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Honest Food

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Honest Food. milk powder. Our Challenge: To build a trustworthy relationship between users and makers of food. Study. Jack loves eating fresh vegetables. He uses them to cook healthy meals for his family , but he’s weary of buying at street markets, since he doesn’t know the origin. ?.

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Honest Food

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Jack loves eating fresh vegetables. He uses them to cook healthy meals for his family , but he’s weary of buying at street markets, since he doesn’t know the origin.


jack gets connected
Jack gets connected

Mr. Grant has a small farm outside the city. His farm is not large enough to supply big retailers with high demands, but he would like to find an outlet for the surplus veggies he grows each season.


Susan loves drinking rice wine and eating fresh tofu with her husband. But she’s worried about the ingredients used in the rice wines that are commercially available. She also prefers the taste of fresh, homemade tofu.


susan gets connected
Susan gets connected

Mrs. Chang’s hobby is making rice wine and tofu in her home. She would like to grow her hobby into a business, but she doesn’t know how to go about finding customers.


Domingo loves eating fresh chicken soup. But he’s worried about the treatment and health of animals used by local restaurants and shops.



Domingo gets connected

Victor uses only free-range chickens at his local soup restaurant. He’d like to show that his food and processes are clean, safe and healthy.

honest food online platform

Honest Food Online Platform


Social Media Style Info

Favorites, Likes, Comments, Stars, Rating, Groups FOR Potato, Grocery Store…

Grocery Store (ShangHai)Province-Wide Transportation UnitsShangHai Farmer

Contact Info




Weekly and daily procurement schedules

5-Star Hotel (JingAn)Nation-wide Transportation UnitsHunNan Farmer


Restaurants & Cafes (ShangHai)Transnational Transportation UnitsTurkish Farmer


Reg. Info for Transportation Units Reg. Info for Farmers

Company Info Contact Info

Contact Info Photos

From where to where Videos

Weekly, monthly, daily schedules of distribution Land Location

What type of vehicle Seed Background

Warehouse Info (Address, Visiting Hours…) Planting Periods

Integrated Tracking System Yielding Periods

GM or not

Number of people working Watering schedule (time periods, amount of water per square meter, the ways of it like direct watering, dropping, etc.)

Pesticide Info (Company, ingredients, amount used…)

Machinery (tractor, hand equipment, cows for pulling…)

honest food online platform1
Honest Food Online Platform

Trends on Global Information

We all agree on:

Information technologies surrounds our lives all around…

Information flows and advances faster than ever…

We all want to know more…

“Farmer`s Friend” Concept

Building trustworthy relationships between food makers and food users through getting them closer to each other with information exchange, communication and transparency…

We do not change the people!

We want to help people to change themselves!




Food Maker

Food User




Front System

Support System


honest food online platform2
Honest Food Online Platform

Political & Social Change

Democratization of raw food market


People`s Power

Everyone has their own voices.

Betterment in all levels of the food production and food distribution chain

Survival of the Fittest: Faster, refined…

New Standards by the food user

New businesses and networking

Support for grassroot food production

Hobby becomes business.

Support for migrants and immigrants:

Wherever you go in the world, you can choose the products of your men!