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Varied menu of Activities (Including Sport Art/ICT and study support) PowerPoint Presentation
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Varied menu of Activities (Including Sport Art/ICT and study support)

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Varied menu of Activities (Including Sport Art/ICT and study support) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Things we do now…. Things we could do…. Through NOF (New opportunities funding) schools within the Sports Partnerships are offered sports clubs that can run after school, lunchtimes or at breakfast clubs. Train KS4 pupils to lead, organise clubs within primary schools.

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Presentation Transcript

Things we do now….

Things we could do….

Through NOF (New opportunities funding) schools within the Sports Partnerships are offered sports clubs that can run after school, lunchtimes or at breakfast clubs. Train KS4 pupils to lead, organise clubs within primary schools.

E-Learning – A programme of activities within and outside of the school day including courses for Primary and Secondary school students, teachers, parents & members of the community.

Community based Karate club Woodland. 7pm – 9pm Thurs evening

Meads – gardening club

Luton Adult Education – Variety of courses @ community colleges & schools for adults to include, also often outreach at sites by arrangements

Modern Foreign Languages

ICT, Skills for Life, Arts, Family Learning

Whitefield Junior: After-school & lunch time sport, music, art, gardening, ICT (before school) science

Family worker

Weekend football teams access field

Parenting classes

Piton Hill Junior – after school clubs, sport related 4 x week.

Healthy Eating @ Marsh Farm Children’s Centre – Gill Blowers Site.

After school, orchestra – football (girls and boys) netball, hockey, cricket & cross country

Meads Primary – Lunch Time, Art Club. Library Club, Guitar/Recorder/choir

Activities at Waulud Prmary – Lunch time clubs, after school clubs, Art, Music, Homework,Craft, Science, Gardening, Sport, Buddy Club, Story Book.

Sundon Park Juniors – After school clubs Sport & Foreign Language & Choir. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, after school till 16:30pm or 16:45pm

Whitefield Infants:-

Clubs (Pupils only) ICT/Numeracy/Football/Games/ Family Literacy Pupils and Parents 10 sessions per term Stay and Play 2 x sessions per week. 0-4 year olds & parentsStay and play 2 x sessions per week 0-4 years & Peep 2 sessions per week 3 year olds & parent

Toy Library

Family Worker

Train teachers/TA’s/lunch supervision to run clubs

Increase of activities offered and provide more outreach

Our parents as we are near Lea Manor need ICT support

Extend – dependant on funding and resources

Healthy Eating – Keeping up with children


Adult Ed. ICT room Extend clubs – art/music

After school clubs (pupils only) Art, PE/dance, music, gardening – Whitefield Infants

Nurture Group, including breakfast club, Targeted family from school – Whitefield Infants

Parent workshops – Healthy Eating keeping uo with your children etc. Whitefield Infants

Varied menu of Activities (Including Sport Art/ICT and study support)


CHILDCARE (8am to 6pm, 48 weeks per year)

Things we do now

Breakfast Club/After school Club/Holiday Club in Leagrave School by Centre of Hope 

Playtime Pre School Breakfast Club in community centre, Mon – Fri 8am – 9.15am walk bus to Cheynes/Sundon Park 

Playtime Pre School Lunch Club 11.30 – 12.30am Age 2-5 

Playtime Preschool 9.15am 11.45 Lunch Club 11.30-12.30, 12.30-3.00pm age 2-5 years 

Cheynes Infant – Family Worker will be in place by Sept 06, offering parent support groups 

Playtime Preschool. Looking at after school but need funding 

Health – Sundon Centre, Parent Toddlers 09.30-11.30, Mondays 

Playtime Pre School – Play Scheme 

Cheynes Infant School – Considering possibility of offering after schools club facilities in conjunction with playtime pre-school 

Waulud – Breakfast Club, Creche for Adult Learning, Family Learning 

Full day care & Foundation Stage Education Centre on Lea Manor High School Campus 

Childcare 0-5 years, 8-6, 48 weeks on Mossdale site Gill Blowers Nursery, Leabank site – Childcare through Marsh Farm C.C. 

Hope to run Holiday Club – Mossdale Gill Blowers

Holiday Club – access through Marsh Farm C.C (Leabank) 

Sundon Junior School – Early Birds Morning Club 

PE Activities, Wednesday Pre School 8am – 8.45am 

2-3’s Children in Need – Free Childcare/Education Mon – Weds, Gill Blowers Lea Bank Site 

E-Learning @ Luton - Every weekday after school clubs from 4-6pm including filmmaking, film screenings & music technology work. Open for school use from 8.30 – 6pm every weekday (Primary & Secondary)

Things we could do

Breakfast Club @ White Field Juniors from Sept 2006-07-06

Weekend Club (Sat and or Sun) Different Activities for All 

Pirton Hill Junior School - Breakfast Club – Link with Playgroup 

If there is a need, extend childcare (0-5) in Leabank sire (Gill Blowers) 

Extend free 2-3’s to M-F, Leabank – Gill Blowers 

Breakfast Club, more adult learning during the school day 


SWIFT AND EASY REFERRALS – to specialise support services

Things we do now

Whitefield Junior – Links with Community Nurse, EWO, CAMS, Edwin Lobo, Physio, and Community Police Soc. Services. CHUMS, carers 

Lealands & Bet “ Ed Psych, LCET, connexions

Pirton Hill Junior – B&T, EWO, Police – community officer LSS, links with Social Services although question the swift response

Now more meetings Professional meeting at out school 

The Meads – School Liaison Meetings – Good support B&T, Ed PSYCH, EWO, Social Services have never attended

Waulud Primary

-Community Police Officer

-EWO on site


-Social Services

-Young carers project


-Community Nurse

-Transition Mentor 

E Learning @ Luton – Offer ICT Support for learners with learning difficulties both within the buildings & out in schools through the use of “tailor made” ICT support kits. 

Gill Blowers (Leabank) Refer families through Sure Start – Marsh Farm C.C  

BIP Family Liaison worker – Whitefield Infants 

Refer families (Leabank) through Sure Start Marsh Farm C.C.


SWIFT AND EASY REFERRALS – to specialise support services

Things we could do!

Community Support base in school, to include Social Services availability, parental & family services e.g. Housing, Health and Job Centre?

Ensure schools are represented in discussions about hour best to deliver all levels of Family Support in Luton including Social Services, CAMHS, Edwin Lobo.

Link with, housing health, - extended current. Family worker 2006 – way forward

Social Service based on School Site

BSF – has an opportunity to provide access for health professionals to come together

LSA’s balancing teachers needs, parent’s needs, health professional’s needs, when supporting disabled students.

Extended schools make a requirement of space schools

Need for community rooms on school site

Would like to involve health/ other agencies as part of development as a Children’s Centre (Gill Blowers Mossdale Site).

Extended Schools – make a requirement of space on schools

Coordination of health professionals on the secondary site


Things we do now

Things we could do

Community Access including Family/Parent/Adult Learning

  • Luton Ad Education variety of courses for adults based at colleges/schools throughout Luton
  • Family worker in many Key Stage 1 & 2 schools
  • Waulud Primary

Variety of courses dependent on funding & resources

Family Worker in all KS1 & KS2 Schools links between family support in Schools & Children Centre’s and provision for children with disabilities and their families

More family learning opportunities – e.g. student “mentoring” their parents/other family members

Relocate Y.C

Expand day time activities to include more adult/family etc. (Need space, however).

Extend Family Learning Through Children Centre initiative (Mossdale Site, Gill Blowers).

  • Family Workers 1&2
  • ESOL
  • Diet & Exercise
  • PEEP
  • Toy Library
  • Monthly Workshops (Craft Health)

E-learning @ Luton – A programme of community training on all spaces within the building including the television studio & the music Technology Suite. A course entitled “The Technology of e-learning Luton” runs every two months providing an overview of everything offered.

Lea Lands – Youth Club

The Meads - Youth Club, various community activities e.g. re learning/sports

-         Swimming events

-         Busy Bees pre school

-         Feeder school links

Whitefield: Cubs, Beavers, Scouts, Adult Ballroom dancing, ESOL

Pirton Hill Junior – Scouts, Rainbows Luton Chair, Weekend Sundon Park Rangers

Access to Job Centre Plus on 2 Sites

M.F children Centre at Lea Manor – Gill Blowers

Sundon Park Junior School – Community Football, Friday 4pm – 6 pm

Sundon Park Junior School – Guides, Tuesday

Brownies – Thursday

Rainbows restarting soon

Mossdale (Gill Blowers) -

English classes

Parent Workshops


Job Centre Plus

Adult Training High School training on site and linked to Adult Education

Marsh Farm Children’s Centre

Host Yoga – 2 x evenings – Whitefield Infant

Steps – 6 sessions, parents – “ “


School Community – A View of the future


We did that. We need that

That belongs to us

Natural part of out day to go in – get involved

We are welcome

What is the next step

Parents Role?

Integrated package to care for children in community


There would be network of informal of internal communication – where to go what to do

Regular visitor/helper – “talking up the school”

Working for longer

Less time your children


Schools - A View of the future


Should have done this ages ago?

Community identity – coming together

Can I pay my car tax here?

Wish it had been like this when I was at school


Extending Creative thinking – not just learning but also enjoying life

Adults learning along side pupils


Families/Parents – A view of the future


For parents of children and SEN – “ grateful” that their children are included in quality child care in an environment familiar to their children

Parents grateful of opportunity to go to work/study knowing children cared for

Access support/guidance from a non judgemental learning community older community – learning from them/ values/guilt no longer – parent(s) who have to work.


Celebrating children achievements

Regular community events as the norm

Open access/welcome

“Me time” for parents, grand parents and children


Children – A View of the Future


“Safe” in a familiar environment (SEN Children)

“I’m really glad I live in Luton

‘Rejected unwanted at home, sent out again! Glad! Of opportunities & chances

Einstein – Here!

Marconi – Here!

Shackleston – Here! They were all somewhere – opportunities, encouragement, self-confident, celebrate the creative

Have somewhere to go to get away from family life etc. and do what I enjoy doing

Parents will want to set foot in school for help & support

A child pupil will go to school knowingly some one will be able to help feel safe.


Access to /enjoyment of physical/creativity/healthy

Having a whale of a time

Changing career paths/life partners

Take opportunities – travel-flexibility

Living instead of surviving “I have a dream”

Find out what they say are good at.

Other activities apart from sport & dance – filming, photography, cooking, useful life skills