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Activity System

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Activity System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Activity System. Credit Purpose of this document To help us coach new consultants w/ 1 simple document To help us utilize all reach-out methods; groups, 1 on 1, product drop offs/samples To help us with Goal-Setting # of new consultants and new pc’s each month

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activity system
Activity System
  • Credit

Purpose of this document

    • To help us coach new consultants w/ 1 simple document
    • To help us utilize all reach-out methods; groups, 1 on 1, product drop offs/samples
    • To help us with Goal-Setting
      • # of new consultants and new pc’s each month
      • # of appointments needed to achieve certain levels of volume
        • Consultant not concerned about promoting to Mgr/VP may not need to follow this
        • BUT it is critical to the success of a consultant wanting to promote beyond District Manager
flow of today s training
Flow of today’s training…
  • Training is centered around the Activity System
    • Follow-Up
    • 1 on 1’s


    • Group presentations
    • Product Drop-off’s, Trade Shows, Samples
website drawers
Website Drawers
  • All documents are posted in the drawers on my website.
follow up
Follow Up
  • Fortune is in the Follow-up?
  • When do we follow-up?
  • How do we follow-up?
  • Teach others how to follow-up!!!

Presenting… The File Card System

our contact list is our inventory
Our Contact List is Our Inventory
  • 100 name list: How I help new consultants break down their list.
    • 1:write down as much information they have about each person on one card
    • 2: separate their stack of filled-out cards into 3 piles
      • Business
      • Hosts
      • Try product
our contact list is our inventory1
Our Contact List is Our Inventory
  • Help them make a few initial calls to
    • Invite a friend to listen to information about our business (1 on 1 in person or a 3 way call)
    • Ask a friend to host a presentation
    • Ask a friend if they can drop off some products to try

Current consultants: I transfer all info from client profile sheets, pref client order forms and webstats to an index card.

your turn to practice
Your Turn to Practice…
  • Take out index cards
    • 1st card: name of 1 person you want to talk to about the business
    • 2nd card: name of person you want to host
    • 3rd card: name of a person you want to send/give a sample or demo set
    • Set your cards to the side for a minute
how to make file card system
How to make file card system
  • What I need:
    • 100+ Index cards (mine are 4x6)
    • File box (mine is for 4x6… or use a shoebox!)
    • 1 package of A-Z divider cards
    • 4 pkgs of 1-31 divider cards
      • Remember to make it simple so anybody can duplicate!)
how to make a file card system
How to make a file card system
  • What I do:
    • Use A-Z dividers for my months of the year (J-january, F-February, etc)
    • I use letters “R, B, T, P, H”
      • R- Renewal
      • B- Business
      • T-Thank You
      • P- Product
      • H- Host
where i put my dividers
Where I put my dividers…
  • I put R,B,T,P,H at the front of my file system (will show you how to use these)
  • I put “O” for October and 1 pkg of 1-31 behind the O
  • I put “N’” for November and 1 pkg of 1-30 behind the N
  • Do this for D and J…
  • I currently only work 4 months out
  • I only do follow up calls on tues/thurs
time to file our cards
Time to file our cards!
  • Front area is my “holding cell” until I know where they’re supposed to go..
  • B- Business (1 on 1/ 3 way call)
  • H- Host (group presentation)
  • P- Try Product (Drop-off/sample)
  • R- Renewal reminder! (see webstats)
  • T- Thank you! (for hosting, meeting, trying, renewing, ordering, etc.)
let s move our cards
Let’s MOVE our cards…
  • Business file
    • After 1 on 1: They say no to business, yes to product.
      • Write a “TY” and move their card to Friday, oct 30
        • Wake up on the 30th, pull my cards for that day. I call her to thank for ordering, ask if she has questions and tell her how much I appreciate her business
      • Put check mark after TY and move back to front: Host
  • Product file

If I sent samples: I move card to 1 week after sample is given or sent.

    • I call w/ intention of taking their order
    • I move card out 3 more weeks to check in /TY
    • I move card back to front: host, business, product
movin the cards
Movin’ the cards..
  • Host file
    • Move card to day after she agrees to host (send TY and checkmark it) once TY is in mail I move her to 1 week before presentation (but will be in contact w/ her off and on until party)
    • After her party I send her another thank you and move card 3 weeks out to be sure she’s received products. Then move to front: business, product (new products coming out)
movin the cards1
Movin’ the cards…
  • Renewal file
    • Use Webstats to see who is up for renewal!
      • I currently have all customers up for renewal in September, October and November in this section.
    • After you call to remind to renew, check webstats often to see if they do…write the date of their renewal on their card, move to TY file at the front.
movin our cards
Movin’ our cards…
  • Thank You file
    • Nothing creates rapport and loyal customers like appreciation!
    • Write down what you’re thanking them for before you put them in this section (referral, meeting w/ you, trying product, renewing, hosting, etc)
    • Write down your intention with this person and move their card accordingly:
      • Ex: Stacy tried the RE9 set and loved it but can’t buy it right now. I explained how she can earn up to 80% off by hosting a presentation. She said she would talk to a few friends. I sent her a TY for taking the time to try it. I move her card out 1 week (give her time to miss our products) and ask her to host.
      • Ex: Look on webstats to see who placed an order in last 6 months. Send them a thank you and move their card out 2 weeks. I will call and ask them to host, meet 1 on 1 or for a referral.
why is this important
Why is this important?
  • Accountability
    • This is looking at you everyday! Get into the habit of checking your file each day and grab your cards and go! Squish this into your busy day!
  • Organization
    • Hello! How many stacks of post-it’s have you gone through trying to keep everybody straight? Some are blessed w/ this skill. Not me.
  • Sense of accomplishment!
    • 2 reasons a consultant will quit: don’t have presentations/appts on their calendar. Don’t have any prospects to buy product or build a business.
tired of thinking about arbonne
Tired ofTHINKING about Arbonne?

When we are organized and following a system we spend less time thinking and more time doing.

Already have a system? Is it DUPLICABLE? How’s it working for you?

10-15 hours of income producing activity each week!

  • Follow up creates loyalty; high retention rate of 86%!
  • Follow up from a group presentation can lead to 1 on 1’s, referrals, more hosts, product drop offs.
  • Follow up from a 1 on 1 can lead to hosts, product drop offs, referrals.
  • We don’t have the RIGHT to ask a somebody to host, try new product, renew or listen to business if we don’t previously show them how much we appreciate them.
let s roll
Let’s roll..
  • Break down 100 name list- write onto index cards
  • Separate each card into 3 piles
  • Make your file card system
  • File your cards
  • Move your cards
  • Experience an endless # of contacts and watch your business GROW!