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2 nd half: ADRAT activities’ between Oct/08 and Sept/09 Graz, 7 th September 2009. Information actions. Working Meeting with local and regional partners (14.April): Regional Entity of Tourism of North Portugal Municipalities Agriculture Cooperatives Local Development Associatios

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2nd half: ADRAT activities’ between Oct/08 and Sept/09

Graz, 7th September 2009

Information actions
Information actions

  • Working Meeting with local and regional partners (14.April):

    • Regional Entity of Tourism of North Portugal

    • Municipalities

    • Agriculture Cooperatives

    • Local Development Associatios

    • Chaves’ High School of Nursery

Collaboration agreements
Collaboration agreements

  • We obtained 1 more collaboration agreement, added to the 4 already signed agreements, being:

    • 1 Agriculture Cooperative

    • 2 Touristic Enterprise (SME)

    • 1 Cultural and Sportive Association

    • 1 Forestry Association

Diffusion to other entities
Diffusion to other entities

  • We made contacts through e-mail and personal meetings:

    • 5 Regional Development Associations

    • 1 Geo Park

    • 1 Forest Federation

    • 2 Consultancy SME’s

    • 1 Regional Public Entity of Tourism

Diffusion to other entities1
Diffusion to other entities

  • We also promoted the project in 2 other meetings of Lifelong Learning Projects, evolving other different entities (12 in total).

Informative pamphlet
Informative pamphlet

  • Edition of the Portuguese and English versions, available through Internet:

    • (PT)

    • (all languages)

    • (EN)

    • (EN)

Utilization of ntic
Utilization of NTIC

  • Using a mailing list as well as ADRAT’s webpage, we used these technologies to promote the project and the partnership.

  • The project was also promoted in other websites.

Use of ntic
Use of NTIC

  • We also used the E-mail alert system allowed by ENTER, disseminating the project brochure to 59 entities from 22 countries:

  • Albany

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Bulgaria

  • Croatia

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Italy

  • Latvia

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Slovakia

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • The Netherlands

  • Turkey

  • United Kingdom

Project webpage
Project Webpage

  • This was a delayed task, finally achieved in March-09:

Project Webpage

  • Between March and September-09, the webpage was visited by 2136 persons, from ggg countries.

Project Webpage

  • The months with more entries were March and April, corresponding with the majority of the pilot-courses actions’ (???).

Pilot course
Pilot Course

  • We made specific contacts with 13 entities for the preparation, diffusion and carry out of this task:

    • 6 Municipalities

    • 4 Private Tourism Companies

    • 2 Sport Clubs

    • 1 Agrarian Cooperative

Pilot course1
Pilot Course

  • The pilot course was undertaken in April, in Vidago, concerning Active Tourism.

  • The modules were:

    • Horse riding

    • Mountain Cycling

    • Climbing and Abseiling

    • Trekking

    • Paragliding

    • Legal Framework of Tourism Activities

Pilot course2
Pilot Course

  • The trainees were mainly men (51,5%), from ADRAT’s intervention area (55,6%).

  • After the pilot-course we also produced a conclusions report and proceed with the questionnaires for the trainees follow-up.

Training manuals and linguistic guide
Training Manuals and Linguistic Guide

  • Jointly with ADRAL, we finished the Portuguese version of the Training Manuals resumes’ and of the Basic Linguistic Guide, available both in digital and paper formats.

Transnational meeting
Transnational Meeting

  • 3rd Meeting, Graz (Sept.2009), prepared together with the host partner ENTER.

Networks contacted
Networks Contacted

  • We contacted other existing networks, in order to discuss the possible adhesion of any partner of AGRONATUR, as a way to continue disseminating and working on the project thematic’s.

Networks contacted1
Networks Contacted

  • ECOTRANS: European Network of Experts and Organisations in Tourism, Environment and Regional Development, seeking to promote good practice in the field of sustainable Tourism.

  • TNTEE: Thematic Network of Teacher Education, aiming a flexible multilingual transnational forum for the development of teacher education in Europe

Networks contacted2
Networks Contacted

  • Nature and Rural Realm Interpreters Network: collaboration regarding the development of the professional profile of nature interpreters.

  • RTI-TN: Rural Tourism International is a Network of Trainers and Training Organizations in Rural Tourism.

  • TOURING NATURE: dedicated to ecotourism planning and implementation.