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  1. SSUSH12 Analyze important consequences of American Industrial Growth

  2. SSUSH12a: Describe Ellis Island, the change in immigrants’ origins to southern and eastern Europe and the impact of this change on urban America

  3. When cities increase in size, its called Urban Growth • Industrialization and job opportunities caused already established cities in the east to grow exponentially; railroads caused cities in the west to do the same • Rising farm costs and lower prices for agricultural goods forced many to leave farms and head to cities looking for work Urban Growth

  4. Immigrants to the east typically came from Europe, while those in the west were coming from China • Some came for job opportunities, others left because of famine in their home country • Because of large numbers of immigrants, the US Government opened Ellis Island, near the Statue of Liberty in NYC, as a way to bring in these new people Ellis Island

  5. Because of all of these immigrants, diversity became a big part of America • “Melting Pot” became a referencing term for America since many different “ingredients” were being mixed together to come up with a final product • Cultural pluralism became a big part of America as there were now many cultures in each city Ellis Island (cont)

  6. Many US citizens viewed all of these immigrants in a negative light because they were losing jobs to them for less pay as well as mistrusting them because of their cultural differences • Ethnic Ghettos became a source of suspicion by US citizens as well as one culture would live in a specific part of a city and the Americans would sometimes view this as disloyalty to the US, since American traditions were not being followed Problems with Immigration

  7. Religious differences also caused tension as most Americans were protestant whereas a majority of European immigrants were…..? • Conflicts also arose as many ethnic ghettos were close to each other, so many rivalries were set up because of this location Problems with Immigration (cont)

  8. Feelings of nativism became strong amongst Americans as well. Because of this, many anti-immigrant groups were also started at this time • One of the biggest examples of this was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 banned Chinese immigrants from entering the US from 1882 until 1943 when the act was repealed Problems with Immigration (cont)

  9. Many immigrants came to America with nothing to America, looking for a fresh start • Because of this, many children had to go to work to provide for their families; this caused many children to miss out on their childhoods as well as education Life for immigrants

  10. Living conditions were not much better as many lived in Urban Slums that consisted of tenements • Tenements were single bedroom apartments where entire families would live • Many times these were unsanitary as they were infested with rats and raw sewage; leading to diseases Life for immigrants (cont)

  11. SSUSH12b: Identify the American Federation of Labor and Samuel Gompers

  12. Because of horrible working conditions, Labor Unions began to take off in the United States • Labor Unions are organizations of workers formed together to protect the rights of and interests of its members • Samuel Gompers was very influential as he started the largest labor union at the time the American Federation of Labor Samuel Gompers

  13. Strikes, Boycotts, and Collective Bargaining, Mediation and Arbitration are all important factors when it comes to labor unions Also, Closed Shops, increased the power of labor unions as employers could only look to members of certain labor unions to fill jobs, forcing many to join labor unions if they wanted to work Labor Unions