep key initiatives aug 06 jan 07 cont





Business Development

FSEP Key Initiatives: Aug 06 – Jan 07 cont.

Brenda Reau/Committee with staff support

UM student team w/ DiRamio supervision/oversee, Committee feedback

C. Maitre/J. Ritter


DiRamio, staff, with input from Committee

Agenda/locat. finalized (Oct06)

Marketing plan/materials (Jan07)

Profile magazine doc (Jan07)

Distributable written materials (Dec 06)

Conference (Feb 07)

Web renovation (Oct06)

Fall, Winter newsletters

  • Plan and prepare for March 07 regional networking & education conference.

  • Community food profile – produce magazine-like document, distribute

  • Create tools for leadership team to educate public about FSEP

  • Statewide policy conference planning

  • Improve and enhance website and newsletter

Education & Outreach

  • Facilitate work plan development

  • Approach new Eastern Market Corp to determine collaboration opportunities

  • Develop searchable database/reference of consulting expertise in LT

  • Case studies/profile of FSEP work w/businesses –for marketing materials

Committee/Score with DiRamio support

DiRamio/Score with Leadership Team support

Committee with staff support

Score/Tocco with staff support

Team/plan firmed up (Sep06)

Meeting (Oct/Nov 06)

Database created (Nov06)

2-3 pg profile report (Nov06)

Fsep key initiatives aug 06 jan 07 cont1





Fundraising/ Staffing

Leadership/ Membership Development

FSEP Key Initiatives: Aug 06 – Jan 07 cont.

Maitre/Committee with Oakland Mediation Center (consultant)




Offsite retreat (Oct/Nov06)

Protocol policies (Oct06)

Orientation packet (Nov06)

Community outreach (on-going)

Protocol policies (Oct 06)

  • Combo – Diversity/conflict group decision-making training & Annual Harvest Retreat

  • Establish LT member recruitment/eval protocol and plan

  • Recruit/increase leadership team membership by 25%

  • Establish levels of FSEP membership that include community and individual projects

  • Provide high quality updates/reports to current funders bi-annually

  • Work to secure $100-200K in grants for Research Agenda & Farm-to-School

  • Produce professional fundraising materials

  • Recruit, orient and supervise Interns

DiRamio w/individual Board liaisons

DiRamio/F. Mitchel with Research and Committee



Send bi-annual update (1/06)

Proposals to:

USDA RD (Oct06)

Kellogg (Dec06)

Commun. FSEM (Nov06)

Hire marketing firm (Feb07)

M. Robertshaw starts (Sep06)

Project submissions to UM, MSU, others (Oct-Dec 06)

Next steps1
Next Steps

  • Receive Leadership Team feedback and affirm plan within 30 days

  • Develop FY07 Budget (and make any needed adjustments to SH06) according to approved strategic action plan and with Board review/approval

  • Monthly project/program tracking protocol to ensure progress/success

  • Submit year end progress report (Jan07) and updated FY07 strategic plan