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Arctic Tundra

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Arctic Tundra. By: Brooke Mullis. Picture of World With Arctic Tundra. The orange is where the Arctic Tundra. Longitude and Latitude of the Arctic Tundra. Arctic Tundra is found across northern Alaska, Canada and Siberia. Climate and Soil of Arctic Tundra.

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arctic tundra

Arctic Tundra

By: Brooke Mullis

picture of world with arctic tundra
Picture of World With Arctic Tundra

The orange is where the Arctic Tundra

longitude and latitude of the arctic tundra
Longitude and Latitude of the Arctic Tundra
  • Arctic Tundra is found across northern Alaska, Canada and Siberia.
climate and soil of arctic tundra
Climate and Soil of Arctic Tundra
  • Winter temperature is -34° C (-30° F), but the average summer temperature is 3-12° C.
  • The soil can carry out photosynthesis at low temperatures and low light intensities.
picture of the arctic tundra
Picture of the Arctic Tundra
  • This is a picture of the Arctic Tundra:
explanations for plants and animals
Explanations for Plants and Animals
  • Across large places producing of the environment is closely linked.
  • Producing is the amount of sunlight energy that plants get from the sun and producing into energy usable to sustain life both of plants and the organisms that eat plants and animals.
ecological problems in arctic tundra
Ecological Problems in Arctic Tundra
  • Some ecological problems are like killing animals.
the human effects in the arctic tundra
The Human Effects in the Arctic Tundra
  • The facts say that for tundra fires to release organic carbon which could add more to the amount of greenhouse gases already blamed for global warming.
recourses that i used
Recourses that I Used
  • Some recourses that I used are: