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Formal vs. Informal Writing

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Formal vs. Informal Writing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Formal vs. Informal Writing. With help from the Ezine @ rticles Blog Informal Writing. Colloquial: This is when you write like you would speak. You use slang, and generally sound like you’re having a conversation.

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formal vs informal writing

Formal vs. Informal Writing

With help from the Ezine @rticlesBlog

informal writing
Informal Writing

Colloquial: This is when you write like you would speak. You use slang, and generally sound like you’re having a conversation.

Simple: Using short, simple sentences.

Contractions: This is where you can use “can’t” and “won’t.”

Emotion: As the writer, you are free to express emotion toward your topic.

examples of informal writing
Examples of Informal Writing

Journal writing

Letters/postcards to friends and family

Creative writing (poems, stories)




formal writing
Formal Writing

Complex: Use longer, more complex sentences.

Objective: Steer clear of obvious emotion and focus instead on supporting your ideas with facts and examples.

Full Words: NO contractions!

Third Person: Disconnect yourself from the writing – no using I, me, we, you, etc.

examples of formal writing
Examples of Formal Writing

Essays and most other academic writing

Letters to important people, especially when you’re asking for something



Workplace memos

Newspaper writing

formal or informal
Formal or Informal?

This summer, I am really hoping to go to Orlando, Florida. I want to visit the different parks of Disney World, but I also want to visit Universal so I can check out Harry Potter World.

formal or informal1
Formal or Informal?

Franco Zeffirelli’sHamlet was released in 1990 and starred Mel Gibson as Hamlet, Glenn Close as Gertrude, Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia, and proven Shakespearian actors Alan Bates, Paul Scofield, and Ian Holm as Claudius, Hamlet’s father, and Polonius.