A perfect marriage
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A Perfect Marriage. Student Success Plans & Student Advisories Scott Brown LEARN RESC. 21 st C High S chool Redesign. Student Success Plans and Student Advisory Programs: Have the same fundamental purpose Share common attributes

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A perfect marriage

A Perfect Marriage

Student Success Plans


Student Advisories

Scott Brown


21 st c high s chool redesign
21stC High School Redesign

Student Success Plans and Student Advisory Programs:

  • Have the same fundamental purpose

  • Share common attributes

  • Address the fundamental design flaws in our 20thC high schools

20 th century high school
20th Century High School

  • Obsolete structure: Sorting, industrial age, factory model

  • Fragmented, departmentalized, silo-prone

  • Overwhelmed by societal change, family breakdown, and parental failure

  • Overwhelmed by globalization and

    technological change

  • Overwhelmed by mission creep !

20 th century high school1
20th Century High School

  • Gives most kids a fragmented, disjointed

    school experience

  • Gives most kids an impersonal experience

  • Lacks real engagement/ownership

    by most students

  • Lacks 21st century rigor for all

Before we get defensive
Before we get defensive . . .

  • We inherited the institution & mindset

  • The problems are largely structural, organizational

  • The structure can be developed to improve:



    >Student ownership of learning

  • And, we need to do it

Nessc goals for schools
NESSC Goals for Schools

  • Proficiency-Based Progress to Graduation

  • Personalization of Learning

  • System Accountability

Personalization is key
Personalization is Key

  • Help each student make holistic meaning of the fragmented, disjointed high school experience

  • Help each student focus on academic purposes, self-assess, take ownership of learning

  • A school where one adult knows each student

    well - strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, background, level of personal progress. . .

  • An inclusive community where no student is anonymous or unaccountable

Personalization as relationships
Personalization as Relationships

NASSP / MetLife Survey, March 2012

I have a teacher I can talk to

if I have a problem. 54%

Teachers respect students. 61%

Students respect teachers. 41%

Teachers have fun at school. 45%

Teachers are willing to learn

from students. 50%


Positive student body behavior and successful school climate depend far more on faculty-student relationships than on policy imposition and penalty enforcement.

Student body perception of the professional staff is key.

Personalization is
Personalization is

a learning process in which schools help students assess their own talents and aspirations, plan a pathway toward their own purposes, work cooperatively with others on challenging tasks, maintain a record of their explorations, and demonstrate their learning against clear standards in a wide variety of media, all with the close support of adult mentors and guides.

. . . . . . Clarke, p. 15, in Breaking Ranks, NASSP, 2004

21 st century secondary school redesign what does it look like where is it going
21st Century Secondary School Redesign: What does it look like? Where is it going?

Key redesign components
Key Redesign Components

  • 21st Century Skills for All (CT/NEASC)

  • Student Success Plans (CT)

  • Student Advisory Program (NEASC)

  • Graduation Portfolios

  • Capstones (CT)

  • SRBI/RtI(CT)

21 st century skills for all
21st Century Skills – for all

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Creativity, Innovation Skills

  • Collaboration Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • IT Skills

  • Social/Cross-Cultural Skills

  • Initiative, Self-direction

  • Flexibility, Adaptability

Need for student success plans grades 6 12
Need for Student Success Plans, Grades 6-12

  • Academic planning and progress

  • Career pathway investigation

  • Personal/social growth activity

  • Purposeful course selection, sequencing

  • Goal-Setting and Reflecting

  • Self-assessments, surveys

  • Study/organizational skills

  • Links to capstones, job-shadowing, internships, comm. service

  • Teacher/advisor monitoring, facilitating

  • Student-led parent conferencing

S tudent advisory proven centerpiece of redesign
Student Advisory: Proven Centerpiece of Redesign

  • Helping students set goals, self assess, reflect

  • Making holistic meaning of the high school experience

  • Guiding the Student Success Plan

  • Managing the graduation portfolio

  • Advising the capstone project

A perfect marriage1
A Perfect Marriage

The ultimate goal of the Student Success Plan and the Student Advisory Program is the same:

To develop students who take

increasing ownership of their

own learning (and behavior).

Student advisory the best vehicle
Student Advisory the best vehicle

  • For continuity of mentoring and support

  • For facilitating student self assessment,

    self reflection and ownership of learning

  • For conducting the student planning and group dynamics that build student accountability


Before there was ssp there was student a dvisory
Before there was SSP, there was Student Advisory



Overall I would rate my performance as…

My top three performances were…

My two biggest mistakes and how I plan to correct them…

An honest description of my preparation would be….

  • What will be your goals for the semester?

  • What resources might you need?

  • What barriers might present problems?

  • Three important steps for your action plan?

Ssp in student advisory
SSP in Student Advisory

  • MSMHS 21st C Learning Expectation:

    “Students will take responsibility for their

    learning and behavior”

  • MSMHS Advisory Activity:

    “Taking Ownership of My Learning”

  • School-Wide Rubric 10.0:

    Assessment and Self Assessment

Ssp caveats
SSP Caveats

We need to make teachers comfortable with the larger process.

A student-driven, not a teacher-driven, plan

Teacher as guide, monitor, facilitator

Consider replacing “Social-Emotional” domain with “Personal-Social” or “Personal Growth”

Ssp caveats1
SSP Caveats

We need to use common sense and our resources wisely in complying with the intent of PA 11-135(2)(j).

  • An SSP template/plan for 9-12.

  • Priority for implementation of process, activities, and outcomes should go to grades 9 & 10.

  • Priority for on-line SSP should be grades 9 & 10.

  • If necessary, the level of implementation for classes of 2013, 2014 can be more skeletal and accomplished around existing college/career/developmental guidance programming.

The plea for student advisories
The Plea for Student Advisories

It is virtually impossible to make things relevant for, or expect personal excellence from, a student you don’t know.

. . . . . Carol Ann Tomlinson

Building student resilience
Building Student Resilience

  • Young people will be resilient if they have an important adult in their lives who believes in them unconditionally and holds them to high expectations.

  • Young people live up to, or down to, our expectations.

    . . . . Dr. Ken Ginsburg

Implementing student advisories
Implementing Student Advisories

  • Teacher-driven planning

  • A nine-component planning model

Implementing student advisories1
Implementing Student Advisories

  • Goals clarification first

  • SSP marriage ipso facto

  • Collateral planning of other eight components

  • Draw on successful advisories

  • A little faculty PD

  • Evaluate and tweak on the fly`

And as you move forward
. . . And as you move forward,

Keep reminding the momentum-sucking derailers that:

“The road to success is always under construction.”

High school redesign
High School Redesign

It is not the strongest of the species who survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one

most responsive to change.

. . . . . . Charles Darwin

Parting thought
Parting Thought

If you don’t like change, you

are going to like irrelevance

even less.

. . . . . Gen. Eric Shinseki

If time
If Time

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